Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gained or Lost

I was surprised that when for some like for some of hubby's officemates who has not seen me for awhile would say that I had gained weight when in fact it might be true that for some who have seen me more recently than they did would say I have lost some weight and had shed off a few pounds. And that I would like to believe so. 

So if you ask me if it was because I have been taking already those diet pills that work that I was telling them about, I would have to say I have yet to take my first ever yet. But my losing weight might be due to also that I eat less and fewer times compared before and we don't eat in buffets that much anymore compared before plus I had been going out more often every day during week days especially since I am most of the time the one sending the lil boy to his summer class. And would you know it is really hot outside and I wish sometimes it is fats in my body melting away with the perspiration coming out from my body. But I cannot stay as much as I wanted to outside and sweat it out coz I have to consider the lil boy who perspires a lot more than me and I just don't want him to get sick that is. Nevertheless, I  really wish to lose weight more in the coming months and I hope being busy with chores and the lil boy's schooling would keep me bsuy enough to think less of food and eating that is so hopefully that would make me lose weight more... I wish!

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