Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sick Too

My son is now sick too. I feel guilty that he got the colds and cough too but there is just the two of us here and no one else can take care of him while I am sick. In past few days he would really come to me to hug and hold my hand. Even if I wash my hands and try to stay away from him, I can't totally avoid him.

Well the weather is not that good too here though it does not really rain that much but I see a lot of kids and adults sick too. I just hope he will get well soon and will respond immediately to the meds I started giving him. I don't want the need to visit the pedia again a week after if ever he is still sick then coz that would mean he would go into antibiotics. That stage I don't want him to go through. I hope he will get well soon as in soon.

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