Sunday, July 25, 2010

Time for a Little Pampering

Since I have an excuse for the reunion yesterday, I got my time for a little pampering in the hair salon yesterday. This is a rare treat so I cherish this one so much even if it rarely happens. Thanks to the staff in the salon who were very accommodating. I got some time to chat with the one who did my hair treatment. I was looking at him while he did his job on my hair and I appreciate their skill, talent and effort in making my hair look good for the event I attended yesterday.

I wonder if he had any formal schooling like those offered by the Florida cosmetology School that brings a unique approach to cosmetology education to new market today. Beauty salon is a good business and I just recently learned one of my former classmate in high school has a beauty salon of her own. They need staff form those who graduated from good cosmetology schools like the Regency Beauty Institute which are recognized and sought after in the US. I even heard of someone who did his schooling in the US before opening his own salon here in the country. 

Sunny Sunday

Thank goodness it is a sunny Sunday! It is a good day for those who will be going to the beach among those is my classmate who will be going to the beach today with her family. She is just on vacation here. As for us, hubby is still on sick leave (five to seven days) due to "red eyes". He might be back to work tomorrow when he gets cleared by the opthalmologist as required by the company. I am thankful that the little boy who almost got it too did not really get it. But he kept rubbing his eyes the other day. Anyway, the boys are relaxed while I will be busy and hubby knows and understands I need to work for moolah even on a sunny Sunday which I hope to enjoy later on if and when I get to finish work early.

Breakfast from Mandarin

It will be a very busy day for me working after a day off and a night of fun till the wee hours of the morning! So hubby and I woke up around nine thirty in the morning and we decided to have breafast with food from Mandarin. Hubby just rode the bike going to the mall. It is Sunday morning and there are not much people around anyway plus the mall is just near our place. It has also been a good exercise for hubby this Sunday morning. 

We had pork asado, humba, and hubby's all time favorite taosi spare ribs! Plus cold calamansi juice but no ice for me since I need a boost of Vitamin C after a late night. Hubby also got our fave buko salad and tropical fruit salad. Our tummies are full now and I need to focus on work.

Young Once Again for a Night

It is nice to be young and feel young once again for a night. Reminiscing high school memories of events, teachers and We had a high school class reunion last night. We were only few but it was still fun and a good night spent with old friends and classmates as well as our teacher and secretary from the school alumni.

It was a night full of laughter plus singing on the side for fun intermission numbers. It was a mixture of feelings seeing ourselves older yet most of the attitudes and personalities way back then are still there. It was also obvious last night who already had anesthesia and those who still had sharp memories of even the crazy moments and memories of high school life. An easy excuse for those who already forgot was that they were not there and were absent that time! LOL! But it was a lot of fun to see them once again.

It was our first formal reunion after sixteen years. Okay now you know how young I am. LOL! Oh well I am still young compared to older people, right? LOL! We hopped to two other places last night after we left the MP hotel. Hubby was very supportive and let me had fun last night. Thank you! And for my classmates, hope to see you ladies around and even once again on our 25th jubilee reunion!

Unacceptable Disclosure

All people have the right to privacy and confidentiality that is why I keep telling hubby we should be careful when we give out personal data and information to anyone and even credit companies. Disclosure of your personal credit information is unacceptable and any one who is a victim of this can go after those responsible and is entitled to filing a class lawsuit plus claim monetary damages. I heard about many lawsuits before filed against companies who give out personal and private information of clients which are confidential and should not be used to target marketing companies. This is considered as a direct violation of the Federal Credit Reporting Act in the United States. If you happen to have applied for credit in the United States in the years 1987 and 2000 then most probably you are part of those need to file a TransUnion Class Action Lawsuit of those who have been a victim and have a claim against TransUnion, a credit reporting company who did violate the said act mentioned above.

