Friday, May 28, 2010

I Want Ice Cream

At this late hour at night, I am suddenly thinking I want ice cream! Yes, I did not eat ice cream during our snacks this afternoon for we had sweet corn and sandwich. Now my memory seems to be reminding me I promised the boys we will eat ice cream later. That was this afternoon and now working up a little more this late at nigh, my mouth and tummy is craving for some ice cream. 

Well I wish I can just forget about diet for now and give in to this craving. Maybe the nuphedragen I was reading about should be something I could take to make me quit craving and eating too much. Yes this afternoon while I continued to crave for food just when I had just eaten, it made me think I must put a stop to this. They say it makes food not so tempting to you anymore after taking that pill.I truly wish it would work like that for me if and when I do choose to take it. Anyway for now, I am just giving in to eating some of that ice cream on the freezer. Anyone out there want some ice cream too?

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