Friday, April 30, 2010

Under Renovation

Hubby and the lil boy were outside late this afternoon spending a lil time playing outside with the other kids in the neighborhood. When they came back, hubby said one of the neighbors are having their garage renovated and they are now working on the garage floor tiles. I suddenly remembered those nice floor tiles for the garage from Floor Junkies which are easy to install and easy to remove. So in case you move, you can always take them with you.Honestly it is the first time I heard of such and I am not sure if it's available in the local stores here. It makes me think about having the house we have that we don't live in yet and have it renovated. I wonder if we can use their kind of floor tiles inside the house too particularly those with custom floor images. Their natural and carbonized bamboo floors are nice too!

Sleep Early

We were supposed to sleep early but hey the lil boy just woke up from his sleep tonight and won't go back to sleep yet. So here we are - hubby and I trying to keep up with the lil boy's energy level so late at night. He is still eating yet I have to control that since we really need to sleep soon as we were supposed to wake up early too for we need to be at the beach outing of hubby's company early so we can go home early and so I can still catch up with my due work earlier. 

If only there is one drink out there safe for young kids that let's them go back to sleep in an instant, I'd really want to let him have that as in right now! I am tired too and trying not to have a headache so we need to rest in awhile. Lord help the lil boy go back to sleep now.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's the Secret

I met an old friend whom I have not seen for seven years. Oh my I was surprised to see her so thin now compared to when we were still in school and until seven years ago when I last saw her before she left for Manila. What's the secret? I asked her and I thought at first it must have been the diet pills and that slimming tea she has been selling before. She actually won't tell but she said it's a combination of everything and she went on laughing not really answering my question. But at the end she said what I thought at first are partly a few of the major reasons of her losing weight over the last seven years since we last met and she kept a strict diet after that until now. Wish I can also keep up with a  regular routine of exercise and strict diet! Good luck to me!

Power Nap

The lil boy was watching TV when the next thing I know he was already sleeping. He must have gotten tired from playing in his school though that was only for a few minutes. I am so sleepy myself so after am done handwashing the lil boy's two clothes he will wear the next few days, I  am gonna take a power nap. I cannot afford to sleep long nor sleep long coz in this heat outside, it causes my head to have a headache later. I dunno that usually happens when it is so hot and I sleep longer, I end up waking with a head ache. The last thing I need now is a headache. Okay off to doze for awhile.

Sleeping Problem

I really don't have a problem sleeping in fact in the past few days I just want to sleep more but can not afford to do so. But on the other hand, I do know a friend who does have a problem sleeping at night and at times I would see her FB updates posted so early in the morning and still she is wide awake and have not slept still. She has been thinking of getting an over the counter sleeping pill but she said some are quite expensive and she is concerned over getting dependent on it like someone she also know who can't sleep without taking it. I think if you just get the right one from a trusted doctor who'll give you the right one that works without any side effects, then it will work just fine for her. I even told her maybe she should stop taking coffee at night and even during the day maybe it'll help too someway with her sleeping problem.

Wish They'll Deliver

We just got home from the lil boy's school and I got so hungry since we just had brunch this morning. I would wish the small resto near us would deliver. I was thinking of dropping by there on our way home but I thought of the last time we did and it took me a long time to find a cab going home and it was so hot outside just like today. The sun is scorching hot and so I just told myself that we should get home straight. But now am hungry and found myself wishing they'll deliver but they don't. Now I wish my sister was here so I can rush there and order some take out. But for now I'll just have to settle for noodles - quick and easy to fill my hungry tummy.

