Friday, May 28, 2010

I Want Ice Cream

At this late hour at night, I am suddenly thinking I want ice cream! Yes, I did not eat ice cream during our snacks this afternoon for we had sweet corn and sandwich. Now my memory seems to be reminding me I promised the boys we will eat ice cream later. That was this afternoon and now working up a little more this late at nigh, my mouth and tummy is craving for some ice cream. 

Well I wish I can just forget about diet for now and give in to this craving. Maybe the nuphedragen I was reading about should be something I could take to make me quit craving and eating too much. Yes this afternoon while I continued to crave for food just when I had just eaten, it made me think I must put a stop to this. They say it makes food not so tempting to you anymore after taking that pill.I truly wish it would work like that for me if and when I do choose to take it. Anyway for now, I am just giving in to eating some of that ice cream on the freezer. Anyone out there want some ice cream too?

Don't Use It If You Can't Pay It

I don't mean to sound compelling but when the circumstances need it, I might be just like it as when I used this line "Don't use it if you can't pay it" to someone I am close to and care about but he did not listen to us. This happened years ago and he was already having a hard time paying off even the minimum payments on the balance of his credit card. It must have been been so tempting to use it whenever he can that he just lost control. And you can't be too kind especially when you know you are already in some sort of trouble paying it off yet you still even let other people use it. 

He continued to use it then knowing he will have a harder time settling all of it at that point then. One way out for him then was to avail of a credit card debt settlement. It was done so as to save his credit rating and from that bad credit record that would damage his reputation from then on. But I guess years after that he learned his lesson from that experience. And are we so thankful, he now gave up his credit card while hoping to build up once again a good credit profile as they call it.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Not Another Long Night

Not another long night I hope for tonight. I am starting to think I already have a dark eye circle which I hope would just disappear soon. Did you know that our lil boy woke up almost midnight last night just as hubby and I were about to sleep? Oh yes just as we moved him to sleep in the bedroom, he woke up but at least he did not get up from bed anymore. Instead, he asked for my iPod Touch and watched Mickey Mouse cartoons in it over and over again. He refused to sleep again so soon last night. As I said he did not get up from bed though and for that I am just grateful. 

But hubby and I were so sleepy and tired already. I don't want to sleep while the lil boy is still awake. ICome to think of it, I woke up so early yesterday so I found it so hard to keep my eyes open trying to stay awake and be with the lil boy in our room. I think he slept back past three in the morning already as that was the last time I checked the time before I really fell asleep. When I woke up again, the lil boy already finally fell back to sleep but there was already daylight as I looked at the window. I went back to sleep again after that and woke up to watch American Idol live. What surprised hubby and me was the lil boy woke up too shortly thereafter. I just hope he won't make this another long night again. Oh no I could not keep up with it for long. I know too it is not good for us. So I am crossing my fingers we will get more longer rest tonight.

Save Up for a Rainy Day

The rainy days are here! That is meant literally but at the same time I am also reminded to save a little money for a rainy day. My mother and sisters always try to remind me before when I was still single and already earning my own pay to try to keep some extra allowance for a rainy day. For now that I am already married and with a kid, the more I am driven to keeping that practice. If hubby and I can save more then that would be better, but if not then I would just hope and pray that hubby will be able to  get and avail of a payday advance just in case of an emergency that may come up unexpectedly. 

Somehow, somewhere and sometimes in our life there would come a rainy day that we need to save up for or else we can always depend and count on those financial and lending companies that offer cash advances. They somehow assure us that there is no reason to worry and suffer in between pay periods when an emergency comes up. But if you can save, then save money that you're going to need for a rainy day.


A few hours after I woke up this morning, I really got bothered when my face became itchy then I found a small lump at the back of my neck and hubby said it is just another zit. I even asked him to take a snapshot of it so I can see it clearly. I guess I might really be needing what hubby has been kidding me with last night about getting one of those adult acne treatments for that zit near my eye on the left side and at my back. 