Great to See Our HS Teacher Again

It was really great seeing one of most beloved high school teacher again last night, Maam Agton. She was our fourth year Filipino Teacher and she is also the mother of one of our classmates who is now working and based in Cebu. It was also nice to see her daughter, my classmate once again after a few years. She has so much fun performing and entertaining us last night until her mom arrived. Peace Cel! 

Thanks so much to Maam for coming to our high school class reunion. Hope to see Maam again on our silver jubillee and 25th year reunion. I wish the whole class would be complete by then and with our other high scholl batchmates.

Missing Pictures

I have been looking all over for the missing pictures I have in my collection. I need those pictures way back in high school supposedly for our high school class reunion last night at Marco Polo. I promised before to make a slide show but since I cannot find my collection of high school class pictures that may not happen anymore. 

One of our classmates said she was able to make a video. I was excited to see what photos she posted there. She was supposed to email it to me but I forgot to give her my email address the other night as I had already fallen asleep and was not able to reply to her text message. Thankful she was able to send it ASAP. 

But the fact remains that my collection of the pictures I have taken during my high school days are missing. Where could I have placed them when I sorted them out for our wedding video? Oh well I have to search more into the cabinets in my son's room next time. I still have to find them somehow. Now I wish I have scanned them long ago. Those were so many memories of our high school days back then when I was the unofficial photographer in our class.

Wishing for a Golden Investment

It may sound too much or too ambitious for some but for those who are seriously into investing. Anyone who wants to try a unique yet much more stable type of investment in the long run compared to monetary or paper currency investments, then it may be good for one to be wishing for a golden investment and buy gold bullion. I would love to wish for a golden investment and that would be one golden opportunity I would not want to let pass. 

The United States Gold Bureau can be a good help for those who wants to make this kind of investment as it is the home to a dedicated staff of hard asset professionals who are so committed to serving investors who are into this kind of precious metals investment.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Planning on a New Home

We have been planning on getting a new home for quite sometime now. While we already have a home it is located too far from hubby's work. We are not sure if we will sell it or rent it out yet, but we are wanting to move to a spot that is closer to his work. Now we are spending some time looking at some house plans for our new home, which will be better located. We know from our old house some of the things we don't want in our new house, as that is how it goes, you learn from living.

Anyway, I have been browsing through the beautiful home plans of HDA, Inc. and it is so inspiring for us to make a house plan of our own that would fit our lifestyle. Their top selling home and project plans number well over ten thousand, and there are some truly beautiful choices. It was easy to search the homes using their search tools. If we don't find a particular house plan that meets our taste we can have a house plan drawn up from scratch by the company's professional design team. The result is a totally customized home plan based on the size of home we would like as well as our other personal preferences and requirements such as the number of bedrooms and the number of bathrooms we would like and so forth.

By the way their popular log plan home style also caught my interest. I am not sure if hubby will agree but I love their designs. Well we still have some time, but I am sure we will be able to find just the right home for me and the boys.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday

It's a Thankful Thursday ~

::: I am thankful for the financial blessings that I have recently received. God provides and He is a great provider as long as one works hard.
::: I am thankful that I was able to pay off all our utility bills from my very own earnings for now. But I am more thankful that hubby promised to reimburse it all so I can still add it back to my savings.
::: I am thankful that we have all surpassed thye tummy aches we had last week. I am so happy that the little was not admitted and he is well now. We truly pray that whatever bugged his tummy last week, it's gone forever and will never ever bother him again.
::: I am thankful for the inspiration and motivation that friends has been sharing and giving to me when times get tough and difficult to understand.
::: Thankful for the rain and praying it will ease out the water shortage in places that are affected by the water crisis. Let there be more rain but no flooding, more water supply and no more water shortage. 
::: I am thankful to my sister who came to baby sit for me today. 
::: I am thankful for my daddy who despite his age is ever helpful to my and my boys when we need help and assistance.
::: I am thankful for all the blessings and opportunities that continues to come our way.
::: I am thankful to hubby and the little boy for their love, hugs and kisses that makes my day complete! :)
::: I am thankful for what ever positive change that has come his and my way. 
::: I am thankful to online friends who are ever generous and helpful when it comes to opportunities. Thank you and you know who you are! God bless you more!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saving and Investing

