Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend Snapshot #8

My Weekend Snapshot is from the Davao Travel Show at the SM Entertainment Plaza from February 22-24, 2008. It is a creative and native design that looks like a mascara. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Happy WS everyone!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Some Fun Questions from Yen

1. Today I feel very— sleepy. It's a cloudy Saturday morning and expecting Monday as a non working holiday so I feel quite sleepy and lazy but there is the laundry to do so I better get going.
2. I enjoy — eating and blogging. What a nice combination! :)
3. I am unhappy when — anyone in my family is in a problem or is not well.
4. I feel good when — I get to eat at a new place and simply being with hubby and CT happy together.
5. I wish my boss — will allow me more flexi time at work.
6. My officemates think — I take blogging too seriously.
7. My work area is — at home is somewhat a mess. :)
8. I enjoy reading about — people from blogs I hop in everyday.
9. I like myself best when — I share my blessings.
10. If I had a choice I would — like to work at home so I can spend more time with CT while he is still very young. These times won;t come back anymore and I don't wanna look back and regret missing much of his growing up years.
11. I wish — my family will always be happy, blessed and protected.
12. Tomorrow I would like to — hear mass in the morning then spend time with hubby and CT then probably go to the mall or if ever watch a movie with hubby which we have not done in quite a long time since I stared working. Before when I was not working yet, we would make Wednesday as our movie day at NCCC Mall Cinema.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Are We Insured?

One of our consultants brought up in our weekly Monday meeting that during his very recent official business travel, someone was shot and killed but not someone we knew. It crossed his mind to ask if he is insured while doing official business trips. Well it was noted by our regional manager and will be brought to the attention of the top management. She has considered getting life insurance rates by group or corporate packages offered by insurance companies. It is indeed one important thing to be considered especially for employees doing frequent business trips that they are insured.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Award from Race

I have seen this award in most blogs of my online friends and I wonder if I am indeed a "cool" cat. But I want to thank Race for this very cool award. I am passing this award on to my following friends namely: Yen, Chikai, Butchay, Irel , Pastel and Nita.

Nursing Licensure Examination Results for December 2007 (Final & Complete Official Results)


Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) has announced that 28,924 out of 67,728 passed the Nursing (First Timers, Repeaters, Removals and Voluntary Retakers of all subjects) Licensure Examination given by the Board of Nursing in the cities of Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legazpi, Lucena, Tacloban, Tuguegarao and Zamboanga last December 2007. Ten (10) out of the 14 Retakers as per C.A. Decision passed and 729 out of the 1,132 Special Certification Retakers for C.G.F.N.S. passed the examination.

You can read more of this wonderful news especially who passed and are now RNs (registered nurses) and check out who among your friends and relatives have passed at PRC Board Exam Results Philippines. Congratuations!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stylish Yet Secure

Last week we went to the hardware and I found nice looking interior and exterior door hardware. Schlage is one trusted name for more than 85 years when it comes to home security products with quality and stylish design to suit your taste for decorating your very own home. They have a great line of finishes, lines and designs for you to choose from so it won't be a problem actually.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Direct Buy

If you are planning to buy top-quality discount tile direct from the manufacturer with prices at manufacturer's price then you can check out at directbuy. Buyers can enjoy a wide selection of branded tiles with choices of color and style in one shop for the kitchen, bathroom or any part of your house sold at manufacturer direct wholesale prices. They are with manufacturer's warranty. Now you can have beautiful tiles in your very own homes without those prices that are marked up.

Gold Chain

I was going over some things in my drawer and I saw my old gold chain. I had it since college but prefer to keep it rather than use it for fear that I might lose it. I already lost a gold necklace my mom gave me in high school. It was not that expensive but the sentimental value cannot be replaced. What really prompted me to look for the gold chain was upon seeing a wide assortment of gold chains in either yellow, white, or two tone gold online. They have box chains, franco chains, bead chains, byzantine chains, singapore chains, rope chains and more. The gold chains are available in a variety of lengths from anklet bracelet lengths to necklace length. Well I am not a collector but it surely would be a pleasure to have such.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Snapshot

If you have been to my other blogs, I have posted snapshot entries of our dinner and this one is a snapshot of Roadhouse Cafe's specialty dessert which they call the Roadhouse Delight. This one looks melted anyway. But it is so yummy even if it was presented to us this way. The photo on display on the restaurant looks a lot better though than this one.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Samsung 21" SlimFit TV

My hubby is planning to replace our old Samsung 21" SlimFit TV with a brand new Samsung 40" LCD TV. Our old SlimFit TV was hit by an electric power flactuation and it already shows problems when viewing cable TV shows and DVD. My hubby chose the LCD TV because of its HDMI interface that can be used later on with HDMI splitters so that if ever my sister would buy a LCD TV later on we can use them at the same time and watch whatever TV shows we want. No more fight over what show to watch then.


