Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One Important Decision

My mom when we went there for the Christmas get together of our family, did not fail to remind me of my insurance renewal. She was asking me too if I wanted to get a life insurance. I am like most people who are not that familiar with the details which are often involved in buying a life insurance policy. I read at Wholesale Insurance, where they have many information that people like me might need to make that informed life insurance decisions. You can click for more information. Buying an insurance is one important decision that we will do after all as they say.

Three Things That Make a Person

Three things that make a person... commitment, sincerity and hard work.
Three things that are truly constant... Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

For me, the third one is something we need to do more now for our family. We need to work for our son's future. I hope his dad realizes that work is important and that there are ways to resolve other concerns which does not really have to end in giving up regular work.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Nice Homeschool Graduation Invitations

Graduating from homeschool is somehow no different from graduating from regular schooling. You'll still definitely need to shop for nice Homeschool Graduation Invitations to send out to your family and friends.

GraduationCardsShop is your one stop shop for such nice, unique and exclusive designs of homeschool graduation invitation, home school graduation party invitations for those who will be throwing out a party to celebrate, and also homeschool graduation announcement in the first place. These are all available at http://www.graduationcardsshop.com. Be sure your invitation is perfect by viewing your personalized invitation before you buy them using their patented instant preview features. What else is there to say than go shop there now and congratulations!

After Work

Hubby called and he said he was asked to go with their visitor's from the corporate office to go to JR where we visited a few days ago. At first I was kind of hesistant coz I have work to finish and was hoping I could concentrate when he comes home in a little while. But then I thought he needs to go and it's a rare chance he gets to go out to those kind of places due to work. I just hope he would have a bring home... perhaps coffee or slice of cake! Hmmmm rather none I guess so I can diet.

When You're Moving

We have friends who have moved to different parts of the world. It could be stressful to move from one place to another within the same city or country how much more when you move to another country. If you do this, you might as well get the services of cross country movers for stress-free long distance move. Those moving are encouraged to make a comparison of detail and clarity of  moving quotes they can get online these days with those of other long distance movers to make sure you get the best service from the movers you choose.

Added Sugar

Last night my son won't stop from drinking juice and it is already late at night. I had to pour in just little amounts in his sippy cup hoping he would stop at his third serving. I had to tell him to take a break and drink water in between. He did sip only a little water and went on to eat bread instead. Sometimes it worries me that he does not take enough water when he drinks juice which is often full or sugar. Sometimes I wanna dilute the juice with water to lessen the concentration of sugar and hopefully trick my son. But he somehow knows the difference. He got this look after he takes a sip that tells me he knew its tastes different.

Parents should know that according to the recommendation of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Filipino children aged 4-9 should have only 5 teaspons of added sugar a day and no more from cakes, cookies, candies, soft drinks, breakfast cereals, even milk and juices. Sugar overload may lead to problems with diabetes later on and obesity too. In 2005, studies in the US shows that more than 5,400 children showed consuming an alarming amount of added sugar. Fruit drinks, high-fat desserts and regular softdrinks are accoundted for half of added sugar according to researchers.

To know if there is added sugar, check the label of the product. If you do find sugar on the top of the list then that is a warning to find an more healthy alternative for your child.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jump Up

Since I started blogging, I am not much into this SEO thing as much as my dear hubby is but I try once in awhile to apply it with my other sites. Hubby is my adviser and mentor in this aspect. He tells me it is important that I try to submit my sites to the best web directory that would help my sites jump up the search engine rankings. And for those who want to take this more seriously and jump up the SERP, there is a directory submission software that you can get to either automatically or semi-automatically submit your sites to such a web directory. I'll try to learn more about this especially with talks that there may be changes in the way sites will be ranked.

Lesson in Life - Good Friend

To have a good friend is one of the greatest delights of life. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I couldn't agree more!

Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas Invitations

In two weeks time, the world will be celebrating Christmas day and I am sure there are many of you out there who are planning on having a Christmas party whether it be simple or lavish. My elder sister is actually looking for Christmas Invitations and I shared with her Invitations-Shoppe where she can even get free Christmas invitations as well as Christmas invitation wording ideas. They have exclusive and unique designs of Christmas party invitations available at  http://www.invitations-shoppe.com. Then your proof will be emailed to you within one hour during the business day and you can make unlimited revisions at no extra cost on your part. You got to be sure your invitations will bring joy and excitement to your guests this holiday season. Merry Christmas in advance!!!

OT and Bring Home Food

OT again... not me but hubby. He just called and said he is just about to go out of the office. Anyway, it is understandable since there are peeps from the corporate office who are here for two weeks more to do some implementation procedures. I am just hungry and wanted to go out if hubby does not have any bring home food.

But he called and said he will be bringing home pancit canton! Yehey! Yeah we or should I say I have been craving for noodle dishes. It is cheaper in their office canteen and they have a big serving and it's delicious! For two previous nights, hubby had been bringing home first it was pancit guisado then it was pancit canton which I think I like better coz it is not as heavy as the guisado version. Sorry no foodshots posted for now, am sick, too lazy, hungry and busy all at the same time! :)

Design Your Home

It has always been a dream to be able to design my own home. I share this passion with my elder sister who just had her dream come true. Not yet finished but at least she can now see the fruits of her hard work having her own home and designing it as much as she can and her budget allows her to.

I love watching Urban Zone a local show that features beautiful designed modern homes with lovely contemporary furniture just like those am viewing now at BoConcept. I kind of like this queen size storage bed with raisable frame and slats. You could store stuff below it which is really a space saver for me.

They have an online catalog that helps you design your home with pure inspiration. They have a helpful How-To section that you should check out. 

Monday, December 07, 2009

Looking Forward

I'm looking forward to hubby's long days off from work. It's a few precious days off from work but then it still won't change the fact that he was asked to work on the day of Christmas eve and Christmas day! It was heartbreaking and took awhile for me to digest what he said. I am so tempted to make a personal appeal hoping that person will understand how important these two days are for us as a family especially Christmas day since it is a time when we get to celebrate that with my very own family and go home to my parents. But work is work and we value hubby's work even in my personal opinion it is indeed heartbreaking to lose most of the time during that special day away from hubby. It is a family day and for the first time in so many years that this happened. So I guess we just have to make the most of the days before Christmas. I was just psyching myself to spend it with my own family in my parents home and just have fun with my parents, siblings, nephews and nieces. But am still hoping for a miracle and that someone's heart will be touched with mercy if not love for family time.


Suddenly find myself missing home as in my parents' home where I grew up and lived most of my life except for the a year and three months. I miss my mom's cooking and my nephews and niece though it is more quieter here in our place and less chaos created by the kids when they get more than playful at times. Maybe I should visit them often it would probably make me less homesick if I may say so.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Something to Look Forward

Our annual family vacation is something to look forward to since it would give us a break from our everyday routine and it gives way to change of environment even just for a short while like a week for example. It would be lovely to go on a family vacation such as those that I often browse at the Karismal hotels and resort which has fove signature hotels to chose from but since we are looking for a family vacation pacakage then we might as well chose their family oriented resorts like azul view. I like the white sand beach of Riviera Maya and it would be lovely to have family bonding with recreation and relaxation there.


