Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Smart Phone

I have heard a few times about smart phones like this htc desire android smart phone above from some of my friends though I am not techie nor am I have been updated anymore with the latest phones even smart phones. But friends say they love their smart phones and keeps them updated even when they are out of the house and when they are mobile. Hubby has been asking for a cellphone though I still have to know if he will take good care of it unlike his previous mobile phones. As for me, this will be something I'd wish someone would give as a gift!

Love to Sing

I'd love to sing karaoke songs with my sisters and especially with my dad. I was going through some photos during the last time that my sister and her family was here for their short family vacation more than a year ago. I saw those photos when we were singing those songs during our karaoke time in one of our get together simple party in their house here. 

I'd definitely love to sing another duet with her again on new year's eve. I just wish she and her family were here for the holidays but they could only come for their next vacation next year yet. I hope they still have their karaoke so we can sing the night away when they are here for their vacation once again!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Anyone would really like to work, save and invest in something valuable and becomes more valuable over the years ahead especially when we want something to secure our family's future. For example, when one opts to buy gold bullion, it has remained valuable over so many years even for centuries and is considered one of the best ways to preserve one’s wealth and purchasing power aside from its known ability to diversify investments. It is one valuable and unique investment that we can perhaps consider in leaving to our children one day as a long term investment for their financial security in the future. Anything valuable as an investment like this is truly worth leaving behind to our family and child. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shoes for the Nephew

I got the thought that one of my nephews has been wishing for a new rubber shoes for Christmas. They don't really ask for it but his siblings somehow gave me an idea that is what he wants for Christmas. So I started hunting for shoes for the nephew and I saw these Puma shoes and wondered if he would like to have a pair of those. There are actually different kinds and styles of shoes and I just have to know which he specifically prefers so it would be worth buying for him. But I know whatever he would get if ever, he would truly be grateful for the gift this Christmas.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Before I Forget

Before I forget and before I go to sleep, I got to write down some things to do and remember for tomorrow. One of those is to remind my dear hubby that we should probably look for those kitchen sinks that will be amon our choices on our plan to fix the kitchen sink at my parents' house. 

One of my sisters has pledged to finance that home improvement project that we thought my mom would really appreciate us attending to since she is the one who is often at the kitchen and often using the kitchen sink at home. Before I forget too, I got to talk to my mom again tomorrow about some details on this project which we hope to have done by early next year.

Shutting Down

It's rather late at night around here and my eyes seems to be shutting down on its own even before I could shut down my laptop. I started to feel sleepy when the rain started pouring outside a few hours ago. I was still looking for a plantation shutter for a possible replacement for the little boy's window. 

We want to have some more natural light come into the room during the day. Yet the little boy does not like too much light coming into the room. A friend actually told me about this kind of shutter that is made of high quality custom made wood shutter that is said to let you save energy during winter and summer. Let's talk some other time on this shutters while my mind seems to be shutting down right now.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Plans for Next Year

December has just stepped in and yet it is not too early to plan for next year. One of our plans is to work harder so we can save more and explore some means to be able to make an investment. Starting at a little investment may go on a long way and hopefully grow over the next few years.

Thinking of the United States Gold Bureau United States Gold Bureau which time and again is something that reminds me it is good to take investment seriously. My sister once told me about coming across the Wall Street Journal and WSJ says Buy Gold. A sound and solid financial advice for serious investors. So if you do have plans next year to invest, you may want to think about making precious metal investments.


My nephew is addicted to the internet and almost everything that you want to know and find in the internet can now be searched easily thanks to search engines right. But my sister is quite worried as to what his son is doing in the computer when they are asleep or not around. You know kids these days are so advanced even at such a young age. It is important for parents to know and control what their children find in the internet. There are a lot of negative influence that young children can find at the world wide web. You need to know about those things they search online.

Parents can track what your kids do online when they use the internet most especially. If only there is a cyber nanny right? So we suggested her to use Key logger or some data extractor that will be able to track and record all computer activity. Even on other user accounts in the personal computer or laptop used. There are also surveillance tools that one can use to know who uses the computer using a hidden camera like those used in stores and even in computer shops and certain offices. Even at home you cna place this at a startegic place to have a perfect view of what you kids may be doing online.

Earning Extra for Christmas

I was recently contacted through email regarding an affiliate program. I have not tried this ever since but I have heard of a few bloggers who have indeed earned from this kind of work. Doing this kind of work may be new to me but I am willing to explore this opportunity if it means earning extra for Christmas especially for the little boy. 

I came across this health and beauty affiliate network for the second time around and it is said to have one of the highest paying affiliate programs. I wish to know someone who can have indeed experienced it so I can know more and convince myself to pursue this kind of affiliate work. It really means a lot for me to earn some extra money for Christmas.

Giant Pork Chop at Pablo's Steaks and Crabs

I just remembered this Giant Pork Chop at Pablo's Steaks and Crabs as we were trying to find a family guest a good restaurant and he was particularly looking and craving for pork chop. Who wants to be thinking of diet and weight loss pill side effects when you have such a big serving of  this dish with meaty satisfaction guaranteed.

We tried this giant pork chop dish quite a long time ago and I hope the guest won't be disappointed. The last time we went back to Pablo's we did not order this one though. But it would be great to taste it again next time we visit their resto.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Drive Carefully

I always believe anyone who takes the wheel and drives on any road in Houston, Texas or wherever in the world you may be should, drive carefully. Drivers should know the risks and responsibilities that lies in their hand when they drive on the road. A drunk driver has no right to be on the road.
Being caught driving drunk is a serious matter that should be handled well for example by those Houston DWI lawyers who can help work out a solid defense for you just in case you are caught by the police to be driving with influence or what they also call DWI. So it is best for driver not to drink when they plan to drive after. It is called being responsible for your life and other people's lives who are traveling on the road just like you. The lesson here is to always drive carefully.

Monday, November 29, 2010

MM Time

What do you cook when home alone? ::: Very simple or easy to cook dishes. Sometimes pasta salad.

What is something you'd like a chance to eat or cook? ::: Japanese food and dishes since I am not really a fan of it but I'd like to try tasting it one day.
What is your favorite cookbook? ::: No particular or specific favorite cookbook that I can think of now. Will let you know when I have one already.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shopping for Thanksgiving

The last two years have seen terribly low volumes of post Thanksgiving shopping in America. What with the recession and all, many simply gave up on shopping these two years, and Thanksgiving lost a lot of its fun.

This year, though, people are expecting a lot of shopping. Retailers are expecting a greater return to the good old days before the recession when all of America came out on the streets to buy gifts for family and friends.

Like before, people will not worry about spending too much. There is a new hope for a better economy, despite forebodings from the experts. Americans will be taking out payday loans, if necessary, to do their shopping after Thanksgiving, and may depend on Payday One to make their Thanksgiving shopping meaningful.

So, what are you going to buy this post Thanksgiving sale? For those who can afford it, this Thanksgiving will be a good time to give the gift of gold. Yes, gold is at its all time high price right now. Buying gold is always good in the long term. It acts as a hedge against recession, it can be quickly liquidated during emergencies, and the glittering metal looks beautiful too.