Saving and investing is something that I want to prioritize in as much as I want to prepare even something for our future especially the little boy's future. I am wary of taking educational plans at this time given what I have experienced long before. So an option for me now is to save for my son's future as much as I can and at the same time find nice opportunities of investment. I may not have much but with the little savings that we have who knows it may be helpful enough in the future when my son needs it. 

I am exploring some ideas of where I could possibly invest in even the idea and possibility that I may be able to buy gold coins has crossed my mind too after coming across it several times in the past until now. I have read many times that buying gold has been known for a long, long time as one of the best ways to preserve one’s wealth and purchasing power. We may not have any wealth so to speak but it does not stop us from the idea that it is good to invest in something that we know the little boy will benefit from in the future.


I don't think this allergies with itchiness in my eyes and nose which I am experiencing is not something I want to happen so often. Or should I rephrase that and say it is not something I want to experience again. My right eye is now red and itchy at the same time that I feel my nose becoming itchy too. It really makes doing work difficult while the little boy is asleep and I should make use of this time to catch up on my work. Allergies shoo away now please! Okay I think it's going away! Thank goodness!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

How To Videos

I have been trying to have a more relaxed weekend for now. It has been a busy week last week and with the little boy still recovering, I decide to take it slow this weekend. With hubby lying in bed and sleeping most of the time since we had breakfast at 12 noon, I decided to browse for some recipes but found myself watching a few of these instructional videos that has quite a lot of how to videos including this one video on how to change a flat tire which I am sure one of my friends will learn a lot from and find very useful especially a couple of days ago when she told me she blew a tire along the diversion road  late afternoon and took more than an hour after help came to rescue her.

While another pregnant mommy-friend could use watching that video on how to safely exercise during your pregnancy, another friend could find it helpful to watch the video on how to establish your birth plan. I was also interested in watching later those videos on how to create edible centerpieces and how to deal with allergies which has been bugging me lately. I just have to go to church with the boys now for am mass. Will watch them when we get back home.

Buffet Dinner

Hubby treated me and the little boy to our fave Filipino buffet restaurant NB last night and it was full. We had to wait for a few minutes before we were given a table. We should have gone there before seven in the evening but we got stucked at our seats in the computer since I was trying to finish off some due tasks while hubby was busy with something else - this new PC game civilization. 

We went to the restaurant just about twenty minutes before the heavy rain started. Almost everyone in the restaurant noticed the heavy rain coming then. Good thing the rain did not last long and by the time we were done with dinner, it has totally stopped. 

Food was not as great as usual or was it just my taste buds. I was also careful not to eat too much since my tummy has just recovered a few days ago. The little boy loved the mango slices we got for him. What we like about this resto is their dessert buffet table filled with fruits and desserts that we like. 

We also love that they have this melon juice with strips of the fruit in it. It becomes your bottomless juice for the whole meal. You can refill anytime while supply lasts. We need not order any juice or drinks anymore since this was already part of the buffet. They have fresh fruits too and plenty of them. That's what people keep coming back for most of the time. 

I love the new dessert that they have and it's like brazo de mercedes in small servings. I got three to four of them and I wanted more. It was better than the leche flan last ngith which didn't taste that good but I think it was a good one for those watching their sugar level. But I had to watch it since I already had dessert before I was even done with the main meal.  

Hope when we come back next time I will be able to eat as much as I want again.

Filling Friday


::: This is what life does. It lets you fail in some things and succeed in others so that next time you know better what to do.

::: Can't we just appreciate the moment?

::: Upon reflection, life is what we make it. So don't let insensitive and uncaring people ruin your life. Be happy, enjoy life, give and just love, love, love! :)

::: I have not seen my HS classmates for quite a long time.

