Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Peek at the Pond

Sunny, gloomy, sunny then it became so gloomy again! But the weather did not stop me and the lil boy from taking an afternoon walk just around the neighborhood street. We were able to take a peek at the neighbor's small pond that has a fountain. The housekeeper seems to have a hard time cleaning it. But it would be nice to have a pond at home.

My dad had a small fish pond before back home which I used to help him clean when I was way so much younger then. I even remember I suggested that dad needs something like the garden pond filter the purpose of which will help keep the pond clear, clean and then keep the fishes healthy. I had come across PondFilter before and they have the brands like Savio, Atlantic Water Gardens, Lifegard, Pond Keeper and more. Plus they always guarantee reliable service. It is good to invest in a pond filter that will guarantee less hassle and saves you time cleaning it from time to time like my dad before.

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