Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Three Things

Three things that I can do without:
  1. Make-up as I never wear them unless I have to on very special occasions but that is very rare.
  2. Mean, accusing and malicious people as they make life miserable. :)
  3. Bad movies that seems to have no value, made for nothing and teaches no values. :)
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WW: Jack's Ridge Resort Davao City

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Monday, April 28, 2008

WS: Caesar Salad

Got another chance for a foodtrip and got to order my favorite spaghetti carbonara that comes with this caesar salad of Pizza Hut. Actually I only get to eat all of this when I'm at Pizza Hut. Other places, hmmmm so far I can't consume more than one serving. So at least I get to try something healthy in a fast food rather than the usual fried chicken with gravy, fries and other not so healthy stuff yet delicious.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Whether you are getting a driver's license or applying for a job wherein most companies now which have been surveyed do conduct drug test for applicants to determine whether a person has been a user or probably a cause of headache and possible hazard to their company. There are a lot of other things which requires it these days. I am definitely no user so it's not a problem for me though I have known people not close to me though who had come across and tried them before at one point of their life. So like my old officemate who got scared at one point a couple of years ago when she was concerned of how to pass a drug test naturally as she had tried it before but she had never been addicted to it as what she told us. She was then processing her papers and documents for abroad. She also said that another friend of hers was also concerned of how to pass drug test for cocaine. I told her she had quite a surprising character of friends. Well I guess they just wanna know the experience for the thrill of it but definitely it is a no-no for me. So if these are your concerns and you feel the need to detoxify, you can check out Detox Market as they may help you where they have detox products, kits, pills, and drinks offered for fast and guaranteed help that is if you need to pass a drug test. To protect your privacy, they ship their products in brown boxes with no labels. It may be shipped overnight if you like. But the best thing here is, you should never try drugs ever in your life so as to avoid problems not only for you but for your loved ones as well.

Track Them

My sis in UK called after quite sometime. She told me that they had again transferred and this time they had moved to a farther place from the city much compared to like a province here she said. So I asked her how they are in their new location. She said they are okay there and good thing there is a vacant slot in the school where my nephew is now studying in there. I told her every time she call us over the past few months, she is like telling me that they have moved again and I think we need to have a gps tracking to track them every time they move again. She said she might get that though for her two boys so she can track them when they drive out of the house. I told her it won't be long before she needs to use that with her son and we laughed. Oh my! How I miss them so! But this is life, we have to go separate ways sometimes in order to explore the world and grow independent.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day and I won't easily forget that because it is also the birthday of my best friend in HS. Well this day reminds us of different issues and concerns on the environment including one thing we are really affected and that is air pollution. Good thing I am less exposed now as I no longer travel everyday to work. Unlike before where I have to endure aside from the traffic, the air pollution on the road. Wish there are air cleaners set everywhere and I wish there is also one in the house. Sometimes our neighbor are not sensitive enough to realize that we have a baby and they are adding to air pollution when they burn plastics and rubber just like the other day and the smell is so bad. Please be responsible! :)

Monday, April 21, 2008


Our weekend was spent mostly at home. But Hubby and I went out for awhile yesterday afternoon and bought our first DSLR Nikon D60. Here is my favorite subject for my photos, our baby CT who is 15 months old. You can see he has four lower teeth already while he has three upper teeth yet. He likes to test the strength of his teeth and would sometimes bite us while laughing. Before you know it he has bitten you. But I know he is just playing around. He was playing with his clothes here which we put in the bed while we arranged his clothes inside the cabinet.

Nikon D60

This is our new and first DSLR - Nikon D60. Finally was able to buy it from the rewards of my blogging opportunities. It has a new feature called VR or Vibration Reduction hopefully for those with shaky hands. So far I love it but still has a lot to learn to maximize all its features to get better photos. But it has clearer shots and from our Canon PowerShot A710IS 7.1 MP to this Nikon 10.2 MP. I wanna learn photography and hopefully enjoy it as much and get the most out of it. It is always nice to have a new hobby.

