Friday, March 21, 2008

Uncommonly Cute Baby Clothes

I admit that sometimes I find it hard to buy clothes for CT which I really like. The stores here in our place mostly only have those common designs and same prints with the baby clothes that they sell which you often see worn by many babies that we meet and see anywhere here. I would love to shop for CT with baby clothes which are hip and trendy because our baby is way beyond cute and deserve the best. I know most mothers feel like this.

My friend who is based abroad and is a mommy herself to her two lovely babies has told me about this hip and cool toddler, infant, newborn and baby clothes inspired by trendy babies from all over the world from Uncommonly Cute which is made in New York. They have baby clothes that goes beyond the usual ideas, designs and styles of clothes for babies that you normally find in department stores. I know their designs also come in handy when you wan to look for the perfect gifts for friends who are having their own baby shower or most important hip and cool baby clothes for our very cute and lovable baby.

What I like about the baby clothes from Uncommonly Cute which makes you precious little one look like a rock star, diva, or fashionista, is that the material they used is made of 100% combed cotton and is really super soft as what my friend had told me for she had shopped online already from them. No need to worry to keep the clothes look like brand new since they are durable. They can be machined wash too so no hassle for those who does not want to handwash their baby's clothes. I have to tell hubby that we must shop online from Uncommonly Cute as we both want to give CT sometimes the best even in clothes if not always.

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