Late at night and am really getting hungry but I do not want to take something in at this hour at night. I hope drinking water will satisfy my tummy for the meantime. I will just to try not to think of my hunger. Can I do just that? LOL! Yeah I can do it. I have to will it so that it would help me with my diet.


I don't know if i should be glad but the lil boy suddenly had an urge to redecorate the Christmas lights on our tree just awhile ago. What do you expect from an eager and curious two year old? I was busy working on something but I know he was just almost at my back and all the while I thought he was watching TV. Then he said soemthing and when I turned back to look at him, he was able to manage to pull one of the ribboned lights and the tree almost fell down. Good thing I was able to catch it. Then he went to the tree and rearranged the lights on it. Oh my, daddy won't be happy with this development.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Christmas Tree

It's already the second day of December and we still have not finally set up the Christmas tree in the living room. Hubby promised to wash it to remove the dust it has accumulated for standing in our room the whole year round since last Christmas. Yes, we did not take it down and put it back in the box until now. So we agreed to just put it in our room which is our dresser and semi-storage already. Yet someone forgot the task of washing the tree till tonight I decided to just do it myself. Boys will be boys! So we'll just wait for it to dry and will put it up again hopefully tomorrow.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Decor Shopping

One thing on my list is to go for Christmas decor shopping one of these days. Nothing much on my list but just some additional decors hopefully. I have been wanting to visit this section in GMall but seems like I ran out of time everytime we are in that mall recently. Hopefully I can drop by even for thirty minutes next time we go there. This shot was taken when we were in the third floor one time with the lil boy riding the walking animal ride there. I wanted to go down but by the time I reach there, they would be finished with their ride as well.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shopping for Holiday Thank You Cards

If you're shopping for Holiday Thank You Cards this holiday season just as Thanksgiving, a time to give thanks for our blessings is just a few days away, Invitations-Shoppe at http://www.invitations-shoppe.com has holiday thank you card, as well as beautiful Christmas thank you card and business holiday thank you cards.

You can add a photo, picture or logo to any card on their site. if you like And also if a customer does not find exactly what they are looking for as to the design of those holiday thank you cards, they will create a special design of cards just for you.


Been a little busy renovating my farm at Farm Town and one of my cafe at Cafe World. Just visiting and trying to spend as little time as possible on this games unlike before. I am still contemplating on closing one of my cafes. I really have to close all these games actually to be more productive with my time. For now am just renovating and not playing much. Maybe I should just ban these game applications in the first place instead of renovating my places.

Monday, November 23, 2009


My friend is a bag-aholic as we would kiddingly call her and she has started collecting these branded bags for a few years now. Now she saw a business opportunity in it and she would do buy and sell these bags to her friends, colleagues and trusted neighbors even those officemates and friends of her friends. She has a stock of BCBG Max Azria shoulder bags and Hobos coming. I see a lot of these branded bags being sold online ranging from Coach to Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Hermes, YSL, Furla, Hype, Christian Dior, Cole Haan, Bulga and other bag brands.There are bags on sale at BlueFly whcih you may wanna check out. She has some of those named brands and I hope I can save enough to get that Coach bag I wanted to give my mom.

Merry Christmas Mr. Bean

My son and I were watching Disney Channel and my son got excited when Merry Christmas Mr. Bean episode came up next. This is one of my fave episodes (as I have any other) of Mr. Bean because of its Christmas theme. My son has a fave part in this episode where on the scene of Christmas morning, Mr. Bean woke up and when he heard the church bells ringing, he went jumping up and down. My son would also jump around giggling when he sees this scene. I wish I have a video cam to record this. It would be nice and fun to look back to when my son grows older. 

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Looking for Filters

To spend a cold, bed weather day productively, I made use of my time at home scouting and looking for affordable air filter and ref filter to replace the ones we have been using here at home. I even thought that if we have extra budget we may have to try getting a water filter. In case, for those of you looking for various kinds of filters, FiltersFast has a complete selection of filters and they also have HAVC filters.which they can ship to you at a less price than it would cost you in any local store. They have various types and brands of filter. Plus they have a forum just in case you have questions about filters.

Cafe World Expansion: Bountiful Cafe

Finally after quite a long wait, I was able to expand my cafe at Cafe World to Bountiful Cafe. Pay 400,000 cafe coins and you'll get to upgrade to a 13x15 cafe. This is great news for Cafe World addicts. Like me? No not as much anymore of a Cafe World addict. I try to limit my time on this Zynga restaurant cooking game at Facebook to as less time spent on it as possible. Gotta do thing more realistic and mor important than earning virtual coins from this cafe.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Visit to the Pedia

I just remember that our lil boy is scheduled to visit his pedia this week for a scheduled vaccination. We forgot what that vaccination will be. I still have to check or we can call the pedia's secretary tomorrow. I wonder how much it'll be. I hope it won't be as expensive or more than what cash on hand we have budegeted for it coz we really wanna save and don't wanna have to draw out some cash from our savings.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Go Veggie

I told hubby I wanna go for a veggie diet but I know that won't be easy. We have found sliced, ready to cook or even eat veggies sold in the grocery's veggie section and there are also fruits ready to eat. In one of our fave resto where we often eat, I make it a point to eat their Caesar salad. Then the last time we went to a buffet dinner, I tried to eat more veggies and less of the pork and fatty food temptations they served. I ended up being full but not heavy feeling heavy after the dinner unlike before. Slowly maybe but surely or as hubby suggested, maybe we can eliminate pork in our diet first then work our way hopefully to a full vegie diet.

Or another option is we learn the right way on how to burn fat. There are many fat burner products out there and when you search online you'd find many of them. about 2million results when you Google it. You've got to know which one really works well and an option is to search for review sites of these products, get consumers feedback through them.I read in one site that a big percentage of these do not really work and are ineefective. You gotta know well before using these products. Or like option one, go for a more natural process of burning those fats.

Wake Me Up

Wake me up! The weather makes me really more drowsy yet am still not done with my chores and tasks! This is one of those times when I hate the bed weather and it it is the last thing I need on a busy day. A lot of things still has to be done. I can't be drowsy and I can't be sick. Moms are super moms because there is no rest day and no sick leave... still working given those! But we have to move on, keep going and just be strong!


It is a busy day ahead! Yet despite not being in good condition for the past two days we still have to be up and going though it has been a bit dragging in terms of work but I have to push myself. There is no time for rest being a mom with a two year old boy and no help around the house unless when hubby's home. Gotta get busy now!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Important and Vital

In the world of business, having the services of an accounting-cpa firm like KondlerCPA, a Las Vegas cpa firm is important and vital when it performs important functions such as bookkeeping, internal control testing that determine if policies are adequate, tax services such as tax planning, research and consulting; make projections and forecasts,  updated reviews and audits that provides a level of assurance that the financial statements are reasonably free of material misstatements, compilations of important data, give assistance in capital and financing, gives assistance in acquisitions and sale of business.They can help you know where your business is going and where you need to go.