But for now I have to go and find those magnifying glasses which my dad is looking for. He said needs it for something. Well do you think having glasses on is no longer enough? Hmmm maybe. :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Win $200 this August

I won US$15 as second prize last month from Yen's previous contest. Thanks so much Yen! Hope I will make it again this time! Now she has another contest and Yen is giving out a total of US$200 this August in her raffle draw contest. If you wanna join in the fun of this contest then check out the details as posted on her blog:


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And now as for the blog I wanna nominate, I love the NiervaDotCom not because I know who the blog author is :) but because I have always wanted to have a site like that and hopefully in the near future that will be realized. I also wanna explore the rewards in doing Google adsense! :)

Acne Problem

Staying up late, genes, too much stress, unhealthy diet and other things can be factors that would lead to one's having an acne problem. I have friends and people I know that have this skin problem.I have pimples but thank goodness not acne. Other people who suffer from such problem have found easy ways to be treated but some still look for other Acne Treatment that would totally cure their acne problem. You can also do a little research of your own as there are Top Acne Products which one can find online which have unbiased reviews of those treatments in the market that offers the best possible acne solution to achieving acne control and have a clear beautiful skin you deserve.

There are also choices and products for those who have blemishes connected or due to their acne problem as well. Sorting out to looking online for those Blemish Treatment products is one good way to help solve your problem. Actually there are many sites online that gives such reviews but make sure you know which one would work best for you otherwise things will get worse and you will never get back or have that beautiful skin you had or have always wanted.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Slow Down

I am proud that I was able to slow down in eating and let hubby do most of it if you know what I mean. Well since I became a stay at home mom, I am free do what I want any time of the day and usually I have more time to eat as in I can do so any time of the day and we can even go to the mall or fast food if we really want to these days. Knowing what we eat in the fast food chains can make us grow big and gain weight faster than we can control it so I have to stop and discipline myself as long as I can since I also do not want to opt for those like lipovox as I would rather control my diet. So wish me luck.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Fill-in #68

1. The last time I lost my temper I have learned to just pray for peace of mind and those people to learn how to repent!
2. Malicious, insecure and accusing people is what I'm fed up with!
3. The next book I'd like to read is The Purpose Driven Life.
4. Our next food trip is what I'm looking forward to.
5. If you can't get rid of the skeleton[s] in your closet, forget about them!
6. The best thing I got in the mail recently was a birthday card.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to having dinner with my baby and hubby, tomorrow my plans include going out with my baby and hubby and Sunday, I want to hear mass with my family!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Important Matters

There are people we sometimes want to deal with but there are more important matters at hand that we have to focus on rather than waste precious time on these ungrateful and insensitive people. Honestly they are not worth your time. So the best thing one should do is not to think of them and ignore them. Let them be and leave them in peace. Maybe they don't want peace their insecurities are eating their self worth that is why they make insensible comments anywhere. So if you find yourself in such a situation then deal with more important matters which are far more rewarding!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Second Batch of Teen Housemates Nominated for Eviction

The second batch of teen housemate nominated for eviction this week are Linda of Iriga and Kevin of Madrid, Spain. Kevin's father somehow reacted when he saw and heard on TV that Kevin was nominated for eviction. Linda is nominated for the second time in a row and she is somehow kind of expecting she is the one going out of the house on Saturday. I just wonder though why there are only two house mates nominated this week when there are usually three nominees. I was not able to see the episode yesterday as hubby and I went out to celebrate a special day.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Out of the House

We were watching the first eviction night of the PBB Teen Edition Plus earlier this evening and Jieriel Papa is the first teen housemate out of Big Brother's house. Kind of disappointed that she is the first on out but we were kind of expecting it. Tomorrow will be the second nomination night for the PBB Teen Edition Plus and who do you think will be nominated. Anyway, I have to go check on this mortgage lenders that hubby told me to look at before we find out of the house ourselves.