::: Later, you wake up wishing you can just be lazy all weekend long but you realize you've got lots of things to do so let's make our weekend as productive as possible.

:::  Far, far away to the far and boundless sea.

::: And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to dinner out with the boys at our fave buffet resto, tomorrow my plans include doing house chores and bonding time with the boys and Sunday, I want to go to the beach but hubby has work so maybe next time!

Maximize One's Savings

People work hard in order to pay off their bills, have money to spend and for some lucky ones they get to set aside some of it for savings. But over time, one would realize that just saving may not be enough. My sister used to tell me we have to maximize one's savings. How? She told me to invest my savings. Just as I thought of the idea that maybe I can possibly buy gold coins one day or perhaps some other kind of investment. If I can do it then I can possibly make more out of it by earning more from it rather than just keeping it safe in the bank for a long time. I don't have that much savings to brag about. But I believe in what my sister said when she told me we need to maximize one's savings. So what are we waiting for let's invest! 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You Can't Be Turned Down

A few days ago or last week, some friends online had a talk about insurance on life and health over at Twitter. It reminded me of something that I was supposed to actually do months ago. I am still searching for the right health insurance company for me and the boys. So far hubby is pretty much covered with his present company just like when he had an operation almost two months ago. 

Aide from health insurance, I am also scouting for a good life insurance. I hope to find one that has no  medical questions, no medical examinations and no medical tests required. One that I can consider truly guaranteed issue life insurance. This morning I called my mom but she was out to go to the office where she got her memorial plan service. It suddenly crossed my mind that I am not sure if my parents have a life insurance or what they call guaranteed life insurance for seniors. I have just recently heard about this Wholesale Insurance's Graded Benefit whole life insurance where you can't be turned down or not accepted by a life insurance because of his or her past medical or health history. 

My dad has a health condition as well as my mom. I don't want these to be the reasons why the company won't accept them now if ever we try to get them an insurance. But I know mom has something like this. Knowing my mom, she is always thinking of being prepared of future needs and emergencies. It's my dad that I am more concerned of now. I just have to know more about this kind of insurance which is something that won't turn you down when you need them most.

WW: Red Ribbon Chocolate Heaven Cake

I wish I can have and eat you now... craving!!!

Unused Make Up

I found unused a pack in one of our cabinets with a little make up collection given by my sisters, friends and office mates before. Some are still good to be used but since I am no longer working in the office so I don't get to use them anymore and I am a person who is not really into using making up. 

I wish though there is this concealer that I found which I hope will make a good wrinkle filler. I feel I need one right now. But there are so many choices of such product when i tried to look for one online yesterday. But as we know only a few are actually worth the money we pay for it. We need one that is truly effective at the right price.

Actually the stress of the past few days is taking its toll on me plus the endless house chores and hubby's duty schedule is not favorable to me and my work here.I have so little time to do all things in a day. But I cannot let the stress get into me. I am already not feeling well but I cannot give in to being sick since there is no one else to take care of the little boy now.

Now since I found this make up anyway, I suddenly though why not try using some of those still usable and just make myself pretty now. I may not be going some place else with a still rather sick boy tagging along but I think we can do a quick photo shoot just like what I did with the little boy yesterday. Now he can be my photographer and I can be his model and I'll just be my own make up artist. Now wish me luck!

On A Diet

I went out to submit something without the boys tagging along. As I was about to go out I was supposed to bring some food back home for us to eat for lunch. Standing outside the building lobby, I cannot decide what I want. I was hungry myself having no breakfast since I woke up late and had to rush out of the house eating just two slices of Calzone from last night. But I cannot decide what the boys would want to eat too so I ended up going home empty-handed.