He saw the zit on my face last night and he has been kidding me since then that I must be in love. Oh well! I did answer him that yes I am in love with Casey James! He just laughed for he has known that idea as we both watch American Idol almost together since Casey first auditioned. Seriously, I really don't like it when he makes fun of me having zits when the arrival of my monthly visitor gets near. Though at least I am not as bother now with the itch gone yet I still can't stop from touching it and wanting to prick that zit near my eye right now. Hubby tells me not to prick it telling me as if he does not prick his zits when he has one! :)

Running Out

It is always good to set aside some savings but when you did not or cannot do so and then that time comes when you are literally running out of cash and allowance and an unexpected expense need to be covered, you would wish you can get a payday advance until you can pay it off in the next pay day.  This is something that can be availed of by those employed but for me who isn't, I can only wish I can avail of that too when I need fast cash in case of an emergency. I know someone from work before who frequently availed of this option and it seemed never ending but it is a reality and something beyond her control since she is the breadwinner of their rather big family. 

Getting a payday loan is a short term solution for people trying to make ends meet that is until the next payday comes. It may seem a never ending cycle for some and though it seems to be a sad predicament to be in, one just have to cope and pray that there would no longer be any unexpected financial emergency that will come.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So Many... So Little

So many things to do and want to do yet there seems to be so little time. It seems that times flies so fast the past few days. I would want to take things slow since we came home from the hospital coz I really felt tired the past few days. I had no choice coz hubby has only me and my family to count on when he was there so we have to be there for him.

Now five days has passed since we got home and yet there is still a lot to do. We will never run out of things to do in life as long as we live and work. LOL! But as for now it is time to get some much needed rest and sleep.

Good night world! Stay happy and healthy!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tips to Improve Your Chances of Winning at Bingo

Every year, there are more bingo halls. This growth in bingo venues is matched by the resurgence in popularity of bingo tournaments and casino-style games. To win big, there are really only a few key points to remember. You can take several steps to increase your odds of bringing home a jackpot. Bingo is predominantly a game of pure luck, so the following points are not a guarantee, but are tips to help you have fun and possibly win more games.

The first tip is to find bingo halls or venues where you can choose your own cards. Once you find that, make sure that you arrive early to ensure that there's a good selection of cards available. You won't be the only one doing this. Remember to only take as many cards as you can monitor closely. Number callers may call numbers quickly, and they may not give much time to search over more than a few cards.

When selecting your cards, the B column should have the lowest numbers possible. In the I column, choose cards with numbers between 19 and 29; any card with numbers below 14 is unlikely to produce a win. In the N column, the numbers 29 to 39 have the best odds of being chosen; numbers over 40 are rarely called. For G, numbers less than 49 are seldom called, so choose cards with numerals greater than 49. Finally, in the O column, pick cards with numbers from 60 to 68; any card with numbers over 70 are unlikely to win.

These tips will help produce more wins and will definitely create a more exciting time at the bingo hall, whether you're playing blackout or traditional bingo. These combinations have much better odds of winning than others. Follow these tips and who knows...maybe you'll win big!

Player Spotlight: Doyle Brunson

It can honestly be said that Doyle Brunson wrote the book on poker. In fact, he wrote several books on poker, but not until he successfully set a number of world records in the professional poker field. This long time poker player has been involved in professional poker since before 1960, and has a list of accomplishments that indicates just how successful he's been that entire time.

Born in a small town (and by small, think under 100 people), Brunson had to run from his small town to others just to finish simple tasks. This meant that he developed into a sterling athlete. He had even caught the attention of professional basketball teams until he was involved in an accident and broke his leg. This shift may be what led him to his current life path; it was just a few years later that he started working the Fort Worth area as a pro player.

He began to escalate his poker play, traveling with a friend across a region that encompassed several states, moving on into bigger games at higher stakes. After winning large sums of money in tournaments and proving himself, he self-published what many consider to be the most famous book on poker ever written, the "Super/System." In the years since his first book came out, he has written several others.

Doyle Brunson set many records. He was the first player ever to reach $1 million in official tournament winnings. He was the first player to win the WSOP main event two years in a row. He is in the top three for the number of total WSOP bracelets won: He has ten, while the record holder has eleven. He continues to build his earnings and reputation. He was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame and is respected by all serious players.

