Saturday, July 17, 2010

How To Videos

I have been trying to have a more relaxed weekend for now. It has been a busy week last week and with the little boy still recovering, I decide to take it slow this weekend. With hubby lying in bed and sleeping most of the time since we had breakfast at 12 noon, I decided to browse for some recipes but found myself watching a few of these instructional videos that has quite a lot of how to videos including this one video on how to change a flat tire which I am sure one of my friends will learn a lot from and find very useful especially a couple of days ago when she told me she blew a tire along the diversion road  late afternoon and took more than an hour after help came to rescue her.

While another pregnant mommy-friend could use watching that video on how to safely exercise during your pregnancy, another friend could find it helpful to watch the video on how to establish your birth plan. I was also interested in watching later those videos on how to create edible centerpieces and how to deal with allergies which has been bugging me lately. I just have to go to church with the boys now for am mass. Will watch them when we get back home.

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