People like to give all kinds of gifts, but there are some that are better planned hence thoughtful than others. One of the more thoughtful gifts - again, as long as you can afford it - is to arrange a vacation, all expenses paid, for people you love. You can arrange to fly your parents on a vacation to Tahiti or Mexico, or a trip through continental Europe.

Whatever you do, put a lot of thought into your gift and it will certainly be memorable.

Donating to Charity with Some Extra Money This Christmas

Though I find them immensely beautiful, I have decided to not splurge on a Chopard necklace this year. These are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry. Instead, though, I plan to spend some extra money on others in my family for the holidays. Generally, I take a little extra money each Christmas and get something special for myself. Not this year.

Not only am I planning to get better presents for my loved ones, I have also decided to put some money toward charity. Deciding on the charity, though, has been difficult. Eventually, I decided on a charity called Child's Play. This is a fairly new charity; it has only been around since about 2003.

What exactly do they do? Well, this charity donates things like video games and movies to children's hospitals. These items are meant to help make the days a little easier and brighter for the children that are having to stay in these hospitals. Being a kid in a hospital is a sad enough thing in and of itself. Being able to contribute to making life a little happier for these kids is something that I have been interested in doing for a while.

I'm happy that this year I am not spending the extra money on myself. Sure, it's great to have a little extra, but being able to help out those who are really in need is so much better than spending tons of money on jewelry for myself.

I told some of my friends about this. They agree that it is a great idea, and are all finding a charity that they are interested in and are donating to it. The more people that do this, the better off our world will be. Being able to help those that need it is what Christmas is all about.

Realistic Gifts Every Woman Wants

It is that time of the year again; time to buy presents for the women in your life. The Christmas gifts on every woman's list varies from woman to woman and year to year. Every woman is as unique as the gifts that she requests. From jewelry to perfume, cameras to software, fur coats to shoes; the gifts on her list can be found. Sometimes it just takes a little shopping around or asking the store clerk for help, and if you're lucky you might find them all right at your fingertips on the Internet.

Avoid clothing, no matter what it is. Women will almost always find something wrong with it. Know your lady well enough to know what she would purchase for herself and what she might like that is romantic. Maybe she has an old camera that should would like replaced with higher pixels for a better picture quality. An old comforter that needs replaced or a stereo with iPod accessories, these are all personal and great ideas that any woman would appreciate.

When buying perfume, go with something soft, romantic and subtle. If possible, try to figure out what scent she already wears, but whatever you do don't get a fragrance that is overpowering. Ask the clerk what scents are popular, and if the clerk is a woman, ask her what she might recommend.

Gift cards for spa treatments or massages are always a welcome gift, and they are something that most women would love to receive. Especially if the gift comes with babysitting!

A gift with a bit of a thought behind it will go along way with a woman and the Christmas gifts she receives. Women appreciate it when her partner really thinks about the kinds of things she might like, but if nothing else then these suggestions will help get you started.

Spending Time

Each and every day is filled with numerous activities that simply have to be done. Caring for children, cleaning the house, cooking meals, etc. These activities seem to just eat away at our time and lives. Sure, we don't mind doing them, we even like doing some of them. The point I'm getting at is that sometimes we need to stop caring for others so we can have a chance to care for ourselves. Even if it's just a few minutes a day, we need to be able to have some time to relax, clear our heads, and meet our day head on.

First things first, we need to set aside a time, every single day, where the hubby or any other relative or loved one, can care for your children. You wouldn't want to let your kids run wild while you're trying to have some alone time. After that, make sure that you have a place where you can just be by yourself. Whether you need to completely leave the house or simply lock yourself in a bedroom, find a place to be alone with your thoughts and try to regain a sense of self. 

Next, find an activity that you enjoy doing that is just for you! Whether it be going to a movie, taking a nice bubble bath, or even playing online casino games, do something frivolous just for yourself. 

Lastly, don't just do it once and call it good! Make sure that you have your "you time" on a regular basis. Weekly, monthly, whatever you choose. 

There are so many pressures on us to be the best mother, wife, homemaker, and independant woman. We need to make sure that we are not only caring for others; we need to take care of ourselves along the way as well.

No I am not, but...

Okay, so here is a little exercise I am going to try today. I used to think that writing exercises were silly because who knows better how to write than a writer? But lately I am beginning to feel more like the guy that said "A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people." His name is or was Thomas Mann. I don't know anything about him, but he seems to be a pretty smart guy, because that is exactly how it feels sometimes. Anyway, here we go... Nine things I am not and contradictory statements that I am.

No, I am not a clothes horse, but I do love my Apple Bottoms jeans.

No, I am not nosy, but if you really must tell me the gossip, I'm not going to be rude either.

No, I am not trying to look slimmer or lose weight, but I will definitely be wearing this outfit again since it made you ask me that question.

No, I am not afraid of snakes, but if you bring one near me you had better be ready to deal with some retaliation later.

No, I do not have a perfect husband (nobody does), but when I treat him like he is one he tries much harder and we both end up happy.

No, I don't like dark chocolate, but I love anything that has been dipped in it.

No, I don't like helping fix the car when it breaks down, but if you refer to it as 'man's work' I will do everything in my power to figure out the problem before you do.

No, I am not a great writer, but I do it anyway.

No, I am not lazy, but there were supposed to be ten in the exercise.

Okay readers, your turn! Comment when you're done!

Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream of Living in New York

Ever since I was a little girl, I've dreamed of having a penthouse suite in the heart of New York City. I'm talking about one of those swanky places that overlooks Times Square while also providing views of Central Park. These are the places that have doormen who greet you when you walk in and call up to your residence when a visitor comes.

Sadly, as I grew older, I realized that unless I hit the jackpot, inherited a billion dollars, or married rich, I was probably never going to be able to afford a penthouse like that. The average penthouse without all the bells and whistles easily starts at $2 million and that is with the slumping housing market.

Even though a small part of me realizes that I will never be able to afford these types of living quarters, it hasn't prevented me from taking a look here and there at the various houses and condos for sale in the Big Apple.

Can you imagine my surprise when I realized that there were actually New York condos for sale that weren't too expensive and had some of my dream apartment accessories. By just taking out a few items, such as an overly large apartment or condo, a panoramic view of New York City and a few other things, I was able to afford a condo in New York City. With just a little bit of planning and investing, I was soon able to afford a lower priced condo right in the heart of Manhattan.

While it might seem a bit far fetched, it just goes to show you that no dream is too big. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you have to amend your dreams just a little bit. But overall, if you keep trying, you'll be able to achieve that dream no matter how impossible it seems.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Looking for Another Web Host

Hubby has mentioned that he might be looking for another web hosting provider. This is just a back up in case the other web hosting companies encounter any problems. I  came across this Webhostingfan with customer reviews of the best web hosting services that one may be able to find these days.

I told hubby if he has time maybe he can read the HostMonster Review and the HostGator Review so he can assess and get more feed back on these web hosting providers and we will see if we can get one of them to be our alternative web host for some of our sites.