Shrek | Shrek Forever After McDo Happy Meal Toy

Got this Shrek from the Shrek Forever After McDo Happy Meal Toy for the lil boy who loves the Shrek movie series. This is from the first wave of Shrek toys which we could have completed except for Donkey which ran out of stock even in other parts of the country I guess. Well the three of us love the Shrek movie series and sad to say this series has come to its fourth and last sequel. We were able to watch Shrek 4 in blur-D as we would call it but hubby and I were able to watch in clear 3D. It was nice but could have been nicer if we didn't know the story beforehand I guess. Major spoiler for us! But I love the 3D effect as much as the other kids in the theater earlier. We just wished we could have brought the lil boy along but maybe next time when he is used to watching movies in the dark.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Protect Your Pool with Pool Liners

When you purchase your pool, it's also wise to purchase a pool liner. Pool liners help protect your pool from the elements, wear and tear, and other damage. Purchasing your pool liner at the same time as your pool helps to ensure that you get the correct size, and allows you to install it as you set up and fill your pool.

A Pool Liner Protects Against Mold

As with anything that's exposed to water day after day, a pool can grow mold or mildew. Installing a pool liner protects your pool from the long term damage that mold can cause. If you neglect your pool or are out of town and can't clean it for a week or two, a pool liner may help save your pool.

A Pool Liner Protects Against Other Damage

A pool can be damaged by those who use it. Whether you have kids who are rough on your pool or an uncle who goes in wearing shorts with a buckle, damage can and will happen. A pool liner can prevent damage to the pool itself. If a sharp object enters your pool, it will rip the liner instead of tearing a hole in the actual pool wall.

A Pool Liner Protects Against Wear and Tear

Over time, pools start to show their age. Normal damage from wear and tear occurs, but a pool liner may help to reduce the signs of aging. A pool liner can extend the life of your pool by years, reducing the wear and tear that happens from regular use of the pool.

If you want to extend the life of your pool and protect it from damage, installing a pool liner is the way to go. These useful tools are relatively cheap, and can save you a ton of money on pool repairs over time.

Using Free Discount Prescription Cards to Save Money

If you use one or more prescription medications, you know how expensive they can be. However, many people that need medications don't realize that they could be saving money on every prescription refill using free discount prescription cards. These cards have truly been a life saver for countless people that struggle to pay the cost of their medications. The cards are known to save people up to 75 percent on their medication costs. This percentage may vary a little with your prescriptions, but even the smallest discount can be a big help with covering medication costs.

If you don't yet have a discount prescription card, you should get one before filling your next prescription. You can find these cards on several websites. The websites feature easy to complete forms and don't require much personal information. Depending on the website, once completing the form you should be able to instantly download your new discount prescription card. Once the card is downloaded, print it and use it on your next prescription.

An easy way to preserve your discount card once it is printed is to laminate it. You can purchase inexpensive lamination paper and laminate it yourself. Otherwise you can take the card to a print shop and have them quickly laminate it as well. Then, designate a specific slot in your wallet for the discount prescription card so you can quickly locate it when filling your next prescription.

Discount cards are accepted at the majority of pharmacies. However, there are still a few pharmacies that don't accept them so be sure to verify your pharmacy's policies before attempting to use your card. If your pharmacy doesn't accept discount cards, there is probably a pharmacy close by that does accept them. In this case, consider switching to a pharmacy that accepts the cards because it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Friday, May 21, 2010

FF Time

It's FF Time again!

::: Seeing the boy happy, healthy and smiling never fails to make me smile.
::: I'm looking forward to the next two weeks being with the two boys while hubby recovers.
::: The lil boy playing animated videos on my iPod Touch is what I'm listening to right now.
::: Potato salad must have something that I don't in it!
::: Choco caramel cinnamon from Anniepie was the best thing I ate today.
::: Today was a rest day taking things slow since we came home from the hospital yesterday.
::: And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to staying at home and trying to get more rest, tomorrow my plans include attending the anticipated mass in the afternoon with my boys and Sunday, I want to spend quality time with my boys while hubby is still recovering!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's Important

The recent medical emergency that hubby went through made me realize the importance of having a health care insurance. I was in the lobby of the hospital processing hubby's bills when I had a chance to chat with one of the people lining at the Philheatlth window, he told me the patient he was visiting there was involved in a car accident and they are as well thankful for the health insurance that is taking care of the majority of their hospital bills then. He said he would be scouting for a new one as well for the damaged car among the list of car insurance companies which their family friend has recommended. He said they had a problem with their car insurance provider regarding the coverage. While I would be scouting for a good health insurance and life insurance for me and the boys which I think are important for us too. 

