Monday, May 24, 2010

Tips to Improve Your Chances of Winning at Bingo

Every year, there are more bingo halls. This growth in bingo venues is matched by the resurgence in popularity of bingo tournaments and casino-style games. To win big, there are really only a few key points to remember. You can take several steps to increase your odds of bringing home a jackpot. Bingo is predominantly a game of pure luck, so the following points are not a guarantee, but are tips to help you have fun and possibly win more games.

The first tip is to find bingo halls or venues where you can choose your own cards. Once you find that, make sure that you arrive early to ensure that there's a good selection of cards available. You won't be the only one doing this. Remember to only take as many cards as you can monitor closely. Number callers may call numbers quickly, and they may not give much time to search over more than a few cards.

When selecting your cards, the B column should have the lowest numbers possible. In the I column, choose cards with numbers between 19 and 29; any card with numbers below 14 is unlikely to produce a win. In the N column, the numbers 29 to 39 have the best odds of being chosen; numbers over 40 are rarely called. For G, numbers less than 49 are seldom called, so choose cards with numerals greater than 49. Finally, in the O column, pick cards with numbers from 60 to 68; any card with numbers over 70 are unlikely to win.

These tips will help produce more wins and will definitely create a more exciting time at the bingo hall, whether you're playing blackout or traditional bingo. These combinations have much better odds of winning than others. Follow these tips and who knows...maybe you'll win big!

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