Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Buy and Sell

Buy and sell... hubby and I are trying to decide whether to buy a new stationery bike and sell our treadmill which I rarely use. Hubby found a store online which sells used fitness equipment from leading brands and inventoried like new. Global Fitness specializes in this line of business and is known to be the biggest dealer of used fitness equipment in the USA. We are yet to browse through their inventory while trying to decide to let go of the treadmill or not since it has a sentimental value for it was hubby's gift for me for mother's day earlier this year.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

College Graduation Cards

Graduation is one cherished event that represents fulfilled dreams and vision of hope for the future. Proud parents send out unique and personalized College Graduation Cards to family, relatives and friends to share this joyful event of their child's success. GraduationCardsShop has college graduation card as well as high school graduation card and even graduation party invitations cards for those who'll be celebrating this memorable event with a after graduation party. Browse through also at for your graduation invitations and announcements for preschool, kinder, grade school, high school and even university graduation invitations.

They offer same day printing and shipping. Plus you can also preview your personalized cards before you buy them as they'd wanna be sure you are truly satisfied before you make that purchase.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Always be Prepared

It helps to be always be prepared and just in case like what my friend and her family experienced, they went to a camping trip with some other family friends when they found themselves in trouble. The two tires of the RV they were riding went flat. Good thing they were going not too fast on the road. But she told me she got scared having her children with her and it was almost night fall when that happened and they were in an unfamiliar and somewhat isolated place somewhere. Good thing their family friend who was with them was able to get a rv towing service in less than an hour. She does not want to spend the night on the side of the road somewhere half way to where they were supposed to camp that time.

Something to Think

The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.

Here is just something to think about today. Are you guilty of this too? Waiting for life to unfold before you or do you make things happen in your life like achieve dreams, goals, ambitions in life? We can start now and act now before it is too late... before our life here on earth ends. My teacher before told us to make things happen and not wait for things to happen coz they might not happen at all.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Insured Health

Being faced with a dilemma involving medical emergencies in the family is no easy thing to deal with when the case involves a large amount of money. My mom has told me to get a health insurance and in fact she had me insured for short term only just like the NC short term health insurance that I read about yesterday. Mine cover my health insurance for a year and I can actually renew it every year. It is only cost for a very small amount per day but it will be a good helpjust in case of hospitalization and other medical emergencies. You can even get a quote online these days and it is just quick and easy. So if i were you then go for it. It will and might save you one day. Who knows?


Had to urge hubby to buy new white shirts for work. I literally brought him to the mall yesterday while we break away from our reunion to shop for it at SM. He was finally convinced to buy 3 new ones plus two shorts for house wear only. I had to buy those for him otherwise he won't even buy them for himself. he's just waiting for their new office uniform which I doubt will be made this year.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Missed Homerun Pie

I really missed this homerun pie from Grub! I got reminded of this when I saw a friend posted a photo of it at FB and I wanna have this tomorrow! I am supposed to be in a diet and with my tummy acting weird today I should take this slow. I can eat what I want as long as I exercise, eat in moderation and there is always the diet pill to run to when you need to lose weight which of course you have to be sure is really worth your money.

I hope we can drop by Grub one of these days. Or I hope they do have delivery soon so we can just ask for food from them to be delivered but I guess that has to wait.

Live Within Your Budget

That is what my mom always tell us. So as much as possible pay off as much debt as possible. Do not use your credit card when you cannot pay the amount due when it does become due. Also do not avail of deferred payments plans as much as possible as they will tempt you to buy and spend more than what you can really afford to pay on time. Most important, pay in cash as much as possible and use your credit card less often. 

Take Care of Your Eyes

Sometimes I feel like my eyes need to be checked. It has been a long time since I could no longer clearly see from afar. We all know the eyes are one of the most important parts of our body. Adults should have an eye checkup every year or twice a year. Take note too of some important good eye care habits like wearing the right sunglasses while you go outside, not rubbing our eyes (oh no my son likes to rub his eyes sometimes!), do not read while you lie in bed (oh I used to do this a lot when I was still in school), get a safe two-meter distance from the TV screen while watching. Make sure you have enough light when you do some reading. These are just easy to follow habits. You can never take for granted you eyes. No one wants to live in the dark for the rest of their life, right?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Can Make It

I may be down with colds and headache starting right now. But I have to do something and I know I can make it. Just like with our other aspirations in life, if you will it, you can make it. So does that really mean that if I wanna invest in gold that would come true. Well it could possibly come true as it did for some few lucky people. They believe they can make it and they strived hard. Making a unique investment and on precious metals as rare as investing in gold is something we cannot take for granted for it does not happen to just anybody.  But did you know it does protect one's wealth as well as preserve one’s purchasing power and diversify investments? Yes it does so when you do invest in it, you have to be sure you place your investment in good hands. If you are serious into doing this, you can head on to those companies so called as leaders in precious metals investment for they'll help you. But for me now, I just have to achieve what I can, save and invest in what I can and I know I can make it coz I made it this far.