For web site owners, the up time and reliability of the web host provider's services is very crucial. It can be frustrating when your host's server encounters a problem and you have a deadline to beat and pending work online that you need to do but cannot since your sites are down. You got to do your own research and read on credible reviews on a web host before availing of their services.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Traditional Way

They say that the most traditional way of investing in gold is by buying gold bullion or gold coin. This unique kind of investment had been on my mind for as long as I can remember browsing through the  United States Gold Bureau. It must have been that dream of giving my precious son a future that is secure most especially in terms of his finances. You cannot blame me as a mom to seek out ways to hopefully make that investment in its traditional way or not as long as it will be for the good of my son's future. I know it will be a long term investment that he can truly benefit from one day.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Last Thing

Last thing I thought of before I went to sleep late last night was to look for more gift ideas, remember to pay our water bill today and check out this glucomannan that my friend was talking about the other day on the topic of weight loss and low calorie diet that we were chatting about that day. 

I actually did not realize I slept in the sofa in the little boy's bedroom when I was supposed to check on those things. I was too tired to transfer to the bed. The last thing I remember I was still checking my emails and reading an article about losing weight. Anyway, here I am up and about this early Friday morning!


I must have been showing my little boy my forehead wrinkles and he probably seen it too often that sometimes I would also catch him trying to imitate me. He would try as much as he can to make wrinkles in his forehead. We would both end up laughing actually. Much more when hubby joins in the fun.

I do realize he easily imitates certain things from me and his dad. He copies some of our funny and crazy facial expressions out of fun but I also tell and remind him to do these things only between us. I also don't want him to have lines or forehead wrinkles so soon. He is way too young to have those lines.

Beauty School

There are certain times that I come to think of that possibility of enrolling myself in a beauty school after I have heard some people I know who took up short fashion course and make up seminar in order to know how to beautify their own self. I have heard a few times about this beauty school in Phoenix  and it somehow interests me to find something like that here. That beauty school uses a unique approach to cosmetology education to new markets. Their graduates are sought after. Who knows the knowledge and skill that one gets from them could lead to a person building up his own salon business just like an old classmate of mine. Pursuing a totally different career for me should not be impossible and it may start when I do enrol in that kind of school.

Personalized Christmas Gifts

I want to get christmas gift ideas at Personal Creations as I wanted to give some very special people personalized Christmas gifts to be unique and make it more special somehow.

Then I saw this photo hanging display with pictures frames where you can put photos of the family members for example of the person you are giving this to. I wanted to give this to my eldest sister and since I have a lot of photos of my nephews and niece, it should not be a problem. In fact, I wish there were more frames to this display because I wanted to give my mom this too. I tell you this is a great personalized Christmas gift. My mom and sister would surely love getting this.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Looking for Women's Sweaters

I got some free time to shop a little yesterday and I was looking for some women's sweaters. You know it could get cold too here especially during December and January. It is still the middle of November yet I could already feel the weather getting colder.

My sister was looking for sweaters already a few months back. I could understand since it so much colder where she lives compared here where it does not snow. None of my old sweaters actually fit me anymore. So before the dawn novena masses for Christmas comes next month, I got to find a nice, comfy sweater to wear. These fashion sweaters I am browsing right now are great. 

These Sequin pullover, Beaded pullover and the snowflake pullover sweaters are among my favorite choices.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Dream Big

Everyone is free to dream and so I am daring enough to dream big for us and the boys especially. Given that we are still quite far away from reaching and realizing that big dream we had to invest in gold bullion one day and hopefully soon, I am telling people about it so they can also dream big for themselves and for their family.

It is a unique investment perhaps but it is more stable in terms of long term investment. After all it has for a long time have the proven ability to diversify investments, protect wealth and preserve one’s purchasing power. So what you got to do, dream big and work hard to achieve it.

Animal Toys

Not only did the little boy got a toy train yesterday but he also got animal toys as well. We saw that it would help him at school somehow in identifying those animals. They also had toy animals as materials in their classroom and so we thought it would help him know them better coz he gets to play with them each day from now on. 

We hope to find other kinds of animal toys because the other kind of animal toys they have were dinosaurs. We decide to buy that later until we find what we are looking for.

Garage Sale

Organize a garage sale if you have got lots of stuff to get rid of like clothes, books, toys, shoes, house things and other knick knacks, You may put up a sign in your place at least two weeks before you plan to hold the garage sale in order to let your neighbors know about the garage sale date. With a garage sale, you don't only get to get rid of clutter in the house by disposing stuff at home that you no longer need but yoy get to earn some moolah too!

Precious Bullion

I called my mom the other day to talk about a certain blessing that I am expecting this month. I hope we will not have a problem claiming it. It is not so much but I still consider it a blessing. It would be as great as a blessing if I could invest it by early next year in a precious bullion particularly gold or even in silver or platinum if there is. Precious as it is, man has had an affinity for gold bullion and it is from centuries ago up to this day and age been considered a unique investment.

Toy Train

Hubby got the little boy a toy train at SM yesterday when we went malling as a treat for the little boy as well. Now they had opened and used the toy train and we didn't realize it was battery operated. Good thing we had an extra rechargeable battery. The little boy loved this new toy so much! Thanks dad!

Where to Go

Hubby and I are planning to go out for a few hours while my younger sister is here to be the nanny of the little boy for a few hours too. Question is where will we go? I asked hubby that and he has no idea. He just said we will go somewhere. I wonder where we'd go. No nice movie tonight. Might as well do some pending errands tonight.


People think that those ordinary people who wish to buy gold and precious metals are just kidding. Well I am serious in that. It is just that hubby and I still do not have enough financial resources yet to realize that investment as of now since we are still saving up for our house project. 

I am also serious in that project that is why I work harder and learn more as much as I can about precious metal investments from the United States Gold Bureau. I sometimes get to read some of their articles when I have some free time here at home. It is good to know about it more little by little. Now I have to go back to serious work so I can save and invest.


How I wish the little one will go back to eating veggies again. Moms can include veggies in your soup and get the little ones to eat them. In the classic chicken sopas, for instance, add chunks of squash while boiling. Moms can opt to overcook  the squash also so that it will blend with the rest of broth. Now the question with the little boy is that he does not eat much yet. Now that will be a challenge for me to let him eat more... veggies!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Shopping for Winter Clothes

My sis had gone for a little shopping for winter clothes especially for my dear nephew including new sweaters for her and him. She said she maybe sending some of their old stuff in case we might still find them useful.

I said we would be delighted to get them with or without winter here since it can still be cold at times in the coming months. I can still wear her old sweaters when we attend the morning novena masses for Christmas in December. 

There is always a feeling of something extra special in wearing those imported sweaters! This also reminds me we need to buy new clothes for the little boy as well.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Holding on Those Precious Metals

I still continue to wish on making a good investment for my family's future and especially for our dear little boy. Securing his future is top most among my priorities. Investing in precious metals is such a big dream for me. I just know that holding on to those precious metal investment that one may have like a gold coin perhaps from the United States Gold Bureau will somehow be something great as an investment fifty years from now.I just have seen a video earlier and it really makes you realize how these precious metals can be a big help when you want to buy something then and now. So I wish one day I would also be holding on to these precious metals as investments.