Time Flies

Where did our weekend go? It's already late afternoon Sunday and it's back to another busy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for us when hubby's work sked is so close. When I say close it is as close to just going home for 8 hours including time to sleep then off he goes again to work. I cannot wait for Thursday though! And that is until then i would wish that time would fly fast forward to Thursday early afternoon!

Beauty Rest

I may probably if not badly need that beauty rest I have been talking about doing earlier. My eyes are shutting down slowly. I was awake till early morning doing some pending chores and tasks here then I also woke up early. So if i ever get a beauty rest, it's like a rare gem that I get to own or have. Or is it more correct to say I almost never have since we had no nanny. Am no beauty but definitely I need rest. So off I go for a short power nap right now. TTYL :)

Speaking of Beauty

I wanted to have a beauty rest as i need a break. But speaking of beauty, I have just browsed through this what my friend called the school of beauty or what you may call a Cosmetology School. it is where you learn to hone your talent and creativity when it come to making people beautiful. This school is called Regency Beauty Institute and they have been a leader in the industry of beauty schools. They have their standard of excellence which they follow in terms of their unique learning system as well as their facilities and not to forget, they have partner salons that will hire their graduates who are said to be known and are sought after in the US.

Great Meal, Great Deal

It may be a great meal but is it a great deal? I cannot help but look at the handouts from a pizza company I found placed on the side of my table. We have no food for dinner yet and I was thinking though I'd like some veggies but this great meal from YC is tempting me. What makes me think twice though is the cost of the meal. It will cost me more than ten less than twenty bucks! Oh for just one meal! My mom if she was hear would definitely not agree it is a great deal. But today has been a day to celebrate for some reasons. But hey, didn't I just promise that we will save for H#2? Okay maybe I'll just deal with this great deal next time when we have more budget for a real great meal!


It is a quiet Sunday outside and a much more quiet Sunday in my opinion. As expected there are not much church goers this morning till early afternoon. We have gone to the anticipated mass yesterday late afternoon ourselves.

Today is the day when the nation becomes hooked on their TV screens or for some who has livesstream then they get hooked in front of their computer screens. And for those like my dad, there are those who get their ears hooked to the radio to clearly hear the radio announcers comments on the live coverage of the boxing match of our nation's pride when it comes to boxing. It was a quiet Sunday on the streets and in the malls perhaps. There was even one who said that this match would keep the bad men away from the streets. But the  silence on the streets this Sunday was broken when we learned and cheered for the win of the champ for the 7th time. I am proud of this Filipino champ and I am proud he's from Mindanao! We make no quiet cheer... we loudly cheer for you Pacman!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


While hubby treated us to dinner buffet at Nanay Bebeng's, he suddenly whispered something to me. I got excited somehow yet I know we still have to get a PP to get there. Last night we were just planning to go to our usual place of vacation every January or an option would be to go to Manila for a change. We were trying to book for the two day seat sale of Cebu Pacific but after awhile we can no longer access their site well.

So what he said tonight made me excited to go for a trip abroad. I just dunno where we'd get the budget for that for as far as I know, we have agreed whatever blessings we will have must be saved and set aside for our H#2 project. But a trip here or abroad will be most welcome given our savings will not be affected. Let's hope for the best and more blessings to come!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Game Boy Gets Toy Hall of Fame

Yes the Nintendo Game Boy has been introduced this year to the National Toy Hall of Fame joining the motorized toy Big Wheel. Game Boy is the only second  second video game system to be part of this Hall of Fame for toys. The Atari 2600 which was inducted in 2007 to the Toy Hall of Fame.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Buy Happy

I would be one happy buyer if we hopefully could get some budget to buy a home theater. Before hubby and I were wishing we could also get a Samsung Blu-ray home theater system when I got my Samsung LCD HD TV earlier this year. I saw some holiday deals earlier at buy.com where you buy happy. The prices of their Samsung home theater syster particularly Samsung has been discounted. Tempting as in too tempting. We would just have to set straight our budget for the coming holidays before we could go on shopping for that one. I'll keep my fingers crossed!


I am thankful for the blessings pouring in and this gives us an opportunity to save, save and save. Praying too that there won't be unnecessary expenses that will and might come. Thanks to hubby's effort also to work hard! We will save some for our plans to have that H#2 project. Still scouting for that while we continue to save. I pray these blessings will continue to pour in and more than anything else we are thankful for the opportunities given. Thank you Lord!

Sunday, November 08, 2009


If there is a drink for a desperate and hopeless person right now... well this might help. Just take it easy when you go down hill in your journey in life. Have a drink from "a cup full of hope" and believe everything will be okay. As they say... there'll be better days!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Career in Sales

If you wanna pursue a career in the sales industry, then check out these Jobs in Sales where you can find a career community, look and find sales jobs, post your resumes and connect to prospect employers. You can also be alerted when a job is up so that you won't miss those job opportunities and get ahead in having the job you wanted in the sales industry.

Thinking of Changing

I have been recently thinking of changing the look of this blog of mine here. It has been awhile since I have been using this template. I am still looking for other possible templates to use. Though there are already choices I am still trying to decide which one it'll be. There is one WP theme that I like and i am still looking for the Blogger version of it. Need to do more searching around the net.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Unique Picnic Invitations

Picnic InvitationIt's always fun to go on a picnic especially if you are in a good company with family, loved ones and close friends. If you are planning to host a picnic party, you should see these unique Picnic Invitations from Holiday-Invitations at http://www.holiday-invitations.com where you can find not only unique invitations picnic party or for your next year's 4th July picnic invites but they also do have family reunion invitations that you can have printed and shipped the same day that they get approved. They also do have free invitations cards to give out and free shipping too for their valued customers like you and me!

No Goodbye

No goodbye for my sis, nephew and BIL left this morning to go back to UK. We said no goodbye coz it meant more to say see you in two years. Sad as it is when I saw my mom trying to stop herself from crying just staying in one corner and trying to talk to a stranger nearby to ease up what she must be feeling while we were busy taking pictures last few minutes before my sis and nephew finally went inside the airport with my sis started crying. We have missed and will miss them during the Christmas holidays. From what I understand, she cannot take her vacation during the holidays coz the Britons were given preference for VLs. We just have to make do with seeing them online through web cam during Christmas and New Year and through phone patch as we would call it. Her two weeks vacation went by so fast. As much as we would have wanted her to stay longer they had to leave. We will miss you! Keep in touch and stay strong sis!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Buy and Sell

Buy and sell... hubby and I are trying to decide whether to buy a new stationery bike and sell our treadmill which I rarely use. Hubby found a store online which sells used fitness equipment from leading brands and inventoried like new. Global Fitness specializes in this line of business and is known to be the biggest dealer of used fitness equipment in the USA. We are yet to browse through their inventory while trying to decide to let go of the treadmill or not since it has a sentimental value for it was hubby's gift for me for mother's day earlier this year.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

College Graduation Cards

Graduation is one cherished event that represents fulfilled dreams and vision of hope for the future. Proud parents send out unique and personalized College Graduation Cards to family, relatives and friends to share this joyful event of their child's success. GraduationCardsShop has college graduation card as well as high school graduation card and even graduation party invitations cards for those who'll be celebrating this memorable event with a after graduation party. Browse through also at http://www.graduationcardsshop.com for your graduation invitations and announcements for preschool, kinder, grade school, high school and even university graduation invitations.

