Friday, July 09, 2010

Pamper Day

My friend was inviting me to have a so-called Pamper Day! It was the first time she ever suggested that to me. I am happy with my little me time for a few days last week. But I guess a pamper day as she called it won't hurt right and I think every mom working at home deserves it. I still have to tell hubby about it though and I am crossing my fingers he will let me join my friend. 
I have never had a facial in a spa to be honest. I am not a vain person and I don't have much time to really pamper myself. My friend actually wants to have a facial to get rid of blackheads and those zits growing in her face. She has a wedding to attend soon and so she decided on having this spa and she thought I may want to join her. I still have to decide unless she would treat me for free, i'll just worry of the time when I could squeeze this in my schedule! Though i have to admit I got quite excited to join her in her pamper day as she calls it.

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