Colds Go Away

I wish for this colds to go away. I have been sneezy since last night and it seems this morning that I am really getting the colds. My little boy has it already and maybe wiping his nose for him sometimes might have been the cultprit especially when I forget to wash my hands or apply alcohol. But I still got to work though what I don't like about it is that it makes me feel light headed.

Catching Up On Sleep

Since we slept late the other night, the little boy and I are catching up on our sleep. We slept earlier last night. Good thing that the little boy cooperated without any fuss. He went to bed with me even if he just woke up from a long afternoon sleep till late night yesterday. He watched a little cartoons on TV but when he saw me packing up, he followed me to the bedroom and we slept almost immediately. Though I feel still very sleepy now. Will catch up more on my sleep!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Injury Lawyers

The last thing people need in their lives is to get themselves injured. That is why I keep on praying that none of my boys or anyone in my family will get sick or be injured. While doctors take care of you when you are injured, there are also what they call personal injury lawyers who specialize in obtaining you maximum compensation for you due to the injuries you suffer. These lawyers like those from O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath deal with all personal injury claims just like in that Accutane lawsuit and also that lawsuit concerning the Depuy hip recall that I have read about just recently. People are just thankful for the services they offer. 

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Must be Effective

My friend who lives and works Down Under for years now has lost more weight recently more than ever before. She told me before that she did take some diet supplement and I think it must have been one of those truly effective diet pills. Aside of course from dancing the zumba once in awhile which probably helped her too in some way. 

We were really surprised at how slimmer she looked like in her photo during a recent wedding of her friend there which she attended as one of the bride's maids. She looked beautiful as always but absolutely slimmer than what she looked like in her photos a couple of months before.

Next Time

Lesson learned by a friend is that it is a must to research first or ask a doctor before using medicine treatment on the face that you have not used before, next time. My friend told us her other friends that instead of reducing the zits on her face, it somehow seem to have multiplied and now she might be needing a really good acne scar cream. It was a scary experience she said.

I really have no guts using any treatment for the zits on my face ever since for fear that it may cause more damage rather than cure them unless of course when it is prescribed by a doctor or dermatologist. So next time my dear friend better consult the right doctor and don't self medicate my friend.

I Still Wonder

Even after a few years of being a blogger, I still wonder how I could get help on some of my site sto jump up the search engine rankings. I know a free web directory will be a good help. I am guilty for not finding and dedicating time to know more about that since I am one busy mom here at home. 

I don't want and I don't have that money to spend for tools while thousands of dollars are spent by some other site owners to build up their sites or blogs and only to have their website banned by search engines as a penalty for using such tools. I wonder if I can get all my sites added to to those directories. Got to ask hubby's advice later.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Absolute Care

When you do have carpets at your home, in your office or even at your church for example that needs absolute care, cleaning and maintenance, you would definitely be looking for something like those for example in carpet cleaning Falls Church from Absolute Care with their cleaning team member who are well trained to deliver the best and outstanding service experience ever clients can have. I have read that some of their clients have found their customer service really good and even outstanding so they must be really delivering the absolute care that one needs in terms of carpet cleaning concerns. You also can get written estimate before they get the work done.

If you are looking for the most thorough cleaning process available plus absolute carpet cleaning, they might be the one you have been looking for. Also do not forget to avail and enjoy their coupons and special offers for carpet cleaning with the absolute care one can ever get. 

Learn New Things

My sister just called me and it is kind of unusual for us to have a talk about her plan to fix her house over the phone. She must not be busy at work I guess because she does not usually spend time on the phone at work talking about something else other than planning for a special occasion at her own home. 

My sister was asking about that vinyl siding which is an alternative to traditional wood siding or other materials such as aluminum or that fiber cement siding which others use too. I told her she might want to look into that Vinyl Siding Richmond which I recommended to her because of its durability, versatility and ease of maintenance, vinyl siding has been used for more than forty years in houses of homeowners looking for a material that is impact resistant, rigid and strong. Builders love it as they say because of those qualities when looking for that plastic exterior cladding for the house, usually used for decoration and weatherproofing. Thanks to my sis as I get to learn new things because of her inquiries.

New Windows

I wish we can have new windows particularly french windows perhaps that goes lower down the floor thereby giving us more natural light into the house we live now. Give that the fence outside is high, I wish we could find something like those replacement windows Richmond which is actually a premier replacement window, vinyl siding, door, and gutter systems contractor in greater Richmond Virginia. They have a very efficient and friendly service based on customers feedback and comments. 

My sister was asking about a service provider something like them before when she was thinking  and planning of having her windows replace however though I just found them recently and she has put on hold her plan. Any homeowner would like to hire a company who indeed has the passion to install replacement windows that definitely looks better, performs better, and more reliable than the typical replacement window that others usually get.

Needs Cleaning

We just dropped by my friend's office to give her something a few days ago. I found her by her table worried about the carpet in their boss' office that needs cleaning. If only there are services around here in town like those being offered by the carpet cleaning Herndon services, I could really tell that my friend would not have to be worried that her boss will get upset over their dirty carpet in the office when there will be having visitors coming over to their office tomorrow. She is in charge of admin work and supervises housekeeping staff too. 

If you happen to live in Virginia and needs cleaning services for your carpet at home or in your office, the Hendon VA carpet cleaning services from Absolute Carpet Care Inc. the choice when making an important decision in choosing the right carpet cleaner.They also offer cleaning of Oriental rugs you know these beautiful and expensive handmade pieces needs proper care and they can take care of that for you.Also after a water damage situation, most carpets can be salvaged after and they can also do that for you.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Popular Investment

Making an investment is a good way of securing your future. It is indeed the most popular investment among the precious metal investments that there are available. Wonder what I am talking about? I am talking about gold as an investment that is popular and probably the most wanted perhaps among a few friends of mine who have been reading into this United States Gold Bureau that sells and privately distributes gold coins. It is often chosen being a safe haven against any economic crisis. So if you are just an avid coin collector or perhaps a serious investor, this popular investment is for you.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Scar Removal

I was busy chatting with friends online and one of them was asking for any suggestion for a good acne scar removal treatment. I do have a scar on my face but not because of acne but because of the pox which I got when I was still very young and until now it is still there. There were some suggestions from our other friends but the best would be to also consult the derma and right doctor and ask for a prescription.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Which Works Fast

Diet pills that work fast is something that many people want. Just make sure though that they are not only effective but more importantly they should be safe to take. Come to think of it my friend might need something like that as she wants to prepare for a wedding in a couple of weeks. 

She just has a little concern though after she gained weight after her vacation a week ago. She tried fitting in again into her gown and it needs to be adjusted again. She needs to shed off those extra pounds fast. She's been trying to reach our friend who tried something that help her lose quite a lot of pounds in three days. She still has two weeks anyway so there is still ample time I hope!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It is indeed nice to be a collector of different things and stuff that you value and has value. I used to be a collector myself of stamps, stationary, and even rare coins when I was still young. I am impressed by other people who collect more precious and antique items.

