Monday, May 24, 2010

Player Spotlight: Doyle Brunson

It can honestly be said that Doyle Brunson wrote the book on poker. In fact, he wrote several books on poker, but not until he successfully set a number of world records in the professional poker field. This long time poker player has been involved in professional poker since before 1960, and has a list of accomplishments that indicates just how successful he's been that entire time.

Born in a small town (and by small, think under 100 people), Brunson had to run from his small town to others just to finish simple tasks. This meant that he developed into a sterling athlete. He had even caught the attention of professional basketball teams until he was involved in an accident and broke his leg. This shift may be what led him to his current life path; it was just a few years later that he started working the Fort Worth area as a pro player.

He began to escalate his poker play, traveling with a friend across a region that encompassed several states, moving on into bigger games at higher stakes. After winning large sums of money in tournaments and proving himself, he self-published what many consider to be the most famous book on poker ever written, the "Super/System." In the years since his first book came out, he has written several others.

Doyle Brunson set many records. He was the first player ever to reach $1 million in official tournament winnings. He was the first player to win the WSOP main event two years in a row. He is in the top three for the number of total WSOP bracelets won: He has ten, while the record holder has eleven. He continues to build his earnings and reputation. He was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame and is respected by all serious players.

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