Saturday 9: The Last Person

1. Who was the last person you spoke with?
>> Hubby :)

2. Who was the last person you saw at work?
>> My three officemates Ed, Rose, Llowen exactly a month ago :)

3. Who was the last person to comment on your blog?
>> Lutchi.

4. Who was the last person that you wrote a post about?
>> Three blogger friends :)

5. Who was the last person that you emailed?
>> Chikai

6. Who was the last person that you phoned?
>> Hubby :)

7. Who was the last person to give you bad advice?
>> A friend of mine.

8. Who was the last person to give you good advice?
>> Hubby :)

9. Who was the last person that you kissed?
>> Hubby again :)

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Lose Weight

I am getting conscious of my weight lately and I am thinking of the option which my friends have told me in the past and they are the weight loss pills. But the ones they recommended are far to expensive for me which makes me think of just going natural and that is cutting down on my food intake and doing more exercise. But there are some people who opts for pills for weight loss that are of the lowest prices. You can check online for them. For now I have to go and rest as I will be meeting friends tomorrow from the blogosphere!

Ayala Mall In Davao City To Open Next Year 2009

Mayor Duterte, Davao City Mayor, was interviewed by TV Patrol Regional Davao awhile ago and said that 2009 is the target date of opening the Ayala Mall in Davao and by 2012 the whole project will be finished (landscape, it park, etc.). This will indeed generate more jobs for people in Davao.

According to the press release:
AYALA Land Holdings Incorporation has announced that it will invest P3 billion for its Ayala Center of Davao, a joint project with the Anflo Management and Investment Corporation (Anflocor) which owns the property.Javier D. Hernandez, senior division manager of Ayala Malls Group, said the complex will be located at the Floirendo-owned nine-hectare property fronting the Redemptorist Church in J. P. Laurel (Bajada) Avenue.

He said the project will be different from any of the company’s 11 malls as each of them has a “character” as it will employ at least 5,000 workers.

Hernandez said the timetable for the project is that by 2012 it will start operating as it will have four phases with the first phase to be completed in 2009 with two buildings for call center locators.

On hand to announce his support was Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte who said the project will add to the economic activities of the city.

Earlier, Ricardo R. Floirendo, Anflocor South Operations senior vice president, earlier said the two giant companies signed the memorandum of agreement on November 29 at the Ayala Serendra Commercial Complex in Makati City.

Under the agreement, the Ayala Malls Group will develop the property into a mini city, including the two hectare information and communications technology park which will house the call centers. The Makati-based conglomerate, considered the oldest company in the country, will also bring the locators to the project, Floirendo added.

One feature of the project is that it will be a “mall with a garden” as this will allow shoppers to roam around the mall where they can also dine and shop. “The place will allow them to go there and eat and at the same time shop (for high-end consumer products,” Floirendo said in an interview with the Times early this year.

The project was a fruit of a six-month study and eventual negotiations between the two companies, he added.
Below is the so-called unofficial release of official rendering of the Ayala Mall in Davao and Ayala Business Park in Davao. This was shown during the forum at the Marco Polo Hotel by Javier Hernandez, senior div. manager of the Ayala Mall Corp (photo courtesy of SSC, nick4ubaby and tj_brewed).

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gloria Jean’s Coffees Chocolate Macadamia Nut Coffee Chiller

This Chocolate Macadamia Nut Coffee Chiller of Gloria Jean's Coffees in Davao City is really coffeelicious!!! It costs P150. Pretty expensive but it was worth it. I like the sweet blend of this coffee. If you wanna try it you can go to Pagcor - Davao (formerly Casino Filipino) located at the Grand Regal Hotel. I was told they don't have tables there where you can hang out with your friends and it is basically a counter there so I guess it leaves time for you to roam around and probably play at the casino. But I'd rather just enjoy this simply coffeelicious chilled coffee! Click on the photo for more yumminess! :)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