Now that I am much older, I wish to continue on that coin collection that I started so many years ago as I read about a collection of another person of various currencies of coins and paper money even including
gold coin in her collection. For me that would not just be a collection but a good investment in fact as I have come across USGB before who privately distributes such rare and precious coins. Indeed I wish to be a collector of such rare precious coin.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blessed to be Busy

I may be busy but I feel blessed to be busy today. Thank goodness to opportunities given by generous people who share their blessings. At least the little boy cooperated somehow and did not bother me that much though I had to struggle as I got sleepy from afternoon up to now. At least I am done with due tasks today. Tomorrow is yet another busy day but I feel blessed to be busy. More! More! Thank you Lord!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Hubby and I went out today for some errands. Since we got home, today was the first time that we got out except of course to send and fetch the little boy in school. When we got to the taxi, I noticed that hubby's face was dry. He had some dry skin near his mouth and I told him he might need the best face moisturizer.

We were laughing a little upon the realization that he went to one establishment facing the employees looking like that. Quite embarrassing but hubby is a good sport anyway. He just needs to find a solution for his dry skin on the face.

Monday, October 04, 2010

College Online Tutoring

Personally I can say students in grade school, high school these days particularly those college can easily find help with their school subjects and even difficult homework. There are now not only tutors in academic enrichment or tutorial schools that are sometimes found near school vicinities, but as well as online tutoring companies that can provide tutoring services as much as it is needed wherever students need it twenty fours hours a day, seven days a week. 

For those who are not that good with numbers and needs help with Math questions in their studies or homework perhaps, TutorVista can help you with their unlimited monthly tutoring service package for k-12 and college. You can get online help anytime for math word problems for not all students find Math that easy. On the other subjects if you need Chemistry help or Physics help perhaps, they can also offer 24/7 tutor service. Chemistry is no easy subject for a lot of students. Much more for Physics so in case you need the help of a regular one-on-one tutor that you can have access to instant help anytime, anywhere. You can try the service for free for those interested.

Investment Advice

I often hear about investment advices to that a prospect investor should also consider and think about diversifying one's investment portfolio. One of the best ways I was told is to invest also in those precious metals like gold and silver coins, or maybe gold bar and there are also bullion forms of precious metals that one can invest in. 

An investor can get a lot of helpful information and investment advices that will guide you somehow in your decisions on making this kind of investment one day through such sites as the  United States Gold Bureau  which is a private distributor of such precious metals for investment.

Discount and Designer Scrubs

My sister who works as a nurse abroad has been looking for nice, quality nursing scrubs sets online. Just in time and by coincidence, I came to browse about the Blue Sky scrubs originally a manufacturer of scrub caps. They do have hospital uniforms, medical scrubs and nursing scrubswhich are part of their line for five years now. I told my dear sister they do have discount scrub sets for nurses as well as doctors too!

As for doctors, they also do have doctors scrubs for sale that are stylish and not to forget made of high quality fabric material. Not just the usual and typical set of medical scrubs, these are designer scrubs that are guaranteed comfortable to wear, stylish and chic available in many scrub color choices. 

So if you are looking for hospital uniform suppliers for discount and designer scrubs like my sis, they could be the one you are looking for professional, and stylish designer scrubs that make nurses, doctors and other medical staff look good in and out of the hospital. I can imagine looking and feeling good like those that I watch on my favorite medical TV series looking like real professional medical doctors in their quality and nice looking medical scrubs. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ceiling Fans

I have been looking for Ceiling Fans for quite sometime now as we been using less of the air conditioner in my son's room when he is at school in order for us to save some money on our electric bill. I still cannot find so many choices for a ceiling fan in local stores here. 

I was able to look at those Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans one time while I was doing my usual window shopping online again during break from work and when I have some spare time to do so. This is a place to shop for those kinds of fan. They guarantee low prices on ceiling fans with free shipping plus no tax!

If you are looking for a ceiling fan as well for your home, you may not want to miss looking into these popular brands such as Hunter ceiling fans, Minka Aire ceiling fans, Casablanca ceiling fans, Fanimation Ceiling Fans, and Emerson Ceiling Fans. I did find a Hunter ceiling fan here one time but the one on display was already reserved and sold. I guess I am just going to keep on hunting for that one! By the way, Find out who makes the Best Ceiling Fans here!


I am going to sleep now thankful for the blessing that I received. It may not be as big as some of the others got but I am still oh so thankful for this. It will still count and it will still help us save again after this trip we will have soon. 

Thank you to generous friends and thank you Lord! We continue to pray for more blessings and good health always plus a safe and fun trip for us soon!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lockers for Safekeeping

We never had lockers in our school during my grade school years and we only have wooden cabinets so it was somehow not that safe to keep things in the lockers unless the classroom doors are securely locked. These days a Locker seems really like a necessity. Even my preschooler has a locker in their classroom where he has some personal stuff left in the school that are kept in his assigned locker. 

School Lockers that are made of high quality as I said is a necessity for students so they can leave behind some personal stuff needed in school for safekeeping so that they need not bring it back and forth every single day from the house to the school and back. Gym Lockers are also a necessity for varsity players in school where they can keep their uniforms and school stuff while at play or practice. Hubby's company do provide them with a locker to keep their stuff while they are on duty. I  just wonder though what hubby keeps there for safekeeping.

Anyway, you can actually shop for lots of different lockers at absolutely the lowest prices guaranteed at MoreLockers where you can choose from a wide selection of lockers that are on the market these days such as standard locker, vented lockers, designer lockers and specialty lockers. They also have locker accessories and benches by the way. Definitely schools in particular even offices need lockers for safekeeping.

Being Strong

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

This is something to hold on to in your thoughts when you feel like you're agoing against all odds in life. Be strong and keep going strong in faith!


We do have a mailbox in the gate of my parent's house and I wonder if we can have one for the gate of the apartment so that mails that are left there inserted in between the grills won't have to get lost with people here waiting for their mails that have unfortunately gotten lost or have gotten wet when it rains and no one has taken care of them to give to the respective recipients. 

These extra wide, wall mounted blomus mailboxes would be nice and they are indeed nice looking mailboxes for your home or for commercial places. Their stainless steel mailboxes are made of great craftsmanship plus I like their stainless newspaper holder that matches with your mailbox protecting your newspapers from getting wet just in case it rains even before you can get out to get your mail and paper in the morning. I love the look of these modern mailboxes that would serve also as a decoration to the front of your home of even office or commercial building. 