Transfer Photos

If there is one thing I should have done a few days ago, it is but transferring the photos from the SD card in our DSLR and to my laptop.Now I am reminded again when I was about to capture a moment of my lil boy and I was not able to because the SD card is already full. What? Yeah have been taking photos but have not transferred them for more than a week now. Hubby won't think about this since he relies on me to do this simple task. Now am off to do this task before we head to the lil boy's school in a few hours.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Make Dreams a Reality

He always wanted to make dreams a reality and among which is having his own salon. So I remember this guy who used to work in a fave salon and he has been one of my fave staff there way back then. If you plan to pursue your dreams just like him, there is this Cosmetology school in Arkansas that can make your dream of having your own salon come true. They do offer federal financial aid for those who will qualify. They have made a development program that will help their students who graduate from their  cosmetology school prepare to manage their very own business, increase client relations, and make their dreams a reality. I say pursue your dream and make it a reality.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Yes sadly the lil boy got the colds. We have started giving him medicine to treat his colds. We would observe if he gets well hopefully by Monday so he won't miss his class. He still has to make up for three hours worth of work and play with his Teacher B. So maybe that is why he had been sleepy lately. He woke up late this morning maybe due to the colds starting. Get well soon to my darling lil boy. We still have to check by Monday if he will be allowed to go to class or what. I do hope though he will be allowed to go to class and that he will be well then of course more than anything else.

Back to Basic

It is dawning on me that I am back to the basics of learning. It may take awhile but am not that good a teacher but I am excited to teach my lil boy the basic things that I see are being taught to him too in school now. I am thnakful for the support of the husband as he searches online for free download of educational stuff that we will use in teaching the lil boy. I am happy to see this new bonding thing that we do the three of us with hubby and I taking turns teaching the lil boy. Though for now I am just quite busy with something that is due and need to be done asap. I just need to do some research too on what I need to know since it has been so many years since I was in Kindergarten and they seem to have a different way of things now somehow. but basically it's the same. I just need to know a good approach in teaching the lil boy to make him learn faster and still enjoy this whole new thing of learning for him. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hungry Again

Oh no I am hungry again! That is one of the things that I don't like when we had dinner already and I am hungry again late at night. I tried not to eat too much during the dinner treat earlier coz I was thinking of the conversation about diet pills that I overheard from a lady earlier today. I need the best diet pill that truly works knowing there are so many choices of it out there sold in the market that one has to chose well based on effectiveness, price and safety! 

I think that dieting does not only mean taking those supplements, one has to have the will and determination to have a consistent physically active life and do something about this being hungry again after just having dinner thing! Okay I can have some crackers for this now. Anyway, I am also thinking about that being physically active again that maybe when am at my son's preschool this summer, I can use the one hour time walking outside and use the pedometer that hubby bought for me. But sometimes it is just way too hot out there. Just sitting outside makes you sweat in no time.


Sneezing for a few day has the lil boy been which make me worry that he may get colds. Muts be the weather outside which is hot then we go to a cold place or maybe there is just some cold virus out there that he must have contacted. But am still praying he won't get it. But as of now, hubby and I feel we seem to be close to getting it too. The weather these days is super hot and cold. Now I am trying to fight getting sick coz I have work to do. Having a cold makes my mind "float" that I feel so light, dizzy and sleepy most of the time. We need to rest during the weekend at home. God protect us, heal us and keep us healthy please!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Career Change

Career change indeed for a friend I know as she will be enrolling herself in a nursing school in the coming school year. This will be her second course actually. Her cousin on the other hand already passed the last nursing board exam and is looking for jobs in healthcare. These days there are helpful and updated database of healthcare job postings that you can check on some sites and they allow you to even post your resume, as well as connect with top employers in the healthcare medical industry. Thank goodness for this kind of site where you can search thousands of great jobs in healthcare  and which helps job seekers find a job in their respective field much easier compared to years ago.

I wish my friend the best of luck in this decision for a career change. Who knows I may find myself too in such a situation one day soon.

