Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Going Back to the Doctor

We feel the need to go back to the doctor after the little boy threw up again a little past midnight or early dawn today. We just finished eating pizza as we just gave him the crust part with no toppings so he can have something to eat after he had milk a few hours ago. He is quite picky with food and so hubby thought since the little boy likes pizza, he might eat it. But then soon after he threw up but not as much as what he did Sunday dawn. 

He did not poop after and it has been twenty hours since his last watery stool. I hope this is a sign that he is really getting better. But we would like to go to the doctor to ask if there is a need for additional meds like antibiotics. His cough and colds are now taking over so I hope his bouts are over now. But then one after another. I hope this will stop now.

I am just appeased when I see the boy still active, happy and playful. Lord please heal our little boy!

Got to go now to prepare to go to the doctor. Hope we won't need to wait too long as usual.

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