Thankful and Happy

Thankful and happy for hubby to be home at last after psending three days in the hospital. We are thankful to my family for their care, love and consistent support to me and my boys. He will have a couple of weeks to recover from his operation and we will be spending it with the lil boy whom we missed so much even during the short time that we were away from home. If you have seen the lil boy's face lit up with smile when he woke up and saw his dad sleeping beside him. The lil boy was so happy to see him! I wanted to take a photo of that moment as the lil boy was smiling but he shied away when he saw the camera. 

We are also thankful for the doctors and nurses who took care of him in the hospital. We are also thankful that all the medical and hospital bills were covered by PhilHealth and by hubby's company. I was surprised at how expensive that simple operation costs. Without those two, paying the bill would really eat a big percentage of our savings. Thank you Lord for sparing our hard earned money and most especially for the gift of life!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Don't Touch It

If you don't want to have the need later on to remove acne scar then my sister kept telling me... don't touch it! Why is it that there seems to be some OC tendency to really touch that zit in the face once you know it is there. It seems too there is so much desire to try to prick it out as if it will totally disappear the instant you prick it out. But what you really get is the great possibility of scarring your face forever just like in the case of my friend's nephew who has such visible acne scars to deal with for the rest of his life. I am not sure though if a concealer could hide it forever as if they aren't there. Hubby do have some scars that I hope we can treat with a scar remover cream. So better don't touch it or it'll scar for sure forever.

Castle TV Series on Star World

And I found myself tuning in to Star World as of last night watching Castle. It seems like a new TV series and it is my first time to watch it actually. It is an American witty and murder mystery drama tv series based on the novel by Richard Castle. I somehow find myself enjoying watching it. Though I find the lead character a little weird played by Nathan Fillion (of Desperate Housewives). I think he is Richard Castle, a best-selling New York author famous for his crime novels. He tags along a Detective in the TV series. Okay so that explains his weirdness as I call it. He is not a real detective but a writer who goes with the lady detective named Detective Kate Beckett in her homicide investigations. I am looking forward to watching it again that is if I stay up late again next Friday night. 

Up Late

We are up late trying to work things around the house while the lil boy is already off to dreamland for a few hours now and he has totally skipped the afternoon nap yesterday.Yes it is early morning round here and yet hubby and I are up. I have been worried coz my sis had just warned me to sleep earlier each day and so I won't have to possibly worry of getting adult acne she said. And yet I didn't listen to her coz am busy finishing something since I won't be able to work on it during the morning since we need to go some place else for the lil boy and we may be out until mid afternoon. So I try to work overtime until now which is so early in the morning here. But I really would like to sleep right now. But hubby is still so up to playing his fave game on FB. So I guess we will still be up late for a few more minutes. I wish we can still wake up early in the morning later on so we won't miss the appointment. 

Gained or Lost

I was surprised that when for some like for some of hubby's officemates who has not seen me for awhile would say that I had gained weight when in fact it might be true that for some who have seen me more recently than they did would say I have lost some weight and had shed off a few pounds. And that I would like to believe so. 

So if you ask me if it was because I have been taking already those diet pills that work that I was telling them about, I would have to say I have yet to take my first ever yet. But my losing weight might be due to also that I eat less and fewer times compared before and we don't eat in buffets that much anymore compared before plus I had been going out more often every day during week days especially since I am most of the time the one sending the lil boy to his summer class. And would you know it is really hot outside and I wish sometimes it is fats in my body melting away with the perspiration coming out from my body. But I cannot stay as much as I wanted to outside and sweat it out coz I have to consider the lil boy who perspires a lot more than me and I just don't want him to get sick that is. Nevertheless, I  really wish to lose weight more in the coming months and I hope being busy with chores and the lil boy's schooling would keep me bsuy enough to think less of food and eating that is so hopefully that would make me lose weight more... I wish!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Making a Choice

It is not easy making a choice when it comes to making an investment especially when it is done to secure the family's particularly your children's future. Someone I knew at one point was making a choice to invest a big part of the money he had saved over time to make an investment which is to buy silver bullion or invest in stocks. He said it was not easy making that choice since he is somehow new to this kind of investments. It is always good to educate oneself before diving into any decision that involves money that you'll invest for a long time that is. There are sites you can check like the USGB that is intended for educational purpose regarding this kind of investment. I agree we have to know more before making a choice.