Photo Hunting for Scrapbook

Been busy doing some photo hunting going through old photo file folders looking and choosing photos to include in my little boy's scrapbook, a project for their school. I have to do a scrapbook with max of 25 pages. There are lots of photos I want to include but I just have to choose enough to fill in the twenty five pages. I know there are still photos that I want to include that I have yet to find. Good luck to my photo hunt! I need to work on this by next week.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Internet Access

An old friend of hubby has been asking him for recommendations on how he can have fast internet connection in the province where wired internet access is not readily available until. he has been reassigned for a few months by his company in one of the provinces. He needs fast and convenient access to the internet most of the time. So the bets option is to use satellite internet. When installed in their province he can now have easy and fast access to the internet.

leader in broadband satellite Internet solutions for businesses that need more than traditional terrestrial landlines. No matter how rugged the conditions, their facilities can meet your demands for internet access in your place. They also have 24/7 tech support and customer service which is really important for me and any other customer they have. How I wish our friend will be able to have something like this service feom Skycasters installed in their place right away.


New neighbors will be moving in next door by next month according to the caretakers. We are excited to have new neighbors and I hope they would be happy to move in next door. But I can imagine the hassles and stress that moving into a new home can bring. Unless there are services from a reliable and efficient moving company would that move into a new home become smoother, easier and stress free.

As I have said, moving to a new home can be a stressful and tiring experience. But your move can be made easier when you use those portable storage units for moving containers for all the stuff that you will be bringing. If you want door-to-door smart moving services. There are convenient containers  that the moving company can provide to you. You pack them. They pick them up and have them delivered to your new residence or store them in our safe storage center until it’s time to move in. So that's how moving become easy and convenient for you. The thing to worry now is how to arrange your new home which is easy if you know what you want. 

Health Conscious

I have to say I am not much of a health conscious person but I try to be and lately I try to do some reading sometimes on health sites to learn not just new things but things that can help us health-wise. It helps to be informed not just about cure for certain diseases like the dreaded lung cancer and other types of cancer, but it is also important to know about how to prevent acquiring various diseases. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

I have been browsing the past few days through health sites like these Health Facts where one may  come to know about such various topics as in premature labor, cancer and some common questions new parents ask about colic. Plus there are also several other various articles on health tips that can be helpful and informative. All the information there are for educational purposes. It helps to be health conscious and it helps too to be informed.

You Feel Like Spring

You have reached a point in your life where new opportunities are coming your way. The future is exciting and bright. You are excited to start making plans.

It's likely that you have been stuck in bit of a rut, but that's all about to change. You're ready to explore, learn, challenge yourself, and grow. All of a sudden, the world is much more colorful.

Brochure Printing & Other Printing Needs

We have to admit that the attention of prospect customers, consumer and clients of any business are easily caught with how the business choose to print their company and product brochures in full eye-catching, photo quality, colored brochures or pamphlets as what others would call them. Clients and customers are easily enticed to patronize their services or buy the products they sell often depending on having the right look, presentation and literature inside those brochures that showcase brochure artwork with good material selections to get just the right image of your company's product.

When you need quality brochure printing and other printing needs, My1Stop offers quality Brochure Printing in trifold to gatefold and accordion fold brochures printing. Their photo quality printing is done in their clients and customers choice of discount brochure printing sizes.

You may also check out as well their other specific types of printing like Custom Labels with good and affordable design services in parking permits, packaging labels, name plates, product, labels, warning labels, asset tags and many other different types of labels printing using a wide variety of standard materials and adhesives.

Then they also have printing for Plastic Business Cards in full color printing on front and back, in custom sizes, shapes and materials available. Plus they also offer free design templates of plastic business cards making it all easy and convenient for their valued clients and customers. Rest assured whatever printing needs you might have, they will guarantee services showing their commitment to giving customers the best.

Cornetto Ice Cream

When it is so hot outside especially the past few days, I would reach out for a Cornetto ice cream that is stocked in our freezer to cool me down. It is also a fave of the little boy. I don't know but hubby does not eat this as much as me and the little boy. 

Eating one is a real treat. I love the Hazelnut flavor and I guess as lot of people like it too around here. It is often out of stock. Maybe next time I should just buy by box. No don't worry I won't consume all of it one day LOL!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Advance in Your Career

My sister has been thinking about pursuing a master's degree to advance in her career in the government and in the same way that some of my friends who are in the government service and in the private sector have opted to pursue a master's degree for the sake of career advancement and work promotion. 

On the other hand, the son of our former neighbors told me he will be doing some research degrees online as these days, you can possibly earn your college degree online. He wants to be a U.S. Military personnel. I have just recently read that these days you can learn about on-campus and online college credit and degree programs tailored to U.S. Military personnel and their families. He and his family transferred to live in  Florida a few years ago when he decided to pursue his dream of being part of the US military.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Asleep at Last

The little boy is asleep at last. It was a mistake that I let him eat some chocolate this evening. He did not have a nap today. But he wanted some ice cream and got to eat Cornetto after lunch. Then he ate sundae hot fudge when he got it by himself from our freezer. 

The chocolates must have kept him awake until now. I have work to do and I could not really focus much as he needs to looked after while he played with our Lexy. I cannot just leave him playing with it plus he was playing with the juice pouring it from one glass to another just like what they do in school.

At least now he is fast asleep. I can now focus more on work until my eyes cannot take it anymore.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

If There's One Thing I Want to Lose

If there is one thing I want to lose ever in this world, it would have to be to lose the excess weight that I have gained since giving birth in the most safe and effective way possible. I don't want to do any crash diet anymore. My mom and sisters has been telling me not to do any crash diet or even skipping meals. 

If I could eat and eat as much as I want and still lose weight then that would be the best. That would probably mean too that I have the safest and effective weight loss products that I could get in the market today. Once in awhile I do get to read those product reviews resource on the web which are helpful in getting feedback too as well as consumer reviews from those who have actually used those products.

There is a diet supplement that a friend is using right now which I thought at first was a whitening product. I was really impressed because based on my friend's latest photo at a wedding she attended recently which she posted for us to see, she really lost weight. Okay I have to think about using that products she used. I'll look it up at that resource site. I am not desperate yet I want to lose weight before we go on our trip in a few weeks.

Go Away

I really hope this migraine would finally go away. It is not as painful as it was in the afternoon but I still want it to totally disappear so I can blog away with less effort to think right now.

I would really like to make use of this time while the little boy is still asleep. Though I myself would want to go on a nap now.

When the First Signs of Aging Appears

When the first signs of aging appears, some people get scared and it is often dreaded by the most beauty conscious people in this world. I have nothing against it. It is their choice and way of thinking. It could not just be vanity in my opinion but we could look at it as their way of preserving their youthful looks. While others take and accept it as how life goes when one goes older. They say anyone can age gracefully.

So as I said, when the first signs of aging like those wrinkles and fine lines appear, some people turn to various beauty remedies to remove those lines. While others, in order to reverse this process many have turned to HGH injections which I heard is truly expensive and while others opt to buy human growth hormone supplements that are now available as they come out the market and are said to be much more affordable than the injections. 

Preserving one's youthful look is one's choice. It is your own body after all as long as you consider that there should be no harmful effects upon you and your health. What we long for after all is having that youthful look back or have it longer as we could.

I Want Fruits

I wanted some fresh fruits now. I wish SM is just so near and that I could ask someone to buy some fresh fruit medley for me or I can go there myself if only I have my sis here to watch the little boy.

