Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On A Diet

I went out to submit something without the boys tagging along. As I was about to go out I was supposed to bring some food back home for us to eat for lunch. Standing outside the building lobby, I cannot decide what I want. I was hungry myself having no breakfast since I woke up late and had to rush out of the house eating just two slices of Calzone from last night. But I cannot decide what the boys would want to eat too so I ended up going home empty-handed.

I actually went to the canteen there and I was looking into the delicious food they have. My diet and the little boy requires food that are not oily and non-fatty food. Most of the food that I saw were just temptations especially when I went to the snack and dessert section. Oh my so many temptations in there.  I got stuck in that section trying to decide if I can have even just one of those. I'd probably need something like Lipovox after had I given in to my craving. I am supposed to stick to this diet till we are well. But they had three or more of my favorite viands and while hubby was asking for a viand with fish, the one they had was not something I like. 

So I just decided to go home and since hubby can have his lunch in the office, I'll just have something for me and the little boy. We still have bread and pizza anyway. Plus food delivery just in case is just a call away.

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