They offer same day printing and shipping. Plus you can also preview your personalized cards before you buy them as they'd wanna be sure you are truly satisfied before you make that purchase.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Always be Prepared

It helps to be always be prepared and just in case like what my friend and her family experienced, they went to a camping trip with some other family friends when they found themselves in trouble. The two tires of the RV they were riding went flat. Good thing they were going not too fast on the road. But she told me she got scared having her children with her and it was almost night fall when that happened and they were in an unfamiliar and somewhat isolated place somewhere. Good thing their family friend who was with them was able to get a rv towing service in less than an hour. She does not want to spend the night on the side of the road somewhere half way to where they were supposed to camp that time.

Something to Think

The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.

Here is just something to think about today. Are you guilty of this too? Waiting for life to unfold before you or do you make things happen in your life like achieve dreams, goals, ambitions in life? We can start now and act now before it is too late... before our life here on earth ends. My teacher before told us to make things happen and not wait for things to happen coz they might not happen at all.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Insured Health

Being faced with a dilemma involving medical emergencies in the family is no easy thing to deal with when the case involves a large amount of money. My mom has told me to get a health insurance and in fact she had me insured for short term only just like the NC short term health insurance that I read about yesterday. Mine cover my health insurance for a year and I can actually renew it every year. It is only cost for a very small amount per day but it will be a good helpjust in case of hospitalization and other medical emergencies. You can even get a quote online these days and it is just quick and easy. So if i were you then go for it. It will and might save you one day. Who knows?


Had to urge hubby to buy new white shirts for work. I literally brought him to the mall yesterday while we break away from our reunion to shop for it at SM. He was finally convinced to buy 3 new ones plus two shorts for house wear only. I had to buy those for him otherwise he won't even buy them for himself. he's just waiting for their new office uniform which I doubt will be made this year.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Missed Homerun Pie

I really missed this homerun pie from Grub! I got reminded of this when I saw a friend posted a photo of it at FB and I wanna have this tomorrow! I am supposed to be in a diet and with my tummy acting weird today I should take this slow. I can eat what I want as long as I exercise, eat in moderation and there is always the diet pill to run to when you need to lose weight which of course you have to be sure is really worth your money.

I hope we can drop by Grub one of these days. Or I hope they do have delivery soon so we can just ask for food from them to be delivered but I guess that has to wait.

Live Within Your Budget

That is what my mom always tell us. So as much as possible pay off as much debt as possible. Do not use your credit card when you cannot pay the amount due when it does become due. Also do not avail of deferred payments plans as much as possible as they will tempt you to buy and spend more than what you can really afford to pay on time. Most important, pay in cash as much as possible and use your credit card less often. 

Take Care of Your Eyes

Sometimes I feel like my eyes need to be checked. It has been a long time since I could no longer clearly see from afar. We all know the eyes are one of the most important parts of our body. Adults should have an eye checkup every year or twice a year. Take note too of some important good eye care habits like wearing the right sunglasses while you go outside, not rubbing our eyes (oh no my son likes to rub his eyes sometimes!), do not read while you lie in bed (oh I used to do this a lot when I was still in school), get a safe two-meter distance from the TV screen while watching. Make sure you have enough light when you do some reading. These are just easy to follow habits. You can never take for granted you eyes. No one wants to live in the dark for the rest of their life, right?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Can Make It

I may be down with colds and headache starting right now. But I have to do something and I know I can make it. Just like with our other aspirations in life, if you will it, you can make it. So does that really mean that if I wanna invest in gold that would come true. Well it could possibly come true as it did for some few lucky people. They believe they can make it and they strived hard. Making a unique investment and on precious metals as rare as investing in gold is something we cannot take for granted for it does not happen to just anybody.  But did you know it does protect one's wealth as well as preserve one’s purchasing power and diversify investments? Yes it does so when you do invest in it, you have to be sure you place your investment in good hands. If you are serious into doing this, you can head on to those companies so called as leaders in precious metals investment for they'll help you. But for me now, I just have to achieve what I can, save and invest in what I can and I know I can make it coz I made it this far.


It is thirty minutes past one in the morning and I could hear loud and clear a car honking in the street. I hope they would be considerate enough for their neighbors not to honk that loud at this hour in the morning. Not all are up late like me and our lil boy who woke up late at night and won't go back to sleep just yet. If he had been sleeping and was waken up by that noise outside, I would be in panic to pacify him coz surely he would be crying. I am tired and glad the vehicle had stopped making noise as I could no longer hear it and I have to go to sleep with the lil boy in awhile.


We tried this Kingcorn yesterday at the mall and it was actually my first time to try it. I opted for the corn kernels instead of the corn on the cob since it will be easier to eat and more convenient. Hubby and I instantly liked it especially it has a cheese flavor in it. We actually shared on this one and before we went home, I bought two more for take home. I just find the plastic spoon too small. LOL! This one costs P28 same prize even for their corn on the cob. Yeah unlike the corn I buy from those who peddle them which is P5-P7 for one corn on the cob. Well I guess they have a lot of incurred expenses compared to those who just peddle them on the streets. But this is delicious and is extra cheese flavor. I'll buy one again when we have a chance.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Live simply... Dream big... Be grateful...Give love... Laugh lots...

Just some of the things we need to do and we tend to forget to do in life. Lately I have been watching this local comedy show so that I could "laugh lots" coz I feel it is something we need when we often take life too seriously. It makes me feel younger and lighter... if you know what I mean!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Lost and Found Freebies

The lil boy got the USB cable wire for our cellphones yesterday and now we could not find it. He won't tell where he put that cable which we need for transfers of downloaded files from the computer to the cellphone or vice versa. In the process of looking for it, I was able to find the plastic of freebies that we have collected over the years like mouse pads, pens, Promotional flash drive, pads, pen holder, etc. These are still very useful and if I were to get them for Christmas giveaways I am willing to accept them.

I remember in one of the companies I previouly worked for, we used to have giveaways for Christmas to our clients whose staff/employees are so eager to get them that even when it is still November they would be asking us what we'll give and to make sure that they would get one of those. LOL! I am not sure by this time, many companies are still giving away much to their clients during Christmas or during events. I think only very few and selected clients get to have these giveaways and promotional items during events due to cost-cutting measures implemented by most companies these days. 

