Thursday, May 27, 2010


A few hours after I woke up this morning, I really got bothered when my face became itchy then I found a small lump at the back of my neck and hubby said it is just another zit. I even asked him to take a snapshot of it so I can see it clearly. I guess I might really be needing what hubby has been kidding me with last night about getting one of those adult acne treatments for that zit near my eye on the left side and at my back. 

He saw the zit on my face last night and he has been kidding me since then that I must be in love. Oh well! I did answer him that yes I am in love with Casey James! He just laughed for he has known that idea as we both watch American Idol almost together since Casey first auditioned. Seriously, I really don't like it when he makes fun of me having zits when the arrival of my monthly visitor gets near. Though at least I am not as bother now with the itch gone yet I still can't stop from touching it and wanting to prick that zit near my eye right now. Hubby tells me not to prick it telling me as if he does not prick his zits when he has one! :)

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