Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sliced Jelly

I am getting hungry and since I will have dinner alone. I decided to just open the pack of AL sliced jelly we bought at Robinson's. It is delicious and I have consumed three pieces so far and counting. Well I am hungry and it is getting too sweet for my palate and throat. But it calms my tummy's craving for something to digest until hubby comes home with his pasalubong from Jollibee or McDo... I hope!


I started watching Grey's Anatomy again last night and it was a miracle that my son let me watch it on his TV in his room last night and tonight. I just finished the episode I was not able to finish last night. I will try watch the next episode when the lil boy wakes up later. I used to watch Grey's in marathon mode when I was still pregnant but then I stopped when I began to have anxieties over my then pending CS seeing the operations they do on the show and patients dying during the operation. But now I think I can go back watching it again that is if my son allows me to use the TV in his room.

Medical Supply

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Crawling Back

I think it is still kind of early and I think I am going to crawl back to bed for awhile and wake up in an hour. This is the effect of sleeping so late the past few days. My body clock has changed and has been affected especially my sleeping time. Well I am just going to do some chores and if I still feel so sleepy then I am really going back to sleep in awhile.


"I want nobody, nobody but you!..." I dunno with you but the song Nobody by the Wonder Girls from Korea if I am not mistaken has had me dancing and singing and clapping whenever I hear the song being played on TV and any where, any time. Even some friends has said they do like the song too and feel like dancing too. Minda you just yesterday afternoon, a male friend told his friends he likes the song, feel like dancing to it and was planning to make a video of it. I told him that i will be looking forward to see that video if they really do it. I wish him luck!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quick and Free

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It is cold in here and more so coz I have a slight fever! The "weather" inside the house is cold which both hubby and I agree. We have opened the door to my son's room where the AC is turned on. And may we be blessed more so we will be able to pay the rising bill of our electricity. My son sweats a lot and maybe I will tell hubby that we may need to buy a small fan for our son's room so we can let the AC rest most of the time. My son has been staying more time in his room since we set up his own TV there on top of the new cabinet we bought for him a few days ago and we need to turn on the AC and it gets cold here most of the time. Grrrr! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours

When it rains, it pours and that was what happened just this evening. Plus it comes with loud thunder and lighting. We do not usually hear the rain even if it usually pours hard but the rain this evening, I really heard it and the thunder made me fear that our sleeping little son will wake up crying. Thank goodness he did not wake up until after the rain has turned into drizzle. My PILs were here awhile ago and my MIL said that one of the streets they passed through going here was really flooded. I have not been out in the streets here when it rains hard so I can only imagine just as what hubby has been telling me since.

Unique Investment

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Out for a Break and a Cabinet

Hubby and I with our son had gone out for a break earlier. We went to the mall nearby and we also got our son his very own cabinet for his stuff - clothes, toys and other things. We need to vacate his stuff from the cabinet in our room since hubby's clothes as well as mine has been dumped and squeezed in only one cabinet while our son's are in the other cabinet. Hubby and I can have each a cabinet of our own by tomorrow morning when the one we bought has been delivered.

I Want

It is almost three in the afternoon here and am getting hungry! I want this delicious and sweet pancake from Port Cafe in the mall nearby. It is just actually a few minutes ride from here and I wonder if hubby feels like going to the mall in awhile just to have these! This is by far the best I have eaten. Better than the one I have tasted at Pancake House branches here.

WW: Flower

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


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Skipped Lunch

Okay we ended up skipping lunch today since we cannot finally decide where to eat as hubby planned that we have lunch out supposedly. Anyway, we ended up having snacks instead and hubby fried the bananas we bought at Robinsons the last time we went to have grocery there a few days ago. Talk about diet eh! Then this may be a good start.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Need Traffic

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Wishing for a Sunny Day

I wish for the sun to shine and the skies will clear for it is but one gloomy day here in our part of the world. I am a little sleepy still for I slept quite late last night or this morning I should say. I wanna go out for a walk but I remember there are still some pending chores and tasks to do here. Maybe later when it will not rain then maybe my lil boy and I can take a walk outside. Good morning everyone!

Good Night

Time flies when you are having fun and is busy. I have to say good night now and go to sleep but then it seems my mind is waking up again and that may mean I will have a hard time falling asleep. Well my sis said just to lie down and relax and clear my mind then I will probably fall asleep immediately.