Ice Age

The lil boy had his first day in his first preschool summer class and his first ever day in school. I told hubby to show him the movie Ice Age again tonight before we go to bed so that he would become familiar with dinosaurs and other creatures and characters. They played with the teacher this afternoon and they were playing with dinosaurs and animal toys. He just have to get familiar with them more. So now showing here is Ice Age and good thing the lil boy is still attentive. I find myself enjoying the movie too but I gotta do some work now too.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Thinking about tomorrow makes me thankful for all the blessings I have gotten all throughout the years! I have no more material wishes really except for a good H&L soon hopefully. Wanting a new and faster laptop to replace my year old one as hubby suggested may be forgone for now but am most welcome for anyone granting my long time wish for a Sony VAIO

Yes while I was watching a teen reality TV show this afternoon, I saw the handsome teen using one and makes me think of wishing for that P Series Lifestyle model again or this pink Sony VAIO W Series Notebook that indeed caught my interest. Oh well my existing lappy is still fine for now. But as I said I am willing to accept this as a gift tomorrow or for Christmas! I can wait!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Time for Friday Fillins

1. In 1992, I was enjoying my third year in HS and continuing to do well in my studies.
2. Everyday our lil boy brings us so much laughter and smiles.
3. Do what you know is right, with what you have, where you know will one day people will understand why you did that right thing.
4. On a cool and relaxing summer vacation in paradise is where I'd like to be.
5. The trees and flowers are telling me it's time to clean up the front yard with the fallen leaves accumulating out there.
6. Need more opportunities and tasks assigned that just keeps going on.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to seeing the boy having fun and probably sleeping after a fun day playing with his cousins at my sis' house, tomorrow my plans include attending the anticipated mass in the chapel of my alma mater which I missed so much and have dinner out with my boys and Sunday, I want to spend quality bonding time at home with the boys and just have time to rest! 

Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Modern Pieces

A few days ago we were at the furniture department of a mall to buy a small cabinet where we can place the old TV in the living room. Most of the furnitures they have were of the usual, old designs. But last week I was browsing through this online furniture store and they have interesting pieces of modern furniture that caught my attention. I use to watch this show on TV about home designs and furnitures of modern homes and how much I'd like to have some of the furniture pieces they feature on TV. I got interested in this starship egg chair and that Grenada chair look alike which I saw there too. It would be nice to have a modern furniture that still give the comfort that I seek in those home furniture like chairs and sofa. There is one chair I am really interested in lately. It's the recliner sofa chair that am hunting online now for availability. I hope I can find one there. Come on let's go online window shopping!


I missed watching the whole American Idol Season 9 top 10 performance night and so last night, while the lil boy was sleeping, hubby and I watched it in our own replay. I have to agree then that Didi's performance indeed broke my heart. If she only snag the way she did in the results night for her to be saved by the judges then she would not have been in the bottom three possibly. It is sad to see Didi leave the competition when I think Tim could have taken her place. Oh well, it's the American people voting for this competition and am no position to question that right? Well I just liked Didi and her voice and style of singing but I have to say her singing last Tuesday's performance was really not that good enough to make her stay in the competition. Oh well at least Crystal and Casey are still up there.


Some good things come in small packages and that I agree sometimes like these acer netbooks which I am sure the nephews and niece would love to have from their aunt. No not from me I think but from one of my sis hopefully since three of them did well in school the past school year. They need one too since the old laptop my sis gave them gave up recently.

Stuck at home today, browsing at those netbooks one of which was mentioned by my nephew was the Acer Aspire One. It says it is our solution for internet mobility. It's thin, lightweight, and affordable, great for people who like surfing the web when travelling. My nephews don't travel though but it would be nice it it's portable and they won't need a very fast processor anyway so it'll be good for them. I just hope they'll be given by their aunt soon or before school starts for it could be helpful with some of their projects.

Good Friday Sky

Good Friday sky outside earlier when I went out since it was so quiet out there. People must be hibernating coz it is quiet out there. So I took the opportunity to take a few snapshots of the sky in this Good Friday morning with nobody in the street outside. As I went inside there was a CEB airplane that flew by but was not able to take a good snapshot of it though. Commercial airplanes still flying in the sky on a Good Friday eh! I wonder where those people are flying to on this holy day here.

Have a peaceful and meaningful Good Friday everyone!