Thursday, June 25, 2009

Online Colleges

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Smell of Coffee

I love the smell of coffee especially in the morning! It wakes me up and my senses to to another level. It makes me feel good! Hmmmmm! Even hubby loves the smell of coffee and even if he does not want to drink coffee, he would say he would love to drink so. I am just waiting for water to boil and I will make a cup of coffee for myself in awhile. Want some?

Don't Wake Up Yet

I am praying my son won't wake up yet. It is five in the morning and I am still wide awake. Yes you read that right! LOL! It is also too early for my son to wake up. but he was a little restless in his sleep since he would call out to me in his sleep but would immediately go back to sleep when he hears me going inside his room. I am just finishing some things which has to be done on time and I will try to catch some sleep in awhile. This is what I need to do coz we cannot let chances pass by.


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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Sis!

Aside from this day being the Feast of Saint John the Baptist, this is a special day for one of my elder sisters. It is my sister's birthday and yet we will celebrate it on Saturday which will be a four in one birthday celebration as well for four birthday celebrants in our family. We already called my sis in her office this morning and we greeted her. I wonder coz for the first time I think, she is at work during her birthday as she usually takes a leave from work during her birthday. Maybe she has tons of work load and she cannot have that otherwise take a leave instead on another day.

Well happy, happy, happy birthday sis!!! :)

Time Consuming

Playing these Facebook game applications such as Farm Town, Barn Buddy, Happy Farm and this new one FarmVille is really time consuming even if it appears to be fun to play with your online friends. It is good as long as there are no house chores or tasks that are put on hold just because one plays so much on these games. FB game addiction is not good for your health! LOL!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hand Seat Walking Cane

We have a one of those hand seat walking canes which my sister who is now in UK given to them as some sort of gift/incentive when she was still here working in the hospital. I remembered it last weekend when I was talking to one of my sisters on my mom's condition a few months ago when she started to limp suddenly. When we met one time to follow up something she was really limping and so I told her it's time to get a walking cane if that won't go away any time soon.

If you are looking for cane and cane accessories, Allegro Medical, one of the largest and most technologically advanced independently owned online retailers of life enhancing products in the United States, has it. the hand seat walking cane they have is designed for people who require either walking or resting assistance. It gives easy mobility at affordable price. Allegro is into medical equipment and home health care supplies industry and has expanded to consumer retail products like exercise and fitness equipment, nutritional dietary supplements, even maternity and baby supplies as well as outdoor gears.

They have feature products under popular categories. They have a summer savings event where you can save 15% on purchases above $50. Got to check it out plus the free Allegro eCatalog offering with serious limited time specials and discounts to anyone who signs up.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I have never thought of myself as a farmer or someone who likes farming and making money out of it. But with my latest addiction in FB called Farm Town, I was thinking this afternoon what if in real life, making money out of farming would be just as easy as one click, then another click, and another click then tada you have the produce ready for harvest and you can easily hire people to harvest your produce. I wish it was that easy and I even told hubby why don't we get even a small farm lot and grow even just fruit trees in it. I was even thing of the residential lot that we have been paying and why not plant some fruit trees even just a few there. The produce though not that plenty can still be a great blessing come to think of. If only things are just as easy as just one click of a PC mouse. LOL!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Addicted with FB

I am getting addicted to FB as in Facebook and that happened I think just a few days ago when I need to check on FB for updates on friends and other things as well. Just like today I had the dishes waiting for me to be washed and it is kid of crazy. I just get to get over it soon as there are real things to do... more real productive things to do than just have fun. I have even written there that "all fun and play with no pay... cannot be!" Well I hope this is just a temporary addiction especially in one game there - FT! My friends are playing it too that got me curiouse about the game in the first place. Anyway, I cannot make this any longer. I have more productive things to as I have said. LOL!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rare Coin Investment

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Friday, June 12, 2009

So Many Things To Do

I have so many things to do and yet time flies fast. Oh well that is life! Coz sometimes it is also my fault that I don't do now what I should have done so that I could move on to the next task to be done. Well there are a lot on intermissions and fun "other" things that come my way each day. Just simply cannot resist too sometimes the chats I do and tweeting suddenly became an instinct like something I should do between blogging! I found new friends and happy with it. But I just have to manage my time online more you know. Okay before I make this any longer, I have got to go check my other home. See yah later!

