Thursday, May 27, 2010

Not Another Long Night

Not another long night I hope for tonight. I am starting to think I already have a dark eye circle which I hope would just disappear soon. Did you know that our lil boy woke up almost midnight last night just as hubby and I were about to sleep? Oh yes just as we moved him to sleep in the bedroom, he woke up but at least he did not get up from bed anymore. Instead, he asked for my iPod Touch and watched Mickey Mouse cartoons in it over and over again. He refused to sleep again so soon last night. As I said he did not get up from bed though and for that I am just grateful. 

But hubby and I were so sleepy and tired already. I don't want to sleep while the lil boy is still awake. ICome to think of it, I woke up so early yesterday so I found it so hard to keep my eyes open trying to stay awake and be with the lil boy in our room. I think he slept back past three in the morning already as that was the last time I checked the time before I really fell asleep. When I woke up again, the lil boy already finally fell back to sleep but there was already daylight as I looked at the window. I went back to sleep again after that and woke up to watch American Idol live. What surprised hubby and me was the lil boy woke up too shortly thereafter. I just hope he won't make this another long night again. Oh no I could not keep up with it for long. I know too it is not good for us. So I am crossing my fingers we will get more longer rest tonight.

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