Don't you just love having so many choices of fresh fruits sliced and ready to eat every day? Well I do but I cannot stock too many of this for days. If we buy today, we have to consume them immediately or the latest the day after. 

I hope they have delivery though! It would be so convenient! Aside from that of course it would be a lot of help for my diet as if I am taking the most effective fat burners that one could ever find in the market that could actually help me eliminate excess weight. Yes I have to admit I still am overweight for my height even though I already lost a few pounds. I still have to weigh myself again.

I remember a friend went on a diet by eating lots of fruits everyday and no rice for three months. There was one celebrity also who had for breakfast only blended fruits of various kinds and that is all she had  to drink/eat for breakfast. She did effectively lose weight. I'd rather take it slowly though - just lots of fruits in the diet now.

Keep Going

I feel the adrenaline rush! I feel good that I keep on going working while the little boy is sleeping behind me in the living room. If the little boy is awake anyway, he would often tell me to keep on going and to keep on working by saying "Work Ma" whenever I try to lay down on the sofa to rest my back. I am surprised he won't let me sleep or even just lay down for awhile.

Nap Time

I could hear the little boy's softly snoring in the sofa bed. I think I should better take a little nap time for myself while he is still asleep. But my mind is still busy thinking and it takes awhile for me to doze off to sleep. There are times that I really cannot sleep anymore when I lay down on the bed even if my mind is telling me that I should sleep.

I guess my mind is still so preoccupied with whatever I was thinking previously with life's concerns, work or chores that has been set aside still waiting for me. Okay I think I can get some sleep aids that are safe and effective. I have come across the bestsleepingpills.org recently as referred to me by one of my dear good friends online. They can help you find best sleeping pills that will help you have a restful night of sleep without feeling tired all the time or otherwise experiencing side effects. I should also consider not eating before bed time as my sister told me it might have an effect to why I could not sleep easily.

Okay now, I could hear the rain started to fall an hopefully that would lull me to sleep as the little boy is still in dreamland. Nap time starts now.

The Best Thing I Ever Ate

I just tuned in to the TV and watched this show at the Lifestyle Network called The Best Thing I Ever Ate from the Food Network. Oh my this show about the best food that one has ever eaten just makes me so, so hungry! I could hear my tummy literally grumbling now.

Looking at the favorite food choices of each of the guest chef, cook and cooking show hosts who were featured, oh well I want to taste all those food that they love eating most. I could give up diet for the food there are always some fda approved diet pills that could help me lose the weight I need to lose in case I feel I need to make up for whatever I will gain. 

But definitely one needs discipline. You can eat the best thing you've ever eaten but not as often I guess. That way if in case your fave food may be a little heavy on the what not to eat too much then you won't have any worries on health and gaining weight at all.

If I Had One Wish Granted

If I had one wish granted now aside from having good health always for me, my boys and my side of the family and their respective families as well, then it would be to be able to finally buy a few if not some of those gold coins that I have been thinking and reading about for months now. It is one investment that I would come to treasure for sure.

I am honestly not an expert in this kind of investment involving precious metals but thanks to the helpful and informative resource site of United States Gold Bureau, people like me get to know about this kind of investment though the information that we get from them in an educational purpose. I have been trying to learn how this would work for us since I seriously want my family to not just save but invest as well fro the future especially for our dear little boy.  

Still Cooking

The little boy still playing those cooking games this morning. I don't know if I should be bothered because there are a lot of male chefs but the games were from a for girls game site. Of course I know the little boy doesn't know that because it was all just a game of cooking. No chef character that you could see. But I have to tell him that anyone can cook of course not just girls.

Anyway, I was glad by this afternoon he has gotten over playing those games and was playing games more for boys this time. But I have to limit his time playing and I wish hubby and I could find a way to let him stop playing PC games ever.

Always There for Customers

With whatever services or products we may buy from any business, we would always want companies who are always there for their valued customers. Like in a case of a friend who recently needed to make an auto insurance claim, she was glad that the insurance company was able to process it well and quite faster than what she expected when she went to the claim center.

She knows it is important to have all the information needed handy. Plus one must have ready all the necessary documents. She was really glad she was able to make the claim easily for the first time without her hubby's help who is currently on a business trip abroad. Thanks to insurance companies who care and truly gives the bets customer service by being always there for their customers.

Making People Beautiful

I am always impressed with people who hone their talents and skills in making other people beautiful. It is either having the innate talent or these talented people must have taken it seriously by learning the art of making people beautiful. There was this cosmetology school in Orange Park that I came across and read about recently. This school is where you will learn the beauty business from A to Z. 

They do have great facilities which are fully equipped and are designed to mirror upscale salons. They also do offer federal financial aid to those those lucky ones who will qualify. Rest assured they bring a unique approach to cosmetology education to new markets in this kind of industry. So if you'd like a career in making people beautiful then go for it!

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

TLI Quotes

It's late night here and the little boy is still awake though he is getting really sleepy by now. I took the time to use it to look for term life insurance quotes as requested by my sister who is also interested in getting one.

These days it is much easier to search for quotes online and compare rates of various types of insurance. Thanks to easy access to the internet, people can easily find easy and affordable insurance online now. Unlike before when you would depend all on your agent, now there are so many helpful information that we can easily get online to help us decide on this matter.

Cooking Games

The little boy has been playing cooking games on his dad's PC. This had me thinking if he wants to be a chef when he grows up. I would love that idea coz that means I now have a chef who can cook my fave delicious dishes and desserts.

A friend even told me it would be nice if he grows up now and so he can start cooking for me now. Well let's just see if the little boy takes his interest in cooking outside the virtual world and in the real world instead.

Bags and Shoes Shopping

Just got back after doing some chores and the topic my friends were talking about were about bags and shoes shopping. As much as I wanted to get a new bag for myself, I don't have the approved budget yet for the bags that they were talking about. 

Maybe if I find something cheaper instead from these wholesale handbags and accessories auctions above then maybe dear hubby will let me buy a new bag since the one I am using now is showing signs that it needs to be replaced soon. There are bags from brands like Coach, Ninewest, Steve Madden and Xoxo among others which are sold by lot. I couldn't afford them all. But it would be nice to get one bag at the same cost that they are selling those wholesale bags.

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday and it's time to be thankful to the Lord!
  • I am thankful that my nephew is back home safe. 
  • I am thankful for our good health even though the little boy has a little colds. 
  • I am thankful for the many work opportunities the past few days.
  • I am thankful for my own family for their continued support, love and care for me, hubby and the little boy.
  • I am thankful for the financial blessings that the Lord has showered upon us that allows us to pay our bills and daily needs.
  • I am thankful to kind friends sharing opportunities and their blessings.
  • I am thankful for the work that hubby and I have.
  • I am thankful to the school staff and teachers who takes care of our little boy in school.
  • I am thankful for all people who render their services well making things easier for us everyday.
  • I am so thankful that the kitchen sink and bathroom faucet are now fixed! Yehey! 
  • I am so thankful for the protection and guidance that the Lord continues to give us. 
  • I am so thankful that I have tried so hard to be so patient.
  • I am so thankful for the food that we partake each day.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Injured by Accutane

Sadly there are many cases of product liability claims out there even up to this date. It can be quite scary for me as a consumer to think that medicines for example which you think will cure, causes serious side effects that can injure you such as the case in that Accutane Lawsuit where Accutane injury causes such serious side effects such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s disease, or ulcerative colitis.