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mardi Gras Invitations

Invitations Mardi Gras

When I think of Mardi Gras, I immediately think of lavish parades and parties! This festival is said to be awesome and if you are planning on hosting a party, you can always get your Mardi Gras Invitations from Holiday-Invitations where you can find at affordable prices these personalized Mardi Gras party invitations. Check out their website at http://www.holiday-invitations.com. They have mardi gras sayings and you can get free shipping and ten (10) Free Mardi Gras invitations with minimum quantity purchased. Plus avail of their same day printing and shipping. So invite your friends to come out to your Mardi Gras party with those unique mardi gras invitations!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Something Good

Despite the recent calamity brought by Ondoy (Ketsana) and the threat that super typhoon Pepeng (Parma) might even worsen the present situation and worse even another typhoon  might be coming this one, we could only continue to pray something good is going to happen. Indeed, something good is already happening as we see our fellow Filipinos helping each other, praying for each other. People come out stronger, with more value on life rather than properties lost. I heard one victim said that this tragedy has taught her family that they will have to live simple lives from now on. I truly hope that at least there is something good that is going to happen and has happened in our lives.

Would Love the Improvement

Yesterday afternoon, hubby was able to talk to the owner of the apartment and I heard they might put tiles on the floor of the utility room which we are also waiting to be repaired and fixed. I  would love it if the tiles used will be like those that I have seen at buytile.com which specializes in porcelain tile, ceramic tile, metal tile and glass tile at affordable prices.

There is a part of the floor in the utility room which had been opened to fix the problem with the drainage. We are just waiting for them to finally put it back in place and seal the floor once again. I would love the improvement of having tiles in the floor there so it would be more convenient since we do our cooking and washing there. The place will look better too! I hope it will be done soon.

Pass on the Junk

One tip if you wanna live healthy is to pass on the junk. What do I mean? I have to give up eating junk food or any food that does not give us much nutrients that we need. If I cut down (which means we should not include it anymore in our grocery... can I do that?) then give it up totally eventually, I will help myself get rid of the components that are not needed and are unwanted by the body. Keep in mind that those delicious yet "sinful" fatty food will bring in more toxins that will continue to pollute the body. Easier said than done but we have to learn to pass on the junk!

Making Me Sleepy

The neighbor upstairs is playing music that is making me more sleepy awhile ago. It was the least I need now coz I need to work while the little one is still sound asleep in his room. I could hear the music loud and clear even if the windows and doors are all closed here. It's far too relaxing and soothing this Thursday morning when I need to work since we are going out for a few errands this afternoon and double dinner celebration tonight. Now at least the music has either been turned off or lowered the volume. I hope I can fight off this sleepy head of mine or I might as well take a nap now for a few minutes.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Perfect for Family Vacation

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Cancelled Day Off

Hubby had a cancelled day off last week since his new boss is on official business trip to the main office. Instead of going overtime, they had to cancel their day off last week.Anyway, we cannot complain coz it is work and we need him to have work especially during these times. Plus we have a plan for H project #2 to keep in mind. So we have to work double hard, spend less hopefully but with the rising prices of commodities, utility bills, even grocery items which seem to be increasing every time we go there for our lil boy's needs and home stuff. How can we save more. Oh well, I hope we can cope and I can manage but then I don't want that this cancelled day off thing at hubby's work will be a regular thing. I have work at home too so that means less chances for me to ever have a day off myself and that much needed "ME" time too. I think those two things will remain "cancelled" as well.

Home Safe

We are lucky to be home safe and there is no flood here. There was only a drizzle this afternoon and no more. But sad as it is, there are a lot of people in Luzon who are still on their way home, stranded on the street or worse stranded on top of their homes while they are hungry, thirsty, wet and tired. I could only pray people I know there are home safe now. Take care my online friends there and be safe!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Love Yourself

Something we as mother tend to forget when we are too busy every single day loving our kids and hubby. I often wonder how many mothers feel this way, even those who are not mothers. I remember someone telling me long before that we should not forget to love our own self. I could start by giving myself "ME" time even if he won't, right? LOL!

Eat & Cleanse

We were at our fave resto serving Thai cuisine last night and we ordered the usual fave dishes there including the chicken in pandan leaves. It is kind of greasy and my eldest sis who was able to dine with us by coincidence said that we can eat it once in awhile though not as often though but we have to do some cleansing after. I am actually not the only one who need it coz I think she needs more of that colon cleanse that I have read before since she ate the chicken skin which I set aside in my plate. I told her it is okay anyway since she does not eat that often but I got the reply that it is not what i think and that I was wrong. Oh my! All along I thought she has reformed as I think she is my idol when it comes to eating but she has lost weight over the years and you'd think she has used one of those effective top 10 cleansing and detox products that will allow you to lose weight clean your body as well.


The two kids of our neighbors are so noisy this early in the morning. LOL! I could hear their grandmother telling them to keep quiet. I did not realize they are this noisy before they leave for school. Today in particular the A/C in my son's room is already off and I could hear all the noise outside unlike in other days that it would muffle all the noise outside. Well it's really quiet in here as the little boy was brought by the father to work. He promised to do that yesterday but only now did he fulfill that promise.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I decided to just tweak this home of mine here since I cannot think of any updates yet for my other homes. I have moved the other widgets, trying something else and experimenting somehow so please just bear with me. There is one widget that I wanna try so I am going to explore that one now. I'll see if it works well since it is my first time to use it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bird Hunting

Are you into bird hunting? You may need the so-called BB Guns. I read somewhere that airsoft guns are also commonly called BB guns or pellet guns, all these are available at your one stop shop for such kind of guns at Zephyr Airguns. It is an online retailer for extreme sports and outdoor gear and they also have paintball, airsoft guns and much more gears. Zephyr offers low prices in the web for such items needed by bird hunters as well as sports buffs who are into airsoft and paintball. They offer free shipping for orders above $100 to the continental US and they ship all in stock orders that are placed by 2PM pacific the same day. This is for those who urgently need those gears. I am not much into bird hunting but airsoft and paintball are two seemingly fun sports that I wanna try out come to think of it.


At this hour of the night and after we just had dinner, I suddenly craved for softdrinks after I ate tome of the french fries in the ref which my son did eat earlier. The french fries does not want to go down my throat without the taste of Coke softdrinks. LOL! Just kidding I just drank H20 or simply called water to push the fries down my dry, thirsty throat.

Missing Keys

My set of keys are missing and I cannot find them in the bag awhile ago. I did not panic coz I know I placed them in the bag before we left the house earlier and I did not take them out when we got home. But I need to open the cabinet and I cannot find the keys. Then suddenly I heard the sound of keys being shaken by my son. Alas he must have gotten them out from the bag when he asked for money earlier. Since he did not find coins, he took the keys which he was throwing at the floor somehow to make it sound like coins just like the coins being thrown by the people who gave Mr. Bean money as donation after he performed in the street in the movie my son is watching right now. Okay whatever at least I found the missing keys or I would spend the whole night looking for them.

