Thursday, June 24, 2010


We extend our congratulations to an old friend and former schoolmate who is now about three weeks pregnant! It is their first baby and I can just imagine all the excitement and happiness they feel as a couple. I met her husband when they came here for a short vacation more than a month ago. She was not pregnant then at that time but they told me they have been praying for a baby soon. She is now busy reading those one a day prenatal vitamin reviews. It is considered safe unless you are allergic to fish or soy. 

She is considering other options of prenatal vitamins at this moment. She still has to ask from her OB-Gyn about this matter though since a lot of us her friends has told her she might want to take vitamins that will help her much in her pregnancy especially in the early stages of the baby's development in her womb. We are all just excited and I know they will have a beautiful baby because they are suck a beautiful couple to begin with. Again to my friend, congratulations and take good care!

Choosing Zoysia Grass for an Easy-to-Maintain Lawn

Zoysia grass is a good choice for homeowners who want a beautiful lawn but do not want to spend a lot of time mowing, watering and maintaining it. It is drought tolerant and flourishes in a variety of soil conditions, including clay and alkaline. Zoysia is also a slow-growing grass, so homeowners will find they don't need to mow as often as with other types of grasses.

It is usually planted using sod or plugs, but some varieties can be planted with seed. Once established, it is a very dense grass and will naturally keep out weeds. It does not require as much fertilization as other grasses. Zoysia grass is also resistant to many common grass pests and diseases.

Because this grass is very tolerant to wear, zoysia grass is often used for recreation or athletic purposes, including golf course greens and baseball fields. It is not often used for sports such as football or soccer because it is slow to repair on these types of high-traffic sports fields.

Zoysia grass is native to Souteast Asia. It was introduced to the U.S. in the early 20th century by botanist C.V. Piper who had seen the grass in the Philippine Islands. Because of this, Zoysia grass has also been commonly referred to as Manila grass. In the U.S., Zoysia is mostly grown in the Gulf Coast region, though it is also used along the East Coast, some Midwest states and even Southern California.

There are several varieties of this grass. Zoysia japonica, which can also be known as Korean or Japanese lawngrass, is more tolerant to cold than the other varieties. It is often grown in climates with hot, humid summers and cold winters. Zoysia matrella, the variety introduced by C.V. Piper, is distinguished by narrow pointy leaf blades. Zoysia tenuifolia is very fine and wiry and is more commonly used for ground cover, rather than lawn.

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday once again reminding me once again of being thankful and that there are a lot of things to be grateful and thankful for in life...
  • I am grateful for my very own family who continues to guide, support, love and care for me, hubby (who has no family who can guide and support him and us) and especially the lil boy.
  • I am grateful for my lil boy who remains strong and happy despite having a slight fever for the past two days which has not gone worse. I am praying that he will truly be well soon!
  • I am grateful for friends who continue to cheer me up when some things remind me of people I don't want to think of. 
  • I am grateful for my elder sister's birthday! I pray that she will have another year of blessings and good health. We will be having a combined celebration for the three other birthday celebrants in my family for this month. Hubby and I are happy excited to try out my new citibike at my sister's place this weekend. 
  • I am grateful for the financial blessings that allowed me to pay our utility bills this month, the same way as I was able to last month.
  • I am grateful for friends who generously share their opportunities and blessings!
  • I am grateful to strangers who make life easier for us... considerate and kind drivers, and different people who we hire for the various services they render.
Thank you so much Lord for all the blessings we continue to receive and will be receiving!!!

    Thursday, June 17, 2010

    Given a Chance

    One of my siblings asked me when we had a family get together a few days ago, given a chance to invest in something what would it be? Without any second thoughts, I immediately answered my sister that I really want to buy gold coins and try this investment which has been on my mind for a few years now. It is quite an expensive investment for me but if given the chance then surely I will grab the opportunity without any second thoughts as long as our savings and resources would allow me to do so. 

