Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One Important Decision

My mom when we went there for the Christmas get together of our family, did not fail to remind me of my insurance renewal. She was asking me too if I wanted to get a life insurance. I am like most people who are not that familiar with the details which are often involved in buying a life insurance policy. I read at Wholesale Insurance, where they have many information that people like me might need to make that informed life insurance decisions. You can click for more information. Buying an insurance is one important decision that we will do after all as they say.

Three Things That Make a Person

Three things that make a person... commitment, sincerity and hard work.
Three things that are truly constant... Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

For me, the third one is something we need to do more now for our family. We need to work for our son's future. I hope his dad realizes that work is important and that there are ways to resolve other concerns which does not really have to end in giving up regular work.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Nice Homeschool Graduation Invitations

Graduating from homeschool is somehow no different from graduating from regular schooling. You'll still definitely need to shop for nice Homeschool Graduation Invitations to send out to your family and friends.

GraduationCardsShop is your one stop shop for such nice, unique and exclusive designs of homeschool graduation invitation, home school graduation party invitations for those who will be throwing out a party to celebrate, and also homeschool graduation announcement in the first place. These are all available at http://www.graduationcardsshop.com. Be sure your invitation is perfect by viewing your personalized invitation before you buy them using their patented instant preview features. What else is there to say than go shop there now and congratulations!

After Work

Hubby called and he said he was asked to go with their visitor's from the corporate office to go to JR where we visited a few days ago. At first I was kind of hesistant coz I have work to finish and was hoping I could concentrate when he comes home in a little while. But then I thought he needs to go and it's a rare chance he gets to go out to those kind of places due to work. I just hope he would have a bring home... perhaps coffee or slice of cake! Hmmmm rather none I guess so I can diet.

When You're Moving

We have friends who have moved to different parts of the world. It could be stressful to move from one place to another within the same city or country how much more when you move to another country. If you do this, you might as well get the services of cross country movers for stress-free long distance move. Those moving are encouraged to make a comparison of detail and clarity of  moving quotes they can get online these days with those of other long distance movers to make sure you get the best service from the movers you choose.

Added Sugar

Last night my son won't stop from drinking juice and it is already late at night. I had to pour in just little amounts in his sippy cup hoping he would stop at his third serving. I had to tell him to take a break and drink water in between. He did sip only a little water and went on to eat bread instead. Sometimes it worries me that he does not take enough water when he drinks juice which is often full or sugar. Sometimes I wanna dilute the juice with water to lessen the concentration of sugar and hopefully trick my son. But he somehow knows the difference. He got this look after he takes a sip that tells me he knew its tastes different.

Parents should know that according to the recommendation of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Filipino children aged 4-9 should have only 5 teaspons of added sugar a day and no more from cakes, cookies, candies, soft drinks, breakfast cereals, even milk and juices. Sugar overload may lead to problems with diabetes later on and obesity too. In 2005, studies in the US shows that more than 5,400 children showed consuming an alarming amount of added sugar. Fruit drinks, high-fat desserts and regular softdrinks are accoundted for half of added sugar according to researchers.

To know if there is added sugar, check the label of the product. If you do find sugar on the top of the list then that is a warning to find an more healthy alternative for your child.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jump Up

Since I started blogging, I am not much into this SEO thing as much as my dear hubby is but I try once in awhile to apply it with my other sites. Hubby is my adviser and mentor in this aspect. He tells me it is important that I try to submit my sites to the best web directory that would help my sites jump up the search engine rankings. And for those who want to take this more seriously and jump up the SERP, there is a directory submission software that you can get to either automatically or semi-automatically submit your sites to such a web directory. I'll try to learn more about this especially with talks that there may be changes in the way sites will be ranked.

Lesson in Life - Good Friend

To have a good friend is one of the greatest delights of life. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I couldn't agree more!

Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas Invitations

In two weeks time, the world will be celebrating Christmas day and I am sure there are many of you out there who are planning on having a Christmas party whether it be simple or lavish. My elder sister is actually looking for Christmas Invitations and I shared with her Invitations-Shoppe where she can even get free Christmas invitations as well as Christmas invitation wording ideas. They have exclusive and unique designs of Christmas party invitations available at  http://www.invitations-shoppe.com. Then your proof will be emailed to you within one hour during the business day and you can make unlimited revisions at no extra cost on your part. You got to be sure your invitations will bring joy and excitement to your guests this holiday season. Merry Christmas in advance!!!