My nephew was bugging my hubby if he has a Sony playstation 3 I know they have been controlled, sometimes suspended or when they misbehave they are banned from playing online games in our PC. My mom, their grandmother would sometimes scold us if we allow them to play without them having lunch or diner on time and sipping it just to be able to play. So hubby though we were thinking of probably getting a PS3 so he can try one of those hardcore games, have to hold that since it might become my mother's favorite topic everyday if you get what I mean.

Thoughts and Beyond

Thoughts and Beyond - This is my new blog where I am free to express my thoughts and realizations in the world I live in everyday as a daughter, sister, friend, worker, employee, companion, lover, wife, mother and a person. This is for a new start on a life I continue to journey with my own family. There would also be random thoughts on anything and everything that goes on in my life. But somehow still anything goes there. Hope to see you there! Add me up and just just leave me a comment there.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Video

I am so sorry for those who have seen the video (which I have deleted already) which my hubby added to my previous post for Valentine's Day. I in my right mind would never post that ever. I am so so upset at him now. I don't know what bloody thing crossed his mind to post that here in my site. I will never do that. He has a way of ruining our Valentine's Day! Good thing we already celebrated it in advance last night with a dinner out. I am more upset when I called him at his office where he is on duty right now and also at his cellphone and he never answered! Crazy things run through my mind thinking that he might not be at work and is somewhere else on Valentine's Day. I was stopping myself from calling their trunkline coz I was afraid that what if he is really not in the office. Gosh at this hour in the morning I am so upset! I just woke up cause our baby was crying and when I checked for awhile my site here since I have not checked when I came home because the internet connection was down until I fell asleep early, it was down and the screen was all white. I kept trying a few times and still same white blank screen. Until I deleted that bloody posted video from YouTube was I able to open my site again. And he won't believe me. Gosh I am ranting here already! I wanna apologize again for the video that shouldn't have been seen here ever on Valentine's Day. Hubby what were you thinking? Never again okay? Oh my, Tere relax your heart it's Valentine's Day! Way too early to be upset. I just wanna go back to sleep and hope that my fever will go down. I have a cough, colds, a pounding headache and a fever since yesterday. What a way to celebrate Valentine's Day! Hope things will be better in the morning.


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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I just want to greet Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers and visitors. It is heart's day tomorrow. It is also time to remember that we should take care of our own heart as well. Hope you will have a great day with your family and loved ones tomorrow. Expect restaurants, parks and other gimik places to be filled tomorrow and I think since it is payday for most also tomorrow. Enjoy the occasion and have a LOVEly Valentine's Day wherever you maybe!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend Snapshot #6

My Weekend Snapshot is a photo that my hubby took and which kept my curious young nephews wondering if this is really a photo of an alien spaceship. Lol! Actually this was taken when my hubby went to Kookel's outside our subdivision to order some food for dinner. Probably while waiting for his take out order, he took some time taking shots of the place including this one shot of the lighting fixture on the ceiling. I showed this to CT and he would keep saying in awe "Woo... woo..." which is more of baby talk rather than alien talk (hehehe) while pointing his finger at this photo. Well nothing much for me this weekend but I hope everyone had a great weekend! See you next weekend. :)

Toadally Awesome

Yen has given me this unique and intriguing Toadally Awesome award. I wonder what it really means though sis but I still really appreciate you have thought of me as always for this award. Keep them coming sis (hehehe nanganad noh lol :)!

Well then I am passing this on to my blogger friends: Chikai, Haze, Emmy, Lutchi, Wilson, Norm, Nita...

Friday, February 08, 2008

December 2007 PRC Nursing Licensure Examination Results 2008

The much awaited Nursing Licensure Examination Results for December 2007 will be available anytime sooner than you think this month of February 2008. So what are you waiting for, head and direct your search for the results of Nursing Licensure Examination for December 2007 to the sites Nursing Licensure Examination Results for December 2007 and Nursing Board Exam Results for December 2007. Good luck to the new nurses.