I actually went to the canteen there and I was looking into the delicious food they have. My diet and the little boy requires food that are not oily and non-fatty food. Most of the food that I saw were just temptations especially when I went to the snack and dessert section. Oh my so many temptations in there.  I got stuck in that section trying to decide if I can have even just one of those. I'd probably need something like Lipovox after had I given in to my craving. I am supposed to stick to this diet till we are well. But they had three or more of my favorite viands and while hubby was asking for a viand with fish, the one they had was not something I like. 

So I just decided to go home and since hubby can have his lunch in the office, I'll just have something for me and the little boy. We still have bread and pizza anyway. Plus food delivery just in case is just a call away.

Going Back to the Doctor

We feel the need to go back to the doctor after the little boy threw up again a little past midnight or early dawn today. We just finished eating pizza as we just gave him the crust part with no toppings so he can have something to eat after he had milk a few hours ago. He is quite picky with food and so hubby thought since the little boy likes pizza, he might eat it. But then soon after he threw up but not as much as what he did Sunday dawn. 

He did not poop after and it has been twenty hours since his last watery stool. I hope this is a sign that he is really getting better. But we would like to go to the doctor to ask if there is a need for additional meds like antibiotics. His cough and colds are now taking over so I hope his bouts are over now. But then one after another. I hope this will stop now.

I am just appeased when I see the boy still active, happy and playful. Lord please heal our little boy!

Got to go now to prepare to go to the doctor. Hope we won't need to wait too long as usual.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Go Your Own Way

::: When was the last time you were told to go your own way? ::: A few days ago.

::: What one experience has strengthened your character the most so far? ::: I think in general the trials I go through in life in the past few years has strengthened me.

::: What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? ::: Sleep! Go back to bed or just watch TV. But I cannot afford those things anymore coz there is a lot of things to do here.

::: How long can you go without your cell phone? ::: I can live without it for a week or more. I am not much of a user of it now for more than a couple of years already.

::: Do you wish you were somewhere else right now? ::: I wish we were in our very own home.

::: Of all the people you've ever known, who have you most feared? ::: When it comes to most feared, I guess none.

::: Do people tell you that you look your age? ::: They often tell me I am younger. Maybe because they are just being kind. LOL!

::: Your ex shows up randomly at your house, what do you say? ::: He won't! I am sure of that! And if ever he did, I would tell him that his wife will truly make him sorry!

::: Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance? ::: Yes I believe so.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Pamper Day

My friend was inviting me to have a so-called Pamper Day! It was the first time she ever suggested that to me. I am happy with my little me time for a few days last week. But I guess a pamper day as she called it won't hurt right and I think every mom working at home deserves it. I still have to tell hubby about it though and I am crossing my fingers he will let me join my friend. 
I have never had a facial in a spa to be honest. I am not a vain person and I don't have much time to really pamper myself. My friend actually wants to have a facial to get rid of blackheads and those zits growing in her face. She has a wedding to attend soon and so she decided on having this spa and she thought I may want to join her. I still have to decide unless she would treat me for free, i'll just worry of the time when I could squeeze this in my schedule! Though i have to admit I got quite excited to join her in her pamper day as she calls it.

Out of Stock

I did not realize I almost have no more facial foam wash and that the last time we were in the grocery it was out of stock then. I had already looked for it in three stores and yet they don't have the foam wash. I wish I can just go online and buy that best acne face wash instead as asubstitute for now. I have a few zits on my face now. Must be the stress and worries I had the past week. No more worries for now. I must put them aside and just focus on work and family. I am at least thankful that work does not run out of stock unlike some products that sometimes are not readily available in the market and I've got to find a good substitute.


I am worried just like any mother when their little boy is sick and quite not feeling well. The little boy has just thrown up when we were supposed to go to a dinner out with my two boys. I kept praying more since we got home and the little one complained that his tummy is aching. 

