Saturday, June 05, 2010

Make It Invisible

It has been more than three years since yet there is still visible lines and marks in my tummy that has not gone away. I wish to make it invisible though hopefully with the help of a very effective stretch marks cream. I may not be dreaming of wearing a two-piece bathing suit if and when we do get the chance to hit the beach before this very hot summer is over here, I still wish to have that old stretch mark free tummy back. My lil boy would constantly be intrigue with those lines when he gets to see them though they are not as plenty as they were before. 

Yesterday I was going through photos when I was still pregnant more than three years ago, for a photo book project with an online friend, I cannot help but stare at the stretch marks in my tummy then. I am  not jealous but am surprised at women who don't have them. Lucky are they! While I have to find a way to make it invisible and disappear forever.

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