OT and Bring Home Food

OT again... not me but hubby. He just called and said he is just about to go out of the office. Anyway, it is understandable since there are peeps from the corporate office who are here for two weeks more to do some implementation procedures. I am just hungry and wanted to go out if hubby does not have any bring home food.

But he called and said he will be bringing home pancit canton! Yehey! Yeah we or should I say I have been craving for noodle dishes. It is cheaper in their office canteen and they have a big serving and it's delicious! For two previous nights, hubby had been bringing home first it was pancit guisado then it was pancit canton which I think I like better coz it is not as heavy as the guisado version. Sorry no foodshots posted for now, am sick, too lazy, hungry and busy all at the same time! :)

Design Your Home

It has always been a dream to be able to design my own home. I share this passion with my elder sister who just had her dream come true. Not yet finished but at least she can now see the fruits of her hard work having her own home and designing it as much as she can and her budget allows her to.

I love watching Urban Zone a local show that features beautiful designed modern homes with lovely contemporary furniture just like those am viewing now at BoConcept. I kind of like this queen size storage bed with raisable frame and slats. You could store stuff below it which is really a space saver for me.

They have an online catalog that helps you design your home with pure inspiration. They have a helpful How-To section that you should check out. 

Monday, December 07, 2009

Looking Forward

I'm looking forward to hubby's long days off from work. It's a few precious days off from work but then it still won't change the fact that he was asked to work on the day of Christmas eve and Christmas day! It was heartbreaking and took awhile for me to digest what he said. I am so tempted to make a personal appeal hoping that person will understand how important these two days are for us as a family especially Christmas day since it is a time when we get to celebrate that with my very own family and go home to my parents. But work is work and we value hubby's work even in my personal opinion it is indeed heartbreaking to lose most of the time during that special day away from hubby. It is a family day and for the first time in so many years that this happened. So I guess we just have to make the most of the days before Christmas. I was just psyching myself to spend it with my own family in my parents home and just have fun with my parents, siblings, nephews and nieces. But am still hoping for a miracle and that someone's heart will be touched with mercy if not love for family time.


Suddenly find myself missing home as in my parents' home where I grew up and lived most of my life except for the a year and three months. I miss my mom's cooking and my nephews and niece though it is more quieter here in our place and less chaos created by the kids when they get more than playful at times. Maybe I should visit them often it would probably make me less homesick if I may say so.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Something to Look Forward

Our annual family vacation is something to look forward to since it would give us a break from our everyday routine and it gives way to change of environment even just for a short while like a week for example. It would be lovely to go on a family vacation such as those that I often browse at the Karismal hotels and resort which has fove signature hotels to chose from but since we are looking for a family vacation pacakage then we might as well chose their family oriented resorts like azul view. I like the white sand beach of Riviera Maya and it would be lovely to have family bonding with recreation and relaxation there.


Late at night and am really getting hungry but I do not want to take something in at this hour at night. I hope drinking water will satisfy my tummy for the meantime. I will just to try not to think of my hunger. Can I do just that? LOL! Yeah I can do it. I have to will it so that it would help me with my diet.


I don't know if i should be glad but the lil boy suddenly had an urge to redecorate the Christmas lights on our tree just awhile ago. What do you expect from an eager and curious two year old? I was busy working on something but I know he was just almost at my back and all the while I thought he was watching TV. Then he said soemthing and when I turned back to look at him, he was able to manage to pull one of the ribboned lights and the tree almost fell down. Good thing I was able to catch it. Then he went to the tree and rearranged the lights on it. Oh my, daddy won't be happy with this development.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Christmas Tree

It's already the second day of December and we still have not finally set up the Christmas tree in the living room. Hubby promised to wash it to remove the dust it has accumulated for standing in our room the whole year round since last Christmas. Yes, we did not take it down and put it back in the box until now. So we agreed to just put it in our room which is our dresser and semi-storage already. Yet someone forgot the task of washing the tree till tonight I decided to just do it myself. Boys will be boys! So we'll just wait for it to dry and will put it up again hopefully tomorrow.