    But if there is a kind and generous soul out there who would give it to me then I would be truly grateful. More seriously, I really wish we can try this kind of investment. It would be one precious investment I would be proud to have for the financial security of my son's future if given a chance today.

    Wednesday, June 16, 2010

    Finding Nemo

    Finally the lil boy in now watching a new Disney-Pixar animated movie which is Finding Nemo. He just woke up when hubby went off to work and won't go back to sleep just yet.

    He finally gave up watching the animated Disney-Pixar movie A Bug's Life for the nth time literally for the past few days, day in and day out. I am honestly tired of looking at Hopper. LOL!

    Sunday, June 13, 2010

    Red Ribbon

    Hubby treated me to a late lunch at Red Ribbon yesterday and since it was his treat, he will pay. He "swiped it" as we would say it. It's good that they do accept credit cards for hungry people who opt to be cashless for a day like us. I ordered one of my fave dish there while hubby ordered his favorite savory tocino meal there.

    While we were waiting for our food be served, I was thinking it is good that businesses like them have availed of credit card processing services. There are still some restaurants that we get to eat which don't accept credit card payment, only cash payments. Well that is good for the business I suppose but sometime when we become so dependent on our cards that we have forgotten to carry enough cash with us, it is really inconvenient to hunt for an ATM before being able to eat and you're oh so hungry already.

    Friday, June 11, 2010

    Strive to Succeed

    Everyone who wants to succeed in life must strive hard especially in finishing a college degree. Having a college degree is one of the major keys to succeed in life and having a good career that pays well. Start this dream by doing your research college degrees and find the right accredited school, college or university. We all do know that a college degree is truly important  to maximize your career and earning potential in the future. Lucky for those who are not able to finish collge but do earn more than a college graduate. I do know some but I still value the importance of having a degree obtained in a good and accredited college or university. Everyone who aims to succeed in life should strive hard in their studies and in life in general.

    Monday, June 07, 2010

    ChronoSwiss Replica Watches

    The ChronoSwiss Company was founded in 1983 by Gerd-Rudiger Lang. This company has made masterpieces that have taken the world by storm. Buying the original will leave one without a penny, so consider buying a replica ChronoSwiss watch. These make an excellent substitute for the original thing. These high quality replicas are so realistic that even people wearing the originals will not notice any differences. They are so remarkable and will make you ask yourself why you would pay the huge price for the originals. They have been produced for many generations so the manufacturers have mastered the techniques of producing good quality watches.

    Their wide range of series include the Chronometer, Chronoscope, Delphis, Kairos, Lunar, Opus, Regulateur, Timemaster, Taurbillon, Tora, Orea, Pathos, Rattrapante, Lunar Chronograph, Klassic Chronograph, Cabrio, Lunar triple date and the Wristmaster

    Replica ChronoSwiss Kairos
    These watches come with an automatic winding movement. The case is made of stainless steel. The dial is silver with black Arabic numerals. The bracelet can be leather or stainless steel.

    Best sellers
    Replica ChronoSwiss Wristmaster CS-6
    This watch has a stainless steel made case. Its movement type is automatic. Its dial is painted black in colour. The watch comes with 2 functional dials. The date sector is adjustable and it has 2 additional subdials. It is fitted with a hardened mineral crystal glass face, thus more scratch resistant. The bracelet is black in colour and made from leather. Its weight is the same as that of the original. The hands and markers glow in the dark.

    Replica ChronoSwiss Regulateur Moonphase CS-19
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    Saturday, June 05, 2010

    Make It Invisible

    It has been more than three years since yet there is still visible lines and marks in my tummy that has not gone away. I wish to make it invisible though hopefully with the help of a very effective stretch marks cream. I may not be dreaming of wearing a two-piece bathing suit if and when we do get the chance to hit the beach before this very hot summer is over here, I still wish to have that old stretch mark free tummy back. My lil boy would constantly be intrigue with those lines when he gets to see them though they are not as plenty as they were before. 

