Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Digital Photo Frame

For months now, hubby and I have been searching for a really good digital frame or a digital photo frame that really has a high resolution quality. The ones I have seen here in local stores are not as good as I wanted the quality of the image resolution. If there is one that is higher than the 800x600 probably the 1280 x 1024 but not as big as 40 inches coz that is way too big and probably out of my budget for a digital photo frame. There were many choices at buy.com but the one I liked which specs said it is high resolution is already sold out as of now. Maybe it is that saleable that it run out of stock as of now. The Kodak EasyShare digital frames seems like good alternatives too but I'll try to find the Sony digital frames. I just need to read reviews of these products for now and hope they are available when I do decide and I hope they are still on discounted prices too.

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