Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Decor Shopping

One thing on my list is to go for Christmas decor shopping one of these days. Nothing much on my list but just some additional decors hopefully. I have been wanting to visit this section in GMall but seems like I ran out of time everytime we are in that mall recently. Hopefully I can drop by even for thirty minutes next time we go there. This shot was taken when we were in the third floor one time with the lil boy riding the walking animal ride there. I wanted to go down but by the time I reach there, they would be finished with their ride as well.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shopping for Holiday Thank You Cards

If you're shopping for Holiday Thank You Cards this holiday season just as Thanksgiving, a time to give thanks for our blessings is just a few days away, Invitations-Shoppe at has holiday thank you card, as well as beautiful Christmas thank you card and business holiday thank you cards.

You can add a photo, picture or logo to any card on their site. if you like And also if a customer does not find exactly what they are looking for as to the design of those holiday thank you cards, they will create a special design of cards just for you.


Been a little busy renovating my farm at Farm Town and one of my cafe at Cafe World. Just visiting and trying to spend as little time as possible on this games unlike before. I am still contemplating on closing one of my cafes. I really have to close all these games actually to be more productive with my time. For now am just renovating and not playing much. Maybe I should just ban these game applications in the first place instead of renovating my places.

Monday, November 23, 2009


My friend is a bag-aholic as we would kiddingly call her and she has started collecting these branded bags for a few years now. Now she saw a business opportunity in it and she would do buy and sell these bags to her friends, colleagues and trusted neighbors even those officemates and friends of her friends. She has a stock of BCBG Max Azria shoulder bags and Hobos coming. I see a lot of these branded bags being sold online ranging from Coach to Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Hermes, YSL, Furla, Hype, Christian Dior, Cole Haan, Bulga and other bag brands.There are bags on sale at BlueFly whcih you may wanna check out. She has some of those named brands and I hope I can save enough to get that Coach bag I wanted to give my mom.

Merry Christmas Mr. Bean

My son and I were watching Disney Channel and my son got excited when Merry Christmas Mr. Bean episode came up next. This is one of my fave episodes (as I have any other) of Mr. Bean because of its Christmas theme. My son has a fave part in this episode where on the scene of Christmas morning, Mr. Bean woke up and when he heard the church bells ringing, he went jumping up and down. My son would also jump around giggling when he sees this scene. I wish I have a video cam to record this. It would be nice and fun to look back to when my son grows older. 

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Looking for Filters

To spend a cold, bed weather day productively, I made use of my time at home scouting and looking for affordable air filter and ref filter to replace the ones we have been using here at home. I even thought that if we have extra budget we may have to try getting a water filter. In case, for those of you looking for various kinds of filters, FiltersFast has a complete selection of filters and they also have HAVC filters.which they can ship to you at a less price than it would cost you in any local store. They have various types and brands of filter. Plus they have a forum just in case you have questions about filters.

Cafe World Expansion: Bountiful Cafe

Finally after quite a long wait, I was able to expand my cafe at Cafe World to Bountiful Cafe. Pay 400,000 cafe coins and you'll get to upgrade to a 13x15 cafe. This is great news for Cafe World addicts. Like me? No not as much anymore of a Cafe World addict. I try to limit my time on this Zynga restaurant cooking game at Facebook to as less time spent on it as possible. Gotta do thing more realistic and mor important than earning virtual coins from this cafe.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Visit to the Pedia

I just remember that our lil boy is scheduled to visit his pedia this week for a scheduled vaccination. We forgot what that vaccination will be. I still have to check or we can call the pedia's secretary tomorrow. I wonder how much it'll be. I hope it won't be as expensive or more than what cash on hand we have budegeted for it coz we really wanna save and don't wanna have to draw out some cash from our savings.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Go Veggie

I told hubby I wanna go for a veggie diet but I know that won't be easy. We have found sliced, ready to cook or even eat veggies sold in the grocery's veggie section and there are also fruits ready to eat. In one of our fave resto where we often eat, I make it a point to eat their Caesar salad. Then the last time we went to a buffet dinner, I tried to eat more veggies and less of the pork and fatty food temptations they served. I ended up being full but not heavy feeling heavy after the dinner unlike before. Slowly maybe but surely or as hubby suggested, maybe we can eliminate pork in our diet first then work our way hopefully to a full vegie diet.