Monday, June 08, 2009

WS: Chopcit | Kookel's Kwik Cooking

Instead of having the Swiss Deli assorted cold cuts for dinner last night, we ordered this from Kookels Kwik Cooking, a dish they named chopcit short for chopsuey plus pancit. It tasted okay and good enough when hot. We had a filling dinner with this plus a lechon manok from Kookels too right at home. Hope you had a tummy filling Sunday!

American Idol 2009 Winner Kris Allen Sang the National Anthem at NBA Finals Lakers vs. Magic Game 2 (Video)

American Idol 2009 winner Kris Allen sang the US National Anthem "Star Spangled Banner" at the recently concluded NBA Finals game of L.A. Lakers vs. Orlando Magic (Game 2) where the Lakers won in an overtime game (score 101 - 96).

I missed this part though so for those who missed it or just simply wanna hear him sing, here is the YouTube video of Kris Allen singing the National Anthem Star Spangled Banner at Game 2 of NBA Finals Lakers vs Magic:

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Working on a Diet

If you are working on a diet yet want to lose weight fast. Then you may want to buy diet pills that really work. Take time to check out the where you can not only purchase diet pills at the most affordable prices, but you can also find consumer reviews on each diet pill that they do sell. They will help you look for a diet pill that suits your needs as well as budget.

Last Day of Summer Vacation

I was in the living room when I heard the kids outside playing and I heard them say that they should make the most of it since it is the last day of their summer vacation. Private schools and college students will start classes tomorrow, Monday. It will be so busy and traffic will be heavy again especially during rush hours. The kids here are simply making the most of the fun they can have on a Sunday morning, before the opening of school tomorrow. Time for school opening again though the public schools have already started a week ago.

Surplus Business

I met a friend whom I have not seen for a long, long time. She was here for a vacation only she told me. She is now based in Phoenix. We were able to chat and she asked if I wanted to go into business here. They are into a surplus business. She even shared some information regarding her business. She started when she found out about this surplus business online. We chatted for over an hour about business surplus till she has to leave to meet someone.

If you are looking for wholesale surplus, there is a marketplace where buyers can get commercial surplus inventory as well as government surplus assets, online that is. Various stuff either new in a box to customer returns and used such as clothing and accessories, jewelry and watches, computer and networking, consumer electronics, general merchandise, housewares, tools and machinery, vehicles and store fixtures and equipment are sold by the truckload, pallet, or small package. Want this business? Well my friend now has her own house and lot here aside from the one they have acquired in Phoenix. Well that's nice business but entails hardwork, patience and focus of course.

Sick Too

My son is now sick too. I feel guilty that he got the colds and cough too but there is just the two of us here and no one else can take care of him while I am sick. In past few days he would really come to me to hug and hold my hand. Even if I wash my hands and try to stay away from him, I can't totally avoid him.

Well the weather is not that good too here though it does not really rain that much but I see a lot of kids and adults sick too. I just hope he will get well soon and will respond immediately to the meds I started giving him. I don't want the need to visit the pedia again a week after if ever he is still sick then coz that would mean he would go into antibiotics. That stage I don't want him to go through. I hope he will get well soon as in soon.

Parish Fiesta

When we went to the afternoon anticipated mass for Sunday at the nearby parish yesterday, we somehow forgot that it is already the 42nd parish fiesta celebrated yesterday and today. We do not have much news here on the church unlike when we were still living with my parents when we are much more updated since my mom is active in the parish and she would update us from time to time plus it is announced at the end of the mass. But at least we were able to go to church yesterday and the altar was beautifully decorated with plants and flowers. I just did not have the chance to take a shot though. I was too shy to take one lol!

Happy Parochial Fiesta to our neighbors!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Personalized Baby Gifts

I took break in this very hot afternoon and while my lil boy is sleeping, I went online to search for a digital photo frame which I have been planning to buy for a long time so that I can view my son's photos since then till now. I also have to look for personalized baby gifts for the upcoming birthday of the baby girl of an old friend of ours.

