Saturday, May 22, 2010

Using Free Discount Prescription Cards to Save Money

If you use one or more prescription medications, you know how expensive they can be. However, many people that need medications don't realize that they could be saving money on every prescription refill using free discount prescription cards. These cards have truly been a life saver for countless people that struggle to pay the cost of their medications. The cards are known to save people up to 75 percent on their medication costs. This percentage may vary a little with your prescriptions, but even the smallest discount can be a big help with covering medication costs.

If you don't yet have a discount prescription card, you should get one before filling your next prescription. You can find these cards on several websites. The websites feature easy to complete forms and don't require much personal information. Depending on the website, once completing the form you should be able to instantly download your new discount prescription card. Once the card is downloaded, print it and use it on your next prescription.

An easy way to preserve your discount card once it is printed is to laminate it. You can purchase inexpensive lamination paper and laminate it yourself. Otherwise you can take the card to a print shop and have them quickly laminate it as well. Then, designate a specific slot in your wallet for the discount prescription card so you can quickly locate it when filling your next prescription.

Discount cards are accepted at the majority of pharmacies. However, there are still a few pharmacies that don't accept them so be sure to verify your pharmacy's policies before attempting to use your card. If your pharmacy doesn't accept discount cards, there is probably a pharmacy close by that does accept them. In this case, consider switching to a pharmacy that accepts the cards because it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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