Treat Your Kids to Disney

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Asking for Money

I was surprised awhile ago when my lil boy came rushing to my side, pulled my hand and then went to our room to get our bag where he knows where my wallet was. He was asking for money! Why? He was watching the Mr. Bean movie and he wants to follow what he saw in the movie where people were giving Mr. Bean money after he performed at the street. Good thing the lil boy's attention was diverted back to the movie after awhile coz I did not want him to be handling money and I know he was still eating something in his room. He likes to imitate what he sees on TV so what he sees really needs to be screened. I just hope he won't make it a habit to ask for money though.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Blogger Editor

I am loving the new look and features of the blogger editor now which I am just getting to try out for a few days now. It has improved and it is really better. There is now a jump break or read more but I do not know why it does not work with this home of mine. It works for hubby's blog but not with this one though. Anyway, I am not in a rush to fix that as I am fine with how it has been posted since. But it would be good too if I can get to use it here so I can show more post in one page.


We're planning to move and it would be good if it would happen soon or later. But not to another apartment I hope but to a new home we can really call our very own new home. Well as for our friend couple who are actually hubby's friends way back are moving abroad and they need one of those movers that do cross country moving services. If you do need the services of cross country movers, there is one like the one from California New York Express which gives guaranteed moving quote for every long distance move. As a customer, they will let you now exactly what kind of services and pricing to expect from them and they do try their best to give the best service expected from movers. I hope we can avail of their service when we do move coz that would surely guarantee less hassle and worry on our part.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lesson in Life

Two of my sisters shared this to me both today and so I got the time to read it twice. They rarely pass on messages to me unless they feel I need it. So I just wanna share it to you too. Well whoever happens to have the time to read it anyway as it is a good lesson in life we should not ignore.
We will not be remembered by our words, but by our kind deeds.
Life is not measured by the breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath.

Today I wish you a day of ordinary miracles...
A fresh pot of coffee you didn't make yourself....
An unexpected phone call from an old friend ....
Green stoplights on your way to work...
The fastest line at the grocery store...
A good sing-along song on the radio...
Your keys found right where you left them.

Share this to the people you'll never forget. If you don't share it to anyone, it means you are in way too much of a hurry to even notice the ordinary miracles when they occur.

Have a great life!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Good Web Host

A friend of mine is asking for help in looking for a good web host. It is her first time to get a web hosting for her new blog. Before when hubby and I started, we checked on many website directory for web hosting to look for reviews and recommendations on which we should choose for a web host. There are good ones to choose from which has been bringing professional, affordable and quality web hosting service to users. One thing to keep in mind in choosing is that the web host must have a stable and secure server for all its customers.
Various users can choose among shared hosting, reseller hosting, unmetered hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers depending on what they need. Make sure your host has 24/7 support via live chat and help desk, also 99.9% uptime guarantee. It is also good if they offer money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their service! So I hope make a good decision in choosing your web host.

Officially Hungry

With no breakfast and lunch yet and it is past afternoon snack time... then I can say I am officially hungry. I'm glad my mommy could not read this or else I'll have sermon for brunch, snacks and dinner! LOL! I could already hear her saying what she used to tell me if I try to skip meals. Ok mommy we're off to have something to eat! See you in awhile! Happy, hungry Sunday for me!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Clean Up

We were traveling last week when we passed by a part of the highway where there was quite an oil spill on the cement and it had to blocked so that the cars and other vehicles would not pass through that part until it was cleaned to prevent any accidents. I hope that had been cleaned up. It was quite a mess on that part of the highway and I guess with spills like that it can be easily cleaned with pressure washers also called power washers just like those from Hotsy which are recognized in the industry for having long life and excellent cleaning ability reliable on an any clean up needed. You’ll want to make sure that you choose a hot water pressure washer if the surface that needs cleaning contains any type of grease, grime or oil just like the one we saw.

Back to Sleep

So I am done checking my emails and pending things and playing a little at FB and now I have to go back to sleep and still have a few hours before daylight. I am getting sleepy again. I need to save some energy as today is wash day and I have other tasks to do later. Hope people going back to work after a long weekend and from the just concluded Kadayawan Festival are up to another week of regular work.

Happy Monday! Have a great and productive week ahead!


I am hungry and yet it is still in the wee hours of the morning in this part of the world. My tummy should have been filled with what I had for dinner last night but it is craving for something to fill it. I am so tempted to eat right now but I don't wanna go back to bed after just having eaten again. Maybe I will just let this pass and it will go away in awhile. I hope so! Wasn't I suppose to diet? Yes I really need to control my cravings. I will just to sleep this out in awhile. I am almost done and going back to bed in awhile.

Cutting Edge

I have yet to find the best hairstylist in our town who I can say really had the cutting edge in hair styling. There are not much schools for hairstylist here in our place but if you happen to be in the US and want to pursue a career in hairstyling or cosmetology, there are cosmetology schools in kansas where you can have a personalized training that you can start with as soon as you can and also it allows you to start as soon as next week, and you can go through the whole the program at the pace that you want. They also offer schedules that are flexible which can make you the ultimate stylist with a cutting edge in nine months.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lucky Me

Lucky us we have Lucky Me noodles and that is what we have for dinner since we were tired to really go out and have dinner or cook something else. The lil boy likes is a lot though hubby and I talked that this is not good for the lil boy's diet though he really makes the effort to eat it and he devours it with gusto. We usually have to tell him to slow down but you should see him eat the noodles.

Tired Feet

After two days on the street this weekend I can say my feet are so tired that I cannot stand for long earlier in the mall and in the church that I am almost limping in pain. I was even wearing slippers so it would be more comfortable for my feet. Had I worn my closed shoes for walking it would have hurt more. LOL! This is what I get for trying to think I am as fit as I was last year but still I was glad because I get to sweat out some fats while doing the walking and standing the heat of the sun watching the activities on the street.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gotta Lose It

I have gotta lose weight and all the excess fat I have in my body. Hubby and I planned to go on a more veggie diet though there might still be pork in it but smaller portions now... hopefully. My friend knowing I have long been wanting to lose weight asked me if I want to buy glucomannan which is a natural and insoluble fiber that is meant to suppress appetite.I need to control my appetite and craving for food particularly sweets and high in carbo and calories. Sometimes if not often times I simply cannot resist these delicious food that we see. Food is great but too much of anything is not good too and that I should keep in mind if I wanna live longer and healthier.


Excited for the floral float parade though still a little tired from watching the street dancing competition. I am sleeping late tonight to watch the live coverage on TV of the announcement of winners. I am excited to watch the floral float tomorrow morning with my two boys. Hope to see beautifully decorated floral floats. Hope it won't be too hot outside also. Hope to have fun tomorrow!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Less Greaseless

Yummy greaseless chicken from Papa Ching's! This is among the best that I have tasted here in our place and I would love to have these oh so often. My son and hubby likes this too! It has been our fave now since we first tasted it. But my sis upon knowing about this latest fave of ours warned us not to eat so much of this anymore. I also told her we cannot afford to always eat this but only when we have a budget.