It is thirty minutes past one in the morning and I could hear loud and clear a car honking in the street. I hope they would be considerate enough for their neighbors not to honk that loud at this hour in the morning. Not all are up late like me and our lil boy who woke up late at night and won't go back to sleep just yet. If he had been sleeping and was waken up by that noise outside, I would be in panic to pacify him coz surely he would be crying. I am tired and glad the vehicle had stopped making noise as I could no longer hear it and I have to go to sleep with the lil boy in awhile.


We tried this Kingcorn yesterday at the mall and it was actually my first time to try it. I opted for the corn kernels instead of the corn on the cob since it will be easier to eat and more convenient. Hubby and I instantly liked it especially it has a cheese flavor in it. We actually shared on this one and before we went home, I bought two more for take home. I just find the plastic spoon too small. LOL! This one costs P28 same prize even for their corn on the cob. Yeah unlike the corn I buy from those who peddle them which is P5-P7 for one corn on the cob. Well I guess they have a lot of incurred expenses compared to those who just peddle them on the streets. But this is delicious and is extra cheese flavor. I'll buy one again when we have a chance.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Live simply... Dream big... Be grateful...Give love... Laugh lots...

Just some of the things we need to do and we tend to forget to do in life. Lately I have been watching this local comedy show so that I could "laugh lots" coz I feel it is something we need when we often take life too seriously. It makes me feel younger and lighter... if you know what I mean!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Lost and Found Freebies

The lil boy got the USB cable wire for our cellphones yesterday and now we could not find it. He won't tell where he put that cable which we need for transfers of downloaded files from the computer to the cellphone or vice versa. In the process of looking for it, I was able to find the plastic of freebies that we have collected over the years like mouse pads, pens, Promotional flash drive, pads, pen holder, etc. These are still very useful and if I were to get them for Christmas giveaways I am willing to accept them.

I remember in one of the companies I previouly worked for, we used to have giveaways for Christmas to our clients whose staff/employees are so eager to get them that even when it is still November they would be asking us what we'll give and to make sure that they would get one of those. LOL! I am not sure by this time, many companies are still giving away much to their clients during Christmas or during events. I think only very few and selected clients get to have these giveaways and promotional items during events due to cost-cutting measures implemented by most companies these days. 

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mardi Gras Invitations

Invitations Mardi Gras

When I think of Mardi Gras, I immediately think of lavish parades and parties! This festival is said to be awesome and if you are planning on hosting a party, you can always get your Mardi Gras Invitations from Holiday-Invitations where you can find at affordable prices these personalized Mardi Gras party invitations. Check out their website at They have mardi gras sayings and you can get free shipping and ten (10) Free Mardi Gras invitations with minimum quantity purchased. Plus avail of their same day printing and shipping. So invite your friends to come out to your Mardi Gras party with those unique mardi gras invitations!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Something Good

Despite the recent calamity brought by Ondoy (Ketsana) and the threat that super typhoon Pepeng (Parma) might even worsen the present situation and worse even another typhoon  might be coming this one, we could only continue to pray something good is going to happen. Indeed, something good is already happening as we see our fellow Filipinos helping each other, praying for each other. People come out stronger, with more value on life rather than properties lost. I heard one victim said that this tragedy has taught her family that they will have to live simple lives from now on. I truly hope that at least there is something good that is going to happen and has happened in our lives.

Would Love the Improvement

Yesterday afternoon, hubby was able to talk to the owner of the apartment and I heard they might put tiles on the floor of the utility room which we are also waiting to be repaired and fixed. I  would love it if the tiles used will be like those that I have seen at which specializes in porcelain tile, ceramic tile, metal tile and glass tile at affordable prices.

There is a part of the floor in the utility room which had been opened to fix the problem with the drainage. We are just waiting for them to finally put it back in place and seal the floor once again. I would love the improvement of having tiles in the floor there so it would be more convenient since we do our cooking and washing there. The place will look better too! I hope it will be done soon.

Pass on the Junk

One tip if you wanna live healthy is to pass on the junk. What do I mean? I have to give up eating junk food or any food that does not give us much nutrients that we need. If I cut down (which means we should not include it anymore in our grocery... can I do that?) then give it up totally eventually, I will help myself get rid of the components that are not needed and are unwanted by the body. Keep in mind that those delicious yet "sinful" fatty food will bring in more toxins that will continue to pollute the body. Easier said than done but we have to learn to pass on the junk!

Making Me Sleepy

The neighbor upstairs is playing music that is making me more sleepy awhile ago. It was the least I need now coz I need to work while the little one is still sound asleep in his room. I could hear the music loud and clear even if the windows and doors are all closed here. It's far too relaxing and soothing this Thursday morning when I need to work since we are going out for a few errands this afternoon and double dinner celebration tonight. Now at least the music has either been turned off or lowered the volume. I hope I can fight off this sleepy head of mine or I might as well take a nap now for a few minutes.