Sunday, June 13, 2010

Red Ribbon

Hubby treated me to a late lunch at Red Ribbon yesterday and since it was his treat, he will pay. He "swiped it" as we would say it. It's good that they do accept credit cards for hungry people who opt to be cashless for a day like us. I ordered one of my fave dish there while hubby ordered his favorite savory tocino meal there.

While we were waiting for our food be served, I was thinking it is good that businesses like them have availed of credit card processing services. There are still some restaurants that we get to eat which don't accept credit card payment, only cash payments. Well that is good for the business I suppose but sometime when we become so dependent on our cards that we have forgotten to carry enough cash with us, it is really inconvenient to hunt for an ATM before being able to eat and you're oh so hungry already.

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