Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Clean Air

We were happy that finally the aircon in my son's room has stopped leaking and so far so good. But I have learned from the technician who came here that the possible cause of the molds in the aircon before was due to bacteria, dirt and dust in the air. 

So I have been really thinking of getting a portable air cleaner which we can move from room to room to fight odors from cooking mostly, smoke, dust, pollen, bacteria, mold, odors, and other possible allergens in the air that has been causing the three of us to have some kind of allergies lately since we wake up sneezing and sniffing like we have colds that won't go away. Who doesn't want clean air in their home especially for us who has a little kid who we really don't want to get sick or get any kind of allergies which we can prevent anyway.

I am truly grateful so far the aircon has been functioning well though there are times that it won't be so cold inside the house when the weather outside is really so hot too. I am praying too that the we can have a more clean air around the house given it has been really dusty outside since we are near a site under construction. We can only do as much to find ways to clean the air in our home.

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