Or another option is we learn the right way on how to burn fat. There are many fat burner products out there and when you search online you'd find many of them. about 2million results when you Google it. You've got to know which one really works well and an option is to search for review sites of these products, get consumers feedback through them.I read in one site that a big percentage of these do not really work and are ineefective. You gotta know well before using these products. Or like option one, go for a more natural process of burning those fats.

Wake Me Up

Wake me up! The weather makes me really more drowsy yet am still not done with my chores and tasks! This is one of those times when I hate the bed weather and it it is the last thing I need on a busy day. A lot of things still has to be done. I can't be drowsy and I can't be sick. Moms are super moms because there is no rest day and no sick leave... still working given those! But we have to move on, keep going and just be strong!


It is a busy day ahead! Yet despite not being in good condition for the past two days we still have to be up and going though it has been a bit dragging in terms of work but I have to push myself. There is no time for rest being a mom with a two year old boy and no help around the house unless when hubby's home. Gotta get busy now!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Important and Vital

In the world of business, having the services of an accounting-cpa firm like KondlerCPA, a Las Vegas cpa firm is important and vital when it performs important functions such as bookkeeping, internal control testing that determine if policies are adequate, tax services such as tax planning, research and consulting; make projections and forecasts,  updated reviews and audits that provides a level of assurance that the financial statements are reasonably free of material misstatements, compilations of important data, give assistance in capital and financing, gives assistance in acquisitions and sale of business.They can help you know where your business is going and where you need to go.

Time Flies

Where did our weekend go? It's already late afternoon Sunday and it's back to another busy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for us when hubby's work sked is so close. When I say close it is as close to just going home for 8 hours including time to sleep then off he goes again to work. I cannot wait for Thursday though! And that is until then i would wish that time would fly fast forward to Thursday early afternoon!

Beauty Rest

I may probably if not badly need that beauty rest I have been talking about doing earlier. My eyes are shutting down slowly. I was awake till early morning doing some pending chores and tasks here then I also woke up early. So if i ever get a beauty rest, it's like a rare gem that I get to own or have. Or is it more correct to say I almost never have since we had no nanny. Am no beauty but definitely I need rest. So off I go for a short power nap right now. TTYL :)

Speaking of Beauty

I wanted to have a beauty rest as i need a break. But speaking of beauty, I have just browsed through this what my friend called the school of beauty or what you may call a Cosmetology School. it is where you learn to hone your talent and creativity when it come to making people beautiful. This school is called Regency Beauty Institute and they have been a leader in the industry of beauty schools. They have their standard of excellence which they follow in terms of their unique learning system as well as their facilities and not to forget, they have partner salons that will hire their graduates who are said to be known and are sought after in the US.

Great Meal, Great Deal

It may be a great meal but is it a great deal? I cannot help but look at the handouts from a pizza company I found placed on the side of my table. We have no food for dinner yet and I was thinking though I'd like some veggies but this great meal from YC is tempting me. What makes me think twice though is the cost of the meal. It will cost me more than ten less than twenty bucks! Oh for just one meal! My mom if she was hear would definitely not agree it is a great deal. But today has been a day to celebrate for some reasons. But hey, didn't I just promise that we will save for H#2? Okay maybe I'll just deal with this great deal next time when we have more budget for a real great meal!


It is a quiet Sunday outside and a much more quiet Sunday in my opinion. As expected there are not much church goers this morning till early afternoon. We have gone to the anticipated mass yesterday late afternoon ourselves.