Final Complete Results Nursing Licensure Examination Results for December 2007 - A to Z

Thursday, February 07, 2008

CT on Time Mag Cover

I was doing a little blog hop yesterday and I found this one from Well it's really cool. I first saw this when one of the people in our Makati main office used this for her avatar in the Yahoo Messenger. Sh was trying to make me believe at first that it was really true and that she was featured in the magazine cover. She said she was featured because she was looking for a boyfriend. Whoa! Probably if that was me, I would not do that. Anyway, I tried it myself and used one of the edited photos of CT using the Time magazine layout cover. Well the photo is actually a little bit blurred. This used to be my avatar in my YM before. Well I really liked it so that is why I am posting it out here. Try it yourself! It's really fun!

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Kung Hei Fat Choi!!! Wishing all Filipino-Chinese out there a happy new Year of the Rat. They say business will be good this year and that means I hope that our company's business will prosper more this year, as well as our online biz will also prosper more this year. I wish Google will give me back my PageRank for my three blogs. It would be a great gift to me for this new year!

Wedding Ring

I was waiting for a ride going to the office the other day when a couple - a Filipina and a foreigner probably and Amercan came nearby where I was standing and they were talking about wedding rings. They are probably engaged as they were sweet and holding hands too. The guy was saying that he would like to buy a wedding ring made of white gold and he said that in the States, it would cost them a lot more so they would probably buy the one they have seen yesterday. Well they are probably shopping for their wedding ring. My I miss the excitement of preparing for a wedding and choosing things like that. Well lucky them for they have found each other and well even if we were strangers I wish them luck and happiness!

Check Account

I have been thinking about opening up my own checking account so that I may pay bills through it. My friend suggested I check out WaMu which offers free checks, free check safekeeping and free wire transfers. They have a checking account also that is interest-bearing coming with free money orders and checks too. Plus they have a free identity theft services also. Well it is indeed worth checking out.

Restless CT

For the past few nights, I am wondering why CT seems restless and wakes up a few times in the middle of the night and crying. Before we would just feed him his milk then he would go back to sleep. But I think for the past few night he would simply not just go back to sleep neither would he feed on his milk easily. It really isn't that easy as I can't just easily go back to sleep so sometimes I blog for awhile until I am quite sleepy and I go back to sleep. Just like now he woke up about three times and for the third time it took more time to let him go back to sleep. We just put him back to his crib and look it's almost 5AM already and my mom would be awake already in awhile while I am still up. But I think I'm going back to sleep. So good morning guys as I am off to bed once again!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

One of our favorite restaurants is Pizza Hut and we love their Bacon and Cheese Pizza for take out. We have somehow Tads the one taking the take out orders in front of their store in SM City Davao. One time we ordered two boxes and he asked if we were going to have a party. Actually no, we just love to eat your pizza. If only he knew how much we can eat. lol :) This shot was taken when we dined there one time and there were not much people yet inside obviously.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Weekend Snapshot #5

It was a week long celebration for my eldest sister's birthday. We bought her this chocolate mousse cake from Goldilocks. I guess it so happens to be payday too so we somehow get to treat ourselves with delicious and quite sinful food (bad for the diet lol). Hope all of you had a great and delicious weekend! Have a great Sunday evening everyone!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Time to Change

Since my dad will replace our kitchen faucet, I also suggested that we might as well replace the shower faucet which we had for quite a long time now, with one that looks like the Delta faucets which I saw. Their kind of faucet represents a half-century long tradition of delivering exceptionally well-made faucets and bath accessories that are crafted to be beautiful inside and out. It is also stylish and nice looking.

Premier Service

My friend in college was asking me if I know any real estate agent who is guaranteed to give premier service to her aunt who just arrived from abroad for a vacation here and was planning to buy a vacation house while she is here to see the property by herself. Well these agents can be a great help for anyone's residential real estate needs, whether it be hoping to buy or sell a new home, condo, townhouse, second home, luxury home or any other type of real estate property. Just make sure though you get the best services from the agent you get.

Vacation Break

Just looking at this photo makes me think that I really need a break after going through quite a stressful month. Since Valentine's Day is only 12 days more to go and it would a dream come true if my family will spend it on an island renting a hotel room with such a great scenic view such as of the Hilton Head rental. I miss being out in the sun to relax in a nice lloking place as the photo above. We had been planning anyway to let CT experience swimming in the pool. One that is as exclusive as this would be a great getaway.