Liked It Too

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I have one pending task - washing and sterilizing my son's feeding bottles. Good thing hubby helped me and he washed as well as sterilized two bottles quickly for the meantime as there is not much time last night and our son has already drank from the last clean bottle available. He is now asleep and will probably ask for milk in the morning and these two newly cleaned bottles will help me get through the night till the other bottles are sterilized too.


I thought there was someone talking outside but only to find out that my son who was sleeping was dreaming and somehow talking in his sleep about something which he probably does not want because he was saying "not like that" (dili ana). He called out to me and so I went into his room. He went back to sleep almost immediately and stopped talking. He must have remembered something during the day. Well back to work for me now. In awhile I will be sleeping and dreaming maybe.


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To Eat or Not

It is past midnight now and having skipped dinner and went straight to a late night snacks, I am getting hungry and I am trying to decide whether I will eat or not. I will be sleeping in awhile which I hope but I am just finishing something and researching about something on the internet. I just wanna ignore my tummy and the hunger I feel. I can eat plenty tomorrow during breakfast anyway so I can have a restful sleep.

No to Change

My lil boy says no to change of diapers lately especially at night and when he wakes up in the morning. Hubby and I sometimes have a hard time convincing him to change diapers especially when it is about to overflow. Just like awhile ago before he slept and was drinking his milk in bed, he would not let me change his diaper. I tried to do so when he was asleep but he must have sensed it that he also implied that he is against it even if he was so sleepy. I will try again in awhile and I hope he will cooperate this time and won't stir in his sleep.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Shop for Baby Gifts

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There is a train bank I want to get for my son who likes to get coins and which he can put into it while at the same time he can play with it as he likes trains for toys aside from cars and other stuff.

Dancing and Jumping

It is fun to see my lil boy dancing and jumping but I cannot concentrate on the work I am doing since he is jumping in the middle of the big box of my Sammy LCD TV and the middle part of the box could give in anytime. I have been telling him to stop and he would but he would start again as soon as I am no longer looking. He won't sleep yet either. Oh I hope he will just stay put while I finish some chores.

Hungry for More

My two year old lil boy is asking for biscuits and hungry for more! He consumed the pack of crackers fast and with gusto. He seems really to be in the mood to eat with me. And he even asked for some corn chips I was eating plus he had two bottles of orange juice. It would be okay if it not late at night here.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


My friend who recently got an iPhone wants to accessorize it along with the new apps that she has put into it too. I told her I saw some iphone accessories at These accessories will complete the look of you iPhone! If you would like to personalize your iPhone look, you you should need the right accessories and they have what you are looking for. You can change colors from pink to black or maybe leather for that professional look which you might just need. You can choose whatever way you want to be and let your iphone match your mood too.


I am having fun playing with my son who is still wide awake at this late hour at night. He still does not want to sleep. he still wants to watch the Disney and Pixar movie Cars once again when in fact he has seen this movie many times already. He likes to play it over and over again. It's fun to see him copying the moves and talk of the caharacters in the movie.

Hunting and Hoping

I am hunting for cellular phones online which I hope I can find the one that I like since I have not been looking and doing much window shopping at the mall for quite a long time now. I went to The Source where I found some nice cellphones like the BlackBerry Bold, Curve, and Pearl, plus a great selection of Qwerty and standard cell phones by Sony, LG, Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola.Aside from the latest cell phones, you can also find a great selection of cell phone accessories – like cases, chargers, and Bluetooth handsfree headsets there. I wonder if hubby will allow me to save and buy a BlackBerry. I hope he will!


I skipped breakfast and lunch today which I hope will make me lose weight which I needed most now. I looked in the mirror and I could see that it really has an effect as I saw my tummy got smaller and I feel lighter. But good thing I am just at home so that I am not that stressed out unlike when I used to work and I cannot do this I mean not eating anything other than some chips.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Filling Friday

1. When I heard my son shouting, I have to tell him to keep quiet or the neighbors will be disturbed.

2. Laughter is the best medicine.

3. It's late, but I still wanna join this meme.

4. May God guide, bless and protect us always.

5. My eyes have seen some of the best things in life.

6. God has power over everything and that I believe strongly.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hubby coming home from work, tomorrow my plans include having calzone pizza at Picolbello and Sunday, I want to attend mass with my boys and have bonding time probably dinner out!