Saturday, July 17, 2010

Buffet Dinner

Hubby treated me and the little boy to our fave Filipino buffet restaurant NB last night and it was full. We had to wait for a few minutes before we were given a table. We should have gone there before seven in the evening but we got stucked at our seats in the computer since I was trying to finish off some due tasks while hubby was busy with something else - this new PC game civilization. 

We went to the restaurant just about twenty minutes before the heavy rain started. Almost everyone in the restaurant noticed the heavy rain coming then. Good thing the rain did not last long and by the time we were done with dinner, it has totally stopped. 

Food was not as great as usual or was it just my taste buds. I was also careful not to eat too much since my tummy has just recovered a few days ago. The little boy loved the mango slices we got for him. What we like about this resto is their dessert buffet table filled with fruits and desserts that we like. 

We also love that they have this melon juice with strips of the fruit in it. It becomes your bottomless juice for the whole meal. You can refill anytime while supply lasts. We need not order any juice or drinks anymore since this was already part of the buffet. They have fresh fruits too and plenty of them. That's what people keep coming back for most of the time. 

I love the new dessert that they have and it's like brazo de mercedes in small servings. I got three to four of them and I wanted more. It was better than the leche flan last ngith which didn't taste that good but I think it was a good one for those watching their sugar level. But I had to watch it since I already had dessert before I was even done with the main meal.  

Hope when we come back next time I will be able to eat as much as I want again.

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