A man who alleged that the Accutane he took caused him to develop inflammatory bowel disease had three years ago won compensatory damages to cover his future medical costs as well as pain and suffering. If you think you have been injured by this, then it would be best to consult lawyers like those from O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath who are experts in such product liability claims. There were cases where a link between Accutane use and IBD was deemed “probable” according to studies four years ago. So if you know anyone who does have a case related to all this, feel free to consult them immediately.

Off to Catch Some Sleep

The idea of going to dreamland right now is oh so tempting and I think I am just going to give in. My son is already sleeping shortly as we got home from our dinner out last night. I have a few things to do before going to sleep and there are a few things more that needs to be done but temptations sets in. Will catch a few winks now. Hope to wake up later to finish off some work.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


We had our family gathering yesterday and finally I was able to see the area that my sister was planning to make into a garage which our daddy was telling me about a few weeks ago. I got excited in the idea that my sister is having a garage made for that means she is interested in getting a car of her own. Though I cannot imagine her driving or even the idea of her hiring a personal driver. 

But with the idea on building a garage, I would suggest to her about considering a steel building which are pre-engineered andeasy to assemble. This is good aside from being a garage, as a storage shed or workshop, commercial storage buildings, industrial warehouses and a lot more. I was even telling my sister we can even hold our family gatherings there next time when it is already set up. Well she said she will think about it.


It seems like our originally overnight trip will be longer and extended for another day or two. Hubby was granted his request for forced leave at work. Had we known he will be allowed to have these two days leave then we could have avoided additional expense now since our flight going back home will be moved and the price will no longer be on a promo rate. But anyway, that's the price to pay since we were not sure then if he'd be allowed to take a leave. Now we have to plan our itinerary so we could make the most of this short trip. We also have to book the hotel ASAP.

Investment in Coins

Coin collection is not new to me though I cannot say too that I had such a great collection to show off. But I enjoyed collecting coins which are currencies from various countries. My sis said before that my little coin collection could be an investment too. I could sell those coins to other coin collectors as well in the future. 

But seriously if there is one coin collection that I want to invest my time, money and effort in, it would be in gold coins just like those which the US Gold Bureau is a dealer of.You can buy it from them for immediate personal delivery or arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository.

Now won't you be thinking too of having an investment in coins particularly gold? Well if you are seriously thinking of investing then make this investment in coins now.

Tell Her No

When was the last time that you had to tell someone that you loved, that the answer was no? ::: Well I just told my dear little boy, NO more chocolates for breakfast.

When was the last time you visited a hospital? ::: Last week for an x-ray exam.

If you were to start a club, what would the subject matter be, and what would you name it? ::: It will be a club for SAHMs and WAHMs and I will name it the Super Moms Club!
Have you ever hit someone of the opposite sex? ::: I hit hubby in the butt with my sister's throw pillow yesterday.

What's the first thing you notice about the preferred sex? ::: If they are a gentle man or not.

What really turns you on? ::: A kind, gentleman.

What was your biggest mistake? ::: I have no major, major mistake yet. *wink* Seriously it may be trusting those people who after all was not a family I thought would ever care at all.

Tell us something totally random about yourself. ::: I can be too generous.

Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity? ::: Nope :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

10 Hospitals With Facebook Fan Pages You Should Join

You are going to learn 10 hospitals with Facebook fan pages you should join but what sets these Facebook fan pages apart from the ones put up by other hospitals? The successful components of a hospital Facebook fan page are rather consistent. Here they are along with 10 hospitals that use them exceptionally well.

A Custom URL

A custom URL seems like such a simple thing but it is a crucial element of any popular Facebook page. When a hospital tries to spread the word about its Facebook page then it needs to be able to give a URL that people will remember. If a hospital took the time to create a URL you can remember this is a sign that this might be a hospital Facebook fan page you should join.

A Good Profile Picture

This is another seemingly simple element but it is crucial. Hospitals that put effort into creating compelling and attractive profile pictures are probably going to put just as much care and attention into the rest of their Facebook page. This is just one more indicator that you should consider joining.

Activity On The Wall

When there is activity on the wall of a hospital Facebook fan page then you know that the moderators of the page put work into it and probably keep their own posts coming. You want to join a Facebook page when there is always something new being posted. You don't want to join a Facebook page that is created and then essentially abandoned. You want one that is frequently active and updated so that you can always be in the loop with what is going on at the hospital or whatever more worldly issues the hospital wants to bring to your attention.

Stay Involved And Current

One of the worst things anyone can do with a page like this is to check out and forget about it. To keep people interested in the page and the hospital there have to be new posts and new information all the time. The following hospital Facebook fan pages take this message to heart.

10 Hospital Facebook Fan Pages You Should Join

The Facebook fan pages of these hospitals make use of all that Facebook has to offer and they do it well. They do not create these pages and then passively hope that people will join. They make concerted efforts to keep all those who join informed of what's going on with the hospital and to encourage more people to join.

1. St. Jude Children Research Hospital
2. Mayo Clinic
3. Dana Farber Cancer Institute
4. Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center
5. Cleveland Clinic
6. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
7. Blair E. Bastion Hospital for Children
8. Children's Mercy Hospital
9. Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
10. Arkansas Children's Hospital

These are 10 hospitals with Facebook fan pages you should join. Each provides a steady stream of information that you can benefit from. And each one employs a targeted strategy to keep you coming back to the page on a regular basis.

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Remember 9/11/01

Tomorrow, we remember 9/11/01 a fateful day nine years ago which took away so many lives in an act of terror that we will always pray will never ever happen again. I may not know anyone personally who passed away because of what happened that day, but I cannot forget watching that breaking news as it unfolded on the late night news here in our country. The days that followed was heartbreaking hearing different sad stories of loss from families who lost loved ones during that day. 

My first cousin had an appointment nearby that day. It was a blessing that she went there late for her appointment. She could have been hurt and we are thankful she was saved.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday 2010 is still more than two months away. If I am not mistaken it will be on 29th of November this year. But I remember my friend in the US say it is good to shop and scout for best online holiday sales and deals of the year during this time. Some people also say that if you are a smart shopper, you can always avoid the long lines and the large crowd of people yet still find the best bargains and gift ideas online from the comfort of home or the office with good deals on electronics, computers, games, toys, DVDs, jewelry, home and kitchen stuff and much more.

I have something I wanted to buy for our home and I hope that my friend could help me get a good deal with it on this day with that item I wanted to get. Okay don't tell hubby because it is something for him actually so I hope he does not get to read this. But if he does then I may just have to ask him to help me pay for it right? I know he knows what I have in mind that is if he still remembers.