Now I hope I won't get that too stressed that those rather big zits will pop out again somewhere in my face anytime now. In fact as I was looking into this pronexin, I felt and saw two zits, one in my left cheek and the other one in my chest. Worries add to stress and obviously it affects your body too not only my face but I feel like am not feeling well too but I just have to fight it and be strong for the little boy who at least is active at this time. 

Lord please heal the little boy for whatever is going through inside him now. The last thing any mother would want in her child is for him to be sick.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Fade Protection, Comfort and Privacy

Lately I have been thinking of trying to possibly remove the curtains in the front window in the living room so we can have a view of what is outside. Aside from the main reason to bring in more natural light into the living room which I know would positively affect the atmosphere and mood inside the house especially in the living room where we usually stay in most of the time in a day. These window tinting los angeles which also serves a s fade protection since the sun can exact a costly toll on your fabrics, furniture, carpet, wood and other valuables in the room is something I was browsing earlier for I  am thinking of this as an option.

As I have in mind, other than it will give comfort and privacy, those window films provide you with a clear view out. I love the idea of this beach house that used such films. If only we can have this at our dream home, I would surely be happy. The lil boy would surely love being able to see what's outside from inside. He often likes to go out to watch birds flying by, or airplanes flying in the sky since we are near the airport.

No More Ipod

No more iPod or games for the lil boy. That was what I have learned after attending the parent orientation in his preschool late this afternoon. Hubby was there too but it was a two hour orientation as it turned out and so he had to leave in less than an hour to go to work. Yes he need to go OT at work today. So I was left there to finish the rest of the orientation by the M school owner.

Kids who play computer games tend to be more uninterested in school work based on a certain study. So I think that would include my son playing games in the iPod with his dad incidentally more so since yesterday. So far he is still asleep since I got home from the orientation and so he still has not waken up to look for the iPod and play again. He plays educational games at his dad's computer but with the iPod, he got bored playing those educational games we got for him. Though he used to play them often at the start but now he tends to want to play more of those new installed games by his dad which are no longer that educational. So I called hubby at work and told him this. For the meantime no more iPod for the lil boy. We have to find a way to remove all the games in there plus his access to cartoons on YouTube. We as parents are the school's partner after all in educating our lil boy. We have to correct some ways that we allow the lil boy including playing games which are not educational.

Clean Air

We were happy that finally the aircon in my son's room has stopped leaking and so far so good. But I have learned from the technician who came here that the possible cause of the molds in the aircon before was due to bacteria, dirt and dust in the air. 

So I have been really thinking of getting a portable air cleaner which we can move from room to room to fight odors from cooking mostly, smoke, dust, pollen, bacteria, mold, odors, and other possible allergens in the air that has been causing the three of us to have some kind of allergies lately since we wake up sneezing and sniffing like we have colds that won't go away. Who doesn't want clean air in their home especially for us who has a little kid who we really don't want to get sick or get any kind of allergies which we can prevent anyway.

I am truly grateful so far the aircon has been functioning well though there are times that it won't be so cold inside the house when the weather outside is really so hot too. I am praying too that the we can have a more clean air around the house given it has been really dusty outside since we are near a site under construction. We can only do as much to find ways to clean the air in our home.

Don't Waste Your Time

Just some thoughts to share...

Monday, July 05, 2010

Visually Stunning

Visually stunning is what is said to describe the new Samsung LED TVs. Watching the World Cup would be more fun and exciting says hubby. Being the innovation leader in consumer electronics design and technology, I first heard about LED TV with Samsung. As much as their new 2010 model of LED TV  with sleek and ultra slim design which are 3D ready is just so tempting, we can still make do with our 32" LCD TV. Though if we get to receive the former as a gift then we would gladly accept it.

Hubby did mention one time about how nice it would be to have that 3D entertainment and visually stunning picture quality with Internet@TV right here at home. He just wondered though where we could possibly buy 3D glasses here. Or aren't those free when you purchase a Samsung LED HDTV that is 3D ready? Well we just have save a lot more to afford this one. Just so tempting isn't it?