If you are looking for personalized baby gifts, you will find nice ones at Baby Nest where they have sentimental, personalized baby and nursery essentials as well as unique favors for baby shower and gifts for babies. They have an array of delightful and creative gifts for parents and their bundles of joy.

I also found this nice digital photo frame there. With this one, you can view pictures with music. It can be personalized with an engraved silver plate with up to 2 lines of text. Its 128MB of internal memory is reinforced with a slot for different types of external memory cards. I like it!

Hot, Hot, Hot

Hot, hot, hot! It is really hot this afternoon. This morning when I woke up and looked outside, it was so cloudy but it did not rain. Then by noon time, the sun began to show itself as the skies slowly cleared up. Now it is super hot. There is not much air in my room where I'm working and I cannot stay in my son's A/C room as I might wake him up from his afternoon nap with my coughing every now and then. Waking up my son is the last thing I need now as I have tasks to do.

SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

My hubby got the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie for our two year old son to watch but it seems my son does not like it. We tried several times to show it to him but he would not stay to watch it instead he would do something else. Hubby was a bit disappointed. I told him it is okay since I think the values in it are not that good at times. Even I was thinking like that with some of the episodes in the Mr. Bean animated series though my son also does not like to watch it often. I don't like the SpongeBob movie either so it's up to hubby if he has time to watch! I know he would rather blog than watch it.


This sport called paintball has always caught my interest since two years ago when I first heard it but juts did get a chance to really play it. Some old friends have played this sport and there are games held between groups especially during some special events in the city.

This is seemingly a fun game sport where players eliminate their opponents by hitting them with such pellets that contains paint that is referred to as a "paintball" using a paintball gun powered by a CO2 or compressed-gas (HPA or Nitrogen). For paintball enthusiasts it is a must to have a paintball gun package. There are many choices which I saw at Zephyr Paintball which has gears at affordable prices with free shipping on paintball guns, paintball goggles, hoppers and paintball starter packages.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Back to Rest

Okay it's in the wee hours of the morning here already and I have to go back to rest and sleep in bed. I am still sick and my throat hurts a little that's why I cannot sleep that well too. I am just glad I have no fever so to lessen any complications, I cannot stay up so late and I have to get a lot of rest now. If hubby was here, he would be telling me to sleep already. Okay good morning and good night peeps! See you in the morning!

Missing Air France Flight 447 Passenger Jet

I was shocked to know about the missing Air France flight 447 passenger jet that carried 228 people. Hubby said it went missing in the Atlantic Ocean from its flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, France. We offer sincere prayers of comfort and strength to the families of the 228 people on that plane.

I heard there were plane debris found yesterday in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean more than 24 hours after the ill-fated plane went missing. No signs of any survivor as now and according to authorities they fear that all passengers and crew are all dead. If this is true this will be the world's worst civil aviation disaster since that November 2001 crash of an American Airlines jetliner in the New York City borough of Queens which killed 265 people. This is such a tragic news. There is said to be one Filipino in that plane which was his connecting flight.

Again we offer prayers for the families of all the 228 people on that plane.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Better Options

These days saving money is not just enough. We still need to invest like for example in stock options trading. This is something that my old friend who works in a bank has been telling for quite a long while back. He told me before also that stock options trading is a little risky, so making more money in the stock market is somehow tricky. He mentioned Power Options which has tools that can help investors look for, compare, analyze as well as make money in stock option trading with educational materials and premium toll-free customer support. I for one need that as I or hubby are both novice in this kind of investment. In life we got to take risk much more so when we invest but we can lessen the risk if we get the options and the help that we need best. So let's start looking for better options or lose the opportunities we have to earn more out there.


Hubby and I were talking over dinner that we should get a grip of our cravings and food trips and our eating out. That would allow us to save more aside from helping us out somehow not to big you know. We also plan to save for something well it is actually a project we have and hopefully realize next year. So we gotta really save starting now!


I am sick and as much as I do not like being sick and down, I am and I need rest. How can I rest when I have tasks to do and there's the laundry piling up. I can work coz I have no fever but my runny nose makes my head feel light and makes me feel dizzy and a little faint at times. Uh the last thing I need now is getting sick as that spells bed rest.