She did not forget to remind me that I have to be more strict in myself and watching my diet. Otherwise, she reminds me I might be needing to really find the best weight loss supplements there is in the market that I could get my hands on. She has been telling me not all supplements really work. Indeed that what my friends also what I read in this insider's guide to the online world of weight loss supplements. It tells that we the consumers cannot believe everything that we read. I guess that is why we have reviews.

But then, I cannot resist eating that greaseless chicken again. But less greaseless this time. Anyway, there are those supplements that can help me just in case I need them right?


He is on overtime work again and I am coping well here. It is not something I like to happen on a weekend but we have no choice. I am getting used to it and thank goodness the internet is working fine now. Also it is a good thing that my son is happily playing with his toys in his room while watching Barnyard for the nth time! The good thing with hubby's overtime is he can avail of ADO or an additional day off for him. Hope he can avail of it during the festival so we can have time to go out and enjoy the Kadayawan Festival and make up for family time overtaken by his work sked even during weekends. We got used to that already and we are happy at the least he has a stable work even if it requires overtime.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Let's Go Home

We went to the mall today for lunch and buy something at the grocery aside from getting some moolah for allowance. After lunch at Port Cafe, hubby had to go to work and so my son and I tried to go around the mall for awhile. I was happy that based on observation, my son behaved with so many people there since there was an activity at the Atrium area. A few minutes of just going around, he said to me "Let's go home." I cannot help but smile since he usually does not want to go home yet. But I sked if he wants to watch Cowie and he said "Yes!" Cowie is what we call Otis the cow in Barnyard, his latest fave animated movie which hubby got him. He has been watching it endlessly since. Okay after one round following and watching the train inside the mall. I said "Okay let's go home!" :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Celebrate Love in Riviera Maya

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Keep Kids Fever-Free

I am thankful that my son did not have fever during the time he had colds and cough a few days ago. When my lil boy gets sick I cannot help but worry. But what mother would not even have the slightest worry when their kids get sick? I was told before that when our kiddos have a fever, we can treat them easily with over the counter medicine for fever. I remember my friend who is also a mother told me before that compared to paracetamol, ibuprofen works faster and causes greater reduction in temperature and is said to have a longer lasting effectiveness. But then again it would always be best to have our kiddos a check up with their pedia especially when the fever persists. Oh well I was reminded of this because my god child now has fever and her mother talked to me and she was a little worried. For me with any sickness, prevention is still better if not best than cure. 

Be A Little OC

I was told by my sis that my being a little OC or obsessive-compulsive may help when it comes to cleaning. She says it would not do any harm to be a little OC when I do cleaning chores at home. As a matter of fact it may even be a big help coz you who do the cleaning would not stop doing so until you get the cleanliness you really want. An OC wants it and does anything to get it. I just hope my mojo to clean will be there too when that happens. 

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ping Pong

The kids next door are playing ping pong and I could hear them having so much fun! Oh my I really missed the game which we used to play when we were young. My dad and brother would play so hard on us well I guess they are stronger by nature but my sister and I would try our best too to beat them sometimes sending the ping pong ball flying and no longer touching the table and it comes out like we are sort of playing another kind of game.

The ping pong table we had then was only improvised but if you want one, you can get a Prince recreation ping pong table at Premier Game Tables and there are also other choices of indoor and outdoor ping pong tables. For us we need an outdoor table since we have no space inside the house. I wanna play the game soon. I'll try to convince my sister and hubby to play with me one of these days.

Wake Up

My lil boy is still asleep and it is now noon in here. He slept around past one in the morning since he was able to sleep from eight to eleven last night after we had dinner out. But at least while he is still asleep I am able to some online and offline chores. I think he will wake up in awhile. Maybe hubby is praying he will sleep longer to give me time to relax since he knows i am really not feeling well but he is on a 12 hour shift the whole day today as his officemate made an emergency leave due to some important family matters. I was kind of hoping I would be able to rest this afternoon when he comes home but I guess I won't be able to have that until he comes home early evening. But I will try to handle things here. The lil boy and I can watch movies the whole afternoon till hubby comes home. I am gonna check on the lil boy now.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Rug It

Yesterday I told my sis that I would want to do something with the kitchen floor which aside from being cold beneath our feet, our son sometimes likes to run there and at times he slips. My sis told me to rug it which she meant I may put one of those nice and attractive kitchen rugs that would add color and also functional too! I was joking my sis maybe she can buy me one and she said she will think about it and so I told her to check on the Rug Showplace and look for the burgundy kitchen rug that I like there. Weeee! I hope she will indeed buy one for me soon!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sliced Jelly

I am getting hungry and since I will have dinner alone. I decided to just open the pack of AL sliced jelly we bought at Robinson's. It is delicious and I have consumed three pieces so far and counting. Well I am hungry and it is getting too sweet for my palate and throat. But it calms my tummy's craving for something to digest until hubby comes home with his pasalubong from Jollibee or McDo... I hope!


I started watching Grey's Anatomy again last night and it was a miracle that my son let me watch it on his TV in his room last night and tonight. I just finished the episode I was not able to finish last night. I will try watch the next episode when the lil boy wakes up later. I used to watch Grey's in marathon mode when I was still pregnant but then I stopped when I began to have anxieties over my then pending CS seeing the operations they do on the show and patients dying during the operation. But now I think I can go back watching it again that is if my son allows me to use the TV in his room.

Medical Supply

I had a chat with my long time friend who is now a nurse yet is still looking for work in Boston. She was looking online for a medical supply for her sick aunt who is in the hospital and has to undergo imaging study of the lower urinary tract because of an infection and needs a foley catheter that she was thankful for me because I referred her to check on the online at Allegro Medical, one of the largest and most technologically advanced online retailers of life enhancing products in the United States. That particular catheter is a thin, sterile tube that is inserted into the bladder to drain urine.and can be left in place in the bladder for a period of time. Allegro has almost all the medical supplies you would need and you can search for them over their product categories. I remember I was a little anxious over the catheter when I gave birth and I told my friend about how awkward the experience was. Anyway, if you have medical supplies needs, check on www.allegromedical.com and be sure to check their free Allegro eCatalog offering with limited time specials and discounts given to those who sign up.

Crawling Back

I think it is still kind of early and I think I am going to crawl back to bed for awhile and wake up in an hour. This is the effect of sleeping so late the past few days. My body clock has changed and has been affected especially my sleeping time. Well I am just going to do some chores and if I still feel so sleepy then I am really going back to sleep in awhile.


