Sunday, July 25, 2010

Missing Pictures

I have been looking all over for the missing pictures I have in my collection. I need those pictures way back in high school supposedly for our high school class reunion last night at Marco Polo. I promised before to make a slide show but since I cannot find my collection of high school class pictures that may not happen anymore. 

One of our classmates said she was able to make a video. I was excited to see what photos she posted there. She was supposed to email it to me but I forgot to give her my email address the other night as I had already fallen asleep and was not able to reply to her text message. Thankful she was able to send it ASAP. 

But the fact remains that my collection of the pictures I have taken during my high school days are missing. Where could I have placed them when I sorted them out for our wedding video? Oh well I have to search more into the cabinets in my son's room next time. I still have to find them somehow. Now I wish I have scanned them long ago. Those were so many memories of our high school days back then when I was the unofficial photographer in our class.

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