Sunday, March 23, 2008

WS: Where Are You Going

It has been a devotion for me and hubby to attend the Way of the Cross in our parish for many years now during Good Friday. Anyway, we were able to join in this station of the cross and the procession was approaching us nearer with this man, one of the lay ministers who volunteered to carry the cross to this station as shown in the photo below. Just when he was a few feet away only from the station, suddenly we saw him turning left instead of going just straight ahead where the people were going. You can see a fellow lay minister running towards him to tell him not to go that way.

I know this is supposed to be serious no laughing matter but I just wanna share this light moment during the procession. The sacristans (in red) were all smiling and even the man himself was smiling realizing what he had done until he let down the cross at the station and passed it on to the next volunteer. I don't know his name but I see him so often at the church serving as a lay minister. He seems to be a very kind man and I know he won't be offended instead he will smile again when he reminisces this moment.


  1. Thanks for sharing the light hearted moment during the procession :)
    Happy Easter to you!!

  2. wow! thats really nice Tere. how was your easter too? Here is mine.

  3. To err is human, to forgive is divine. :)

  4. That's a nice shot and I like your story. Happy Easter.

  5. i seldom see processions like this in my part ofthe country. but long ago i saw one like this in pampanga and they really hit themselves. :( i guess the boys arelaughing because maybe it is their first time. :)

    happy easter.