    Yesterday I was going through photos when I was still pregnant more than three years ago, for a photo book project with an online friend, I cannot help but stare at the stretch marks in my tummy then. I am  not jealous but am surprised at women who don't have them. Lucky are they! While I have to find a way to make it invisible and disappear forever.

    Constantly Looking

    I think I seem to keep on constantly looking for many things in life among which are: a very reliable and trustworthy nanny or helper in the house, day off, me time, or time for myself, time to rest and sleep without distraction and for as long as I want, food cravings and even diet pill with no side effects, a point&shoot camera that spells L-X-3, vacation destination for me and the boys before summer ends, more earnings which hopefully would also mean more savings, and a lot more things. 

    I guess I am not the only one looking for these now right? Each of us has our own yearnings. We could only wish we we would be able to have them all but we have to act and work to have , acheive and fulfill them, right hubby?

    Make it in Gold

    If hubby and I had one precious investment we wish to have, then I have to say make it in gold. An investment in such precious metal would be a dream come true. I have read several times how this precious metal investment can benefit your family's finances in the future. Who does not want to get that rare chance and opportunity to buy gold bullion as an investment. I tried looking for it here and indeed it is such a huge investment to be part of. I wish we had a lot of extra money saved so we can make this precious metal investment but I guess it will take longer for us to do so. But if I can make an investment soon, I surely want to make it in gold.


    I had forms to fill up for the lil boy's enrollment in school. It was easy to fill up expcet for this certain form on multiple intelligence profile that I am filing up for the very first time. Most of the questions seems to deal with kids of older age in my opinion. I am halfway through yet. I am not sure what to answer in most since I have not yet obeserved it in my son like if he likes math class. He still yet to have a math class right? Though I have to say he likes counting. So can I say yes? Okay I'll just clarify this form with the school head later.

    If I Had a Hammer

    ::: Are you handy with tools? ::: Maybe but not really. My dad is though.
    ::: What was the best thing that happened to you this week? ::: Getting so many blessings that will allow me to save more hopefully.

    ::: What was the worst thing that happened to you this week? ::: I guess last night when that SUV car with plate number LEZ 466 splashed water on me while I was waiting for a ride home coming from the first Friday mass and novena and when it was raining so hard. Good thing I turned my back just in time as I decided to walk a few steps further.

    ::: Do you think you act your age? ::: Yes I think I do.

    ::: Describe an item of clothing that has definitely seen better days but that you refuse to dispose of and still wear. Why won't you toss it? ::: My old clothes that won't fit me anymore. They are my inspiration that someday I can still get to wear them when I lose enough weight to fit into them once again.

    ::: What is your favorite summertime beverage? ::: Fresh fruit juice!

    ::: Have you ever lied about your age? ::: Yeah! And some believed it! LOL!

    ::: What was the most memorable birthday party you've attended? ::: Our son's birthday party this year since my mom was there even if she is usually busy in the church that day and my family was complete except for my elder sister's family who are of course so far away in UK.

    ::: What is something that really frightens you, and can you trace it back to an event in your life? ::: When someone in my family gets really sick. Hubby was hospitalized a couple of weeks ago and we didn't know what it was initially that causing intense pain in his tummy. But he is recovering now from his operation. Thanks to the doctors, nurses, PHIC, his company and to my very own family who  helped us and cared for us and were always there for us through thick and thin. They never neglected us.

    Tuesday, June 01, 2010

    Precious Investment

    If I had one wish when it comes to making an investment then that would be for one day soon to come when we would find ourselves investing in gold. It will be a unique and interesting kind of investment that we would be making and a first time at that to buy gold coins which we have never done so before. It may entail some risks still but from what I have read so far, it is a popular choice for an investment whe you want one that is safe and cushioned when in time of inflation in the world economy.You just got to do more research and learn how to invest in this kind of precious investment for your family's future.