Monday, August 24, 2009

Clean Up

We were traveling last week when we passed by a part of the highway where there was quite an oil spill on the cement and it had to blocked so that the cars and other vehicles would not pass through that part until it was cleaned to prevent any accidents. I hope that had been cleaned up. It was quite a mess on that part of the highway and I guess with spills like that it can be easily cleaned with pressure washers also called power washers just like those from Hotsy which are recognized in the industry for having long life and excellent cleaning ability reliable on an any clean up needed. You’ll want to make sure that you choose a hot water pressure washer if the surface that needs cleaning contains any type of grease, grime or oil just like the one we saw.

Back to Sleep

So I am done checking my emails and pending things and playing a little at FB and now I have to go back to sleep and still have a few hours before daylight. I am getting sleepy again. I need to save some energy as today is wash day and I have other tasks to do later. Hope people going back to work after a long weekend and from the just concluded Kadayawan Festival are up to another week of regular work.

Happy Monday! Have a great and productive week ahead!


I am hungry and yet it is still in the wee hours of the morning in this part of the world. My tummy should have been filled with what I had for dinner last night but it is craving for something to fill it. I am so tempted to eat right now but I don't wanna go back to bed after just having eaten again. Maybe I will just let this pass and it will go away in awhile. I hope so! Wasn't I suppose to diet? Yes I really need to control my cravings. I will just to sleep this out in awhile. I am almost done and going back to bed in awhile.

Cutting Edge

I have yet to find the best hairstylist in our town who I can say really had the cutting edge in hair styling. There are not much schools for hairstylist here in our place but if you happen to be in the US and want to pursue a career in hairstyling or cosmetology, there are cosmetology schools in kansas where you can have a personalized training that you can start with as soon as you can and also it allows you to start as soon as next week, and you can go through the whole the program at the pace that you want. They also offer schedules that are flexible which can make you the ultimate stylist with a cutting edge in nine months.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lucky Me

Lucky us we have Lucky Me noodles and that is what we have for dinner since we were tired to really go out and have dinner or cook something else. The lil boy likes is a lot though hubby and I talked that this is not good for the lil boy's diet though he really makes the effort to eat it and he devours it with gusto. We usually have to tell him to slow down but you should see him eat the noodles.

Tired Feet

After two days on the street this weekend I can say my feet are so tired that I cannot stand for long earlier in the mall and in the church that I am almost limping in pain. I was even wearing slippers so it would be more comfortable for my feet. Had I worn my closed shoes for walking it would have hurt more. LOL! This is what I get for trying to think I am as fit as I was last year but still I was glad because I get to sweat out some fats while doing the walking and standing the heat of the sun watching the activities on the street.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gotta Lose It

I have gotta lose weight and all the excess fat I have in my body. Hubby and I planned to go on a more veggie diet though there might still be pork in it but smaller portions now... hopefully. My friend knowing I have long been wanting to lose weight asked me if I want to buy glucomannan which is a natural and insoluble fiber that is meant to suppress appetite.I need to control my appetite and craving for food particularly sweets and high in carbo and calories. Sometimes if not often times I simply cannot resist these delicious food that we see. Food is great but too much of anything is not good too and that I should keep in mind if I wanna live longer and healthier.


Excited for the floral float parade though still a little tired from watching the street dancing competition. I am sleeping late tonight to watch the live coverage on TV of the announcement of winners. I am excited to watch the floral float tomorrow morning with my two boys. Hope to see beautifully decorated floral floats. Hope it won't be too hot outside also. Hope to have fun tomorrow!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Less Greaseless

Yummy greaseless chicken from Papa Ching's! This is among the best that I have tasted here in our place and I would love to have these oh so often. My son and hubby likes this too! It has been our fave now since we first tasted it. But my sis upon knowing about this latest fave of ours warned us not to eat so much of this anymore. I also told her we cannot afford to always eat this but only when we have a budget.

She did not forget to remind me that I have to be more strict in myself and watching my diet. Otherwise, she reminds me I might be needing to really find the best weight loss supplements there is in the market that I could get my hands on. She has been telling me not all supplements really work. Indeed that what my friends also what I read in this insider's guide to the online world of weight loss supplements. It tells that we the consumers cannot believe everything that we read. I guess that is why we have reviews.