Today is the day when the nation becomes hooked on their TV screens or for some who has livesstream then they get hooked in front of their computer screens. And for those like my dad, there are those who get their ears hooked to the radio to clearly hear the radio announcers comments on the live coverage of the boxing match of our nation's pride when it comes to boxing. It was a quiet Sunday on the streets and in the malls perhaps. There was even one who said that this match would keep the bad men away from the streets. But the  silence on the streets this Sunday was broken when we learned and cheered for the win of the champ for the 7th time. I am proud of this Filipino champ and I am proud he's from Mindanao! We make no quiet cheer... we loudly cheer for you Pacman!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


While hubby treated us to dinner buffet at Nanay Bebeng's, he suddenly whispered something to me. I got excited somehow yet I know we still have to get a PP to get there. Last night we were just planning to go to our usual place of vacation every January or an option would be to go to Manila for a change. We were trying to book for the two day seat sale of Cebu Pacific but after awhile we can no longer access their site well.

So what he said tonight made me excited to go for a trip abroad. I just dunno where we'd get the budget for that for as far as I know, we have agreed whatever blessings we will have must be saved and set aside for our H#2 project. But a trip here or abroad will be most welcome given our savings will not be affected. Let's hope for the best and more blessings to come!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Game Boy Gets Toy Hall of Fame

Yes the Nintendo Game Boy has been introduced this year to the National Toy Hall of Fame joining the motorized toy Big Wheel. Game Boy is the only second  second video game system to be part of this Hall of Fame for toys. The Atari 2600 which was inducted in 2007 to the Toy Hall of Fame.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Buy Happy

I would be one happy buyer if we hopefully could get some budget to buy a home theater. Before hubby and I were wishing we could also get a Samsung Blu-ray home theater system when I got my Samsung LCD HD TV earlier this year. I saw some holiday deals earlier at where you buy happy. The prices of their Samsung home theater syster particularly Samsung has been discounted. Tempting as in too tempting. We would just have to set straight our budget for the coming holidays before we could go on shopping for that one. I'll keep my fingers crossed!


I am thankful for the blessings pouring in and this gives us an opportunity to save, save and save. Praying too that there won't be unnecessary expenses that will and might come. Thanks to hubby's effort also to work hard! We will save some for our plans to have that H#2 project. Still scouting for that while we continue to save. I pray these blessings will continue to pour in and more than anything else we are thankful for the opportunities given. Thank you Lord!

Sunday, November 08, 2009


If there is a drink for a desperate and hopeless person right now... well this might help. Just take it easy when you go down hill in your journey in life. Have a drink from "a cup full of hope" and believe everything will be okay. As they say... there'll be better days!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Career in Sales

If you wanna pursue a career in the sales industry, then check out these Jobs in Sales where you can find a career community, look and find sales jobs, post your resumes and connect to prospect employers. You can also be alerted when a job is up so that you won't miss those job opportunities and get ahead in having the job you wanted in the sales industry.

Thinking of Changing

I have been recently thinking of changing the look of this blog of mine here. It has been awhile since I have been using this template. I am still looking for other possible templates to use. Though there are already choices I am still trying to decide which one it'll be. There is one WP theme that I like and i am still looking for the Blogger version of it. Need to do more searching around the net.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Unique Picnic Invitations

Picnic InvitationIt's always fun to go on a picnic especially if you are in a good company with family, loved ones and close friends. If you are planning to host a picnic party, you should see these unique Picnic Invitations from Holiday-Invitations at where you can find not only unique invitations picnic party or for your next year's 4th July picnic invites but they also do have family reunion invitations that you can have printed and shipped the same day that they get approved. They also do have free invitations cards to give out and free shipping too for their valued customers like you and me!

No Goodbye

No goodbye for my sis, nephew and BIL left this morning to go back to UK. We said no goodbye coz it meant more to say see you in two years. Sad as it is when I saw my mom trying to stop herself from crying just staying in one corner and trying to talk to a stranger nearby to ease up what she must be feeling while we were busy taking pictures last few minutes before my sis and nephew finally went inside the airport with my sis started crying. We have missed and will miss them during the Christmas holidays. From what I understand, she cannot take her vacation during the holidays coz the Britons were given preference for VLs. We just have to make do with seeing them online through web cam during Christmas and New Year and through phone patch as we would call it. Her two weeks vacation went by so fast. As much as we would have wanted her to stay longer they had to leave. We will miss you! Keep in touch and stay strong sis!