It is one hot, hot, hot summer day here! The ice cold water in no time lost that coldness that would have quenched my thirst! We have maximized the use of fans here in the house. I am just concerned that CT will be sweaty. Yes he was but not that much. I would have wanted us to go to the mall but I feel tired lately. I was asking my nephew to sing so that it would rain. It indeed became cloudy later this afternoon but it did not rain at all. Oh my summer heat is here! Well we need more iced tea then. :)

Gloria Jean's Coffees Opens in Davao City

Gloria Jean's CoffeesGloria Jean's Coffees will have its soft opening in Davao City today at 2:00PM at Pagcor-Davao (formerly Casino Filipino) located in the Grand Regal Hotel, Lanang, Davao City. I heard that Gloria Jean's is a large chain of specialty coffee retailers. They already have branches in Manila and elsewhere but this is the first in Davao. Coffee lovers like me will have something new to try on and it will likely be a new hang-out too though it is located inside the casino at the Grand Regal Hotel Davao. Read more HERE.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Hungry for Bread Sticks

I am hungry as in hungry for bread sticks. I first tasted this a few years ago when an officemate of mine bought a large pack to the office and it has become an obsession. Almost every now and then I would go to that part in the office where we kept our food and snacks and I would go back there every now and then. We kept on buying that until we got bored maybe after a month.

Now in the church nearby after the mass I discovered a few weeks ago that there is this vendor selling bread sticks by small pack at P5 per pack. Last week I think I bought a few packs and my I consumed the pack by myself in no time at all. It is like Dingdong to some friends. You just munch and munch. hehehe Yesterday, I bought 10 packs and that what I have been eating when I get bored here.

PBB Teen Edition Plus Automatic Nomination for Eviction

Two PBB Teen Edition Plus teen housemates get an automatic nomination for eviction for violating the rule that they are not allowed to talk about the nomination in any way, whether implied or directly, outside the confession room. The deaf dreamer of Davao, Priscilla is the one who violated this rule. Sad thing is she was talking to Valerie, the Dazzling Doll of Germany who also gets an automatic nomination for somehow agreeing to that conversation they had which Big Brother showed to the housemates after the three nominees for eviction was announced.

Valerie was affected and she was crying. It must have took her by surprise. While Priscilla on the other hand was somehow expecting that she was the one who got the automatic nomination. She told the other teen housemate that maybe it was her before Big Brother announced who those teens were. And Priscilla was right but she did not immediately realize it because she cannot hear what Big Brother was saying until she read her other housemates telling her that she was one of the two. Lesson learned the hard way especially for Valerie.

Well it was rather a little sad that two Dabawenya teens got nominated soo that leaves Arnan to prove himself and make Davao proud of them in my opinion. Hehehe goes to show I really follow this PBB hehehe. :) Good luck to the 5 nominees!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Stop Making Excuses

How will anyone justify a broken promise? Well I guess there are no excuses right. A promise is a promise and when you give that to that person, you must fulfill that to that person with no substitution unless when you tell that person before hand about it. Well I guess not all people have that sense of gratitude when you help them I guess. Often times they will take your feelings for granted thinking it was just okay when it is not. A simple word of SORRY is enough rather than make excuses. A is simply not B. People will make excuses and that is sad. You broke your promise and that person you promised to has a name. Sorry is the solution to a broken promise and making the wrong excuses won't make it right but damage has been done. Lesson learned don't expect.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

TOT: 10 Things You'd Fix in Your Home

It is another Tuesday again and here is my own list of ten (10) things that I would have fixed in our home given we have money and time:
  1. Ceiling in the kitchen.
  2. Screen door at the back.
  3. Kitchen sink though an alternative would be to have another sink outside.
  4. Replace the door in the CR.
  5. Cover up the front yard which was supposed to be a driveway so that my nephews can stay there and play.
  6. Foundation below the floor in our room.
  7. Drainage.
  8. Cement properly the canal in the backyard.
  9. Put a screen door in the side door in the kitchen to let more light into the kitchen.
  10. Repaint the whole house and the fence.
Happy Tuesday everyone!!! :)