But then, I cannot resist eating that greaseless chicken again. But less greaseless this time. Anyway, there are those supplements that can help me just in case I need them right?


He is on overtime work again and I am coping well here. It is not something I like to happen on a weekend but we have no choice. I am getting used to it and thank goodness the internet is working fine now. Also it is a good thing that my son is happily playing with his toys in his room while watching Barnyard for the nth time! The good thing with hubby's overtime is he can avail of ADO or an additional day off for him. Hope he can avail of it during the festival so we can have time to go out and enjoy the Kadayawan Festival and make up for family time overtaken by his work sked even during weekends. We got used to that already and we are happy at the least he has a stable work even if it requires overtime.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Let's Go Home

We went to the mall today for lunch and buy something at the grocery aside from getting some moolah for allowance. After lunch at Port Cafe, hubby had to go to work and so my son and I tried to go around the mall for awhile. I was happy that based on observation, my son behaved with so many people there since there was an activity at the Atrium area. A few minutes of just going around, he said to me "Let's go home." I cannot help but smile since he usually does not want to go home yet. But I sked if he wants to watch Cowie and he said "Yes!" Cowie is what we call Otis the cow in Barnyard, his latest fave animated movie which hubby got him. He has been watching it endlessly since. Okay after one round following and watching the train inside the mall. I said "Okay let's go home!" :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Celebrate Love in Riviera Maya

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Keep Kids Fever-Free

I am thankful that my son did not have fever during the time he had colds and cough a few days ago. When my lil boy gets sick I cannot help but worry. But what mother would not even have the slightest worry when their kids get sick? I was told before that when our kiddos have a fever, we can treat them easily with over the counter medicine for fever. I remember my friend who is also a mother told me before that compared to paracetamol, ibuprofen works faster and causes greater reduction in temperature and is said to have a longer lasting effectiveness. But then again it would always be best to have our kiddos a check up with their pedia especially when the fever persists. Oh well I was reminded of this because my god child now has fever and her mother talked to me and she was a little worried. For me with any sickness, prevention is still better if not best than cure. 

Be A Little OC

I was told by my sis that my being a little OC or obsessive-compulsive may help when it comes to cleaning. She says it would not do any harm to be a little OC when I do cleaning chores at home. As a matter of fact it may even be a big help coz you who do the cleaning would not stop doing so until you get the cleanliness you really want. An OC wants it and does anything to get it. I just hope my mojo to clean will be there too when that happens. 

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ping Pong

The kids next door are playing ping pong and I could hear them having so much fun! Oh my I really missed the game which we used to play when we were young. My dad and brother would play so hard on us well I guess they are stronger by nature but my sister and I would try our best too to beat them sometimes sending the ping pong ball flying and no longer touching the table and it comes out like we are sort of playing another kind of game.

The ping pong table we had then was only improvised but if you want one, you can get a Prince recreation ping pong table at Premier Game Tables and there are also other choices of indoor and outdoor ping pong tables. For us we need an outdoor table since we have no space inside the house. I wanna play the game soon. I'll try to convince my sister and hubby to play with me one of these days.

Wake Up

My lil boy is still asleep and it is now noon in here. He slept around past one in the morning since he was able to sleep from eight to eleven last night after we had dinner out. But at least while he is still asleep I am able to some online and offline chores. I think he will wake up in awhile. Maybe hubby is praying he will sleep longer to give me time to relax since he knows i am really not feeling well but he is on a 12 hour shift the whole day today as his officemate made an emergency leave due to some important family matters. I was kind of hoping I would be able to rest this afternoon when he comes home but I guess I won't be able to have that until he comes home early evening. But I will try to handle things here. The lil boy and I can watch movies the whole afternoon till hubby comes home. I am gonna check on the lil boy now.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Rug It

Yesterday I told my sis that I would want to do something with the kitchen floor which aside from being cold beneath our feet, our son sometimes likes to run there and at times he slips. My sis told me to rug it which she meant I may put one of those nice and attractive kitchen rugs that would add color and also functional too! I was joking my sis maybe she can buy me one and she said she will think about it and so I told her to check on the Rug Showplace and look for the burgundy kitchen rug that I like there. Weeee! I hope she will indeed buy one for me soon!