Wednesday, July 07, 2010

No More Ipod

No more iPod or games for the lil boy. That was what I have learned after attending the parent orientation in his preschool late this afternoon. Hubby was there too but it was a two hour orientation as it turned out and so he had to leave in less than an hour to go to work. Yes he need to go OT at work today. So I was left there to finish the rest of the orientation by the M school owner.

Kids who play computer games tend to be more uninterested in school work based on a certain study. So I think that would include my son playing games in the iPod with his dad incidentally more so since yesterday. So far he is still asleep since I got home from the orientation and so he still has not waken up to look for the iPod and play again. He plays educational games at his dad's computer but with the iPod, he got bored playing those educational games we got for him. Though he used to play them often at the start but now he tends to want to play more of those new installed games by his dad which are no longer that educational. So I called hubby at work and told him this. For the meantime no more iPod for the lil boy. We have to find a way to remove all the games in there plus his access to cartoons on YouTube. We as parents are the school's partner after all in educating our lil boy. We have to correct some ways that we allow the lil boy including playing games which are not educational.

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