"I want nobody, nobody but you!..." I dunno with you but the song Nobody by the Wonder Girls from Korea if I am not mistaken has had me dancing and singing and clapping whenever I hear the song being played on TV and any where, any time. Even some friends has said they do like the song too and feel like dancing too. Minda you just yesterday afternoon, a male friend told his friends he likes the song, feel like dancing to it and was planning to make a video of it. I told him that i will be looking forward to see that video if they really do it. I wish him luck!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quick and Free

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It is cold in here and more so coz I have a slight fever! The "weather" inside the house is cold which both hubby and I agree. We have opened the door to my son's room where the AC is turned on. And may we be blessed more so we will be able to pay the rising bill of our electricity. My son sweats a lot and maybe I will tell hubby that we may need to buy a small fan for our son's room so we can let the AC rest most of the time. My son has been staying more time in his room since we set up his own TV there on top of the new cabinet we bought for him a few days ago and we need to turn on the AC and it gets cold here most of the time. Grrrr! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours

When it rains, it pours and that was what happened just this evening. Plus it comes with loud thunder and lighting. We do not usually hear the rain even if it usually pours hard but the rain this evening, I really heard it and the thunder made me fear that our sleeping little son will wake up crying. Thank goodness he did not wake up until after the rain has turned into drizzle. My PILs were here awhile ago and my MIL said that one of the streets they passed through going here was really flooded. I have not been out in the streets here when it rains hard so I can only imagine just as what hubby has been telling me since.

Unique Investment

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Out for a Break and a Cabinet

Hubby and I with our son had gone out for a break earlier. We went to the mall nearby and we also got our son his very own cabinet for his stuff - clothes, toys and other things. We need to vacate his stuff from the cabinet in our room since hubby's clothes as well as mine has been dumped and squeezed in only one cabinet while our son's are in the other cabinet. Hubby and I can have each a cabinet of our own by tomorrow morning when the one we bought has been delivered.

I Want

It is almost three in the afternoon here and am getting hungry! I want this delicious and sweet pancake from Port Cafe in the mall nearby. It is just actually a few minutes ride from here and I wonder if hubby feels like going to the mall in awhile just to have these! This is by far the best I have eaten. Better than the one I have tasted at Pancake House branches here.

WW: Flower

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


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Skipped Lunch

Okay we ended up skipping lunch today since we cannot finally decide where to eat as hubby planned that we have lunch out supposedly. Anyway, we ended up having snacks instead and hubby fried the bananas we bought at Robinsons the last time we went to have grocery there a few days ago. Talk about diet eh! Then this may be a good start.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Need Traffic

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Wishing for a Sunny Day

I wish for the sun to shine and the skies will clear for it is but one gloomy day here in our part of the world. I am a little sleepy still for I slept quite late last night or this morning I should say. I wanna go out for a walk but I remember there are still some pending chores and tasks to do here. Maybe later when it will not rain then maybe my lil boy and I can take a walk outside. Good morning everyone!

Good Night

Time flies when you are having fun and is busy. I have to say good night now and go to sleep but then it seems my mind is waking up again and that may mean I will have a hard time falling asleep. Well my sis said just to lie down and relax and clear my mind then I will probably fall asleep immediately.

Liked It Too

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I have one pending task - washing and sterilizing my son's feeding bottles. Good thing hubby helped me and he washed as well as sterilized two bottles quickly for the meantime as there is not much time last night and our son has already drank from the last clean bottle available. He is now asleep and will probably ask for milk in the morning and these two newly cleaned bottles will help me get through the night till the other bottles are sterilized too.


I thought there was someone talking outside but only to find out that my son who was sleeping was dreaming and somehow talking in his sleep about something which he probably does not want because he was saying "not like that" (dili ana). He called out to me and so I went into his room. He went back to sleep almost immediately and stopped talking. He must have remembered something during the day. Well back to work for me now. In awhile I will be sleeping and dreaming maybe.


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To Eat or Not

It is past midnight now and having skipped dinner and went straight to a late night snacks, I am getting hungry and I am trying to decide whether I will eat or not. I will be sleeping in awhile which I hope but I am just finishing something and researching about something on the internet. I just wanna ignore my tummy and the hunger I feel. I can eat plenty tomorrow during breakfast anyway so I can have a restful sleep.

No to Change

My lil boy says no to change of diapers lately especially at night and when he wakes up in the morning. Hubby and I sometimes have a hard time convincing him to change diapers especially when it is about to overflow. Just like awhile ago before he slept and was drinking his milk in bed, he would not let me change his diaper. I tried to do so when he was asleep but he must have sensed it that he also implied that he is against it even if he was so sleepy. I will try again in awhile and I hope he will cooperate this time and won't stir in his sleep.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Shop for Baby Gifts

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There is a train bank I want to get for my son who likes to get coins and which he can put into it while at the same time he can play with it as he likes trains for toys aside from cars and other stuff.

Dancing and Jumping

It is fun to see my lil boy dancing and jumping but I cannot concentrate on the work I am doing since he is jumping in the middle of the big box of my Sammy LCD TV and the middle part of the box could give in anytime. I have been telling him to stop and he would but he would start again as soon as I am no longer looking. He won't sleep yet either. Oh I hope he will just stay put while I finish some chores.

Hungry for More

My two year old lil boy is asking for biscuits and hungry for more! He consumed the pack of crackers fast and with gusto. He seems really to be in the mood to eat with me. And he even asked for some corn chips I was eating plus he had two bottles of orange juice. It would be okay if it not late at night here.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


My friend who recently got an iPhone wants to accessorize it along with the new apps that she has put into it too. I told her I saw some iphone accessories at Buy.com. These accessories will complete the look of you iPhone! If you would like to personalize your iPhone look, you you should need the right accessories and they have what you are looking for. You can change colors from pink to black or maybe leather for that professional look which you might just need. You can choose whatever way you want to be and let your iphone match your mood too.


I am having fun playing with my son who is still wide awake at this late hour at night. He still does not want to sleep. he still wants to watch the Disney and Pixar movie Cars once again when in fact he has seen this movie many times already. He likes to play it over and over again. It's fun to see him copying the moves and talk of the caharacters in the movie.

Hunting and Hoping

I am hunting for cellular phones online which I hope I can find the one that I like since I have not been looking and doing much window shopping at the mall for quite a long time now. I went to The Source where I found some nice cellphones like the BlackBerry Bold, Curve, and Pearl, plus a great selection of Qwerty and standard cell phones by Sony, LG, Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola.Aside from the latest cell phones, you can also find a great selection of cell phone accessories – like cases, chargers, and Bluetooth handsfree headsets there. I wonder if hubby will allow me to save and buy a BlackBerry. I hope he will!


I skipped breakfast and lunch today which I hope will make me lose weight which I needed most now. I looked in the mirror and I could see that it really has an effect as I saw my tummy got smaller and I feel lighter. But good thing I am just at home so that I am not that stressed out unlike when I used to work and I cannot do this I mean not eating anything other than some chips.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Filling Friday

1. When I heard my son shouting, I have to tell him to keep quiet or the neighbors will be disturbed.

2. Laughter is the best medicine.

3. It's late, but I still wanna join this meme.

4. May God guide, bless and protect us always.

5. My eyes have seen some of the best things in life.

6. God has power over everything and that I believe strongly.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hubby coming home from work, tomorrow my plans include having calzone pizza at Picolbello and Sunday, I want to attend mass with my boys and have bonding time probably dinner out!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Online Colleges

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