Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Keeping Myself Busy

Am keeping myself busy so as not to think that my hubby's far away. The nanny is back, lucky for me but it meant more time for me to think of my hubby who's away from home at the moment. When I woke up this morning, he was not there to greet me good morning and kiss me. Well my senti mood due to my monthly visitor is bugging me again. Am trying to fight and forget it by making myself busy and trying not to think about it. So this morning I helped the nanny wash my baby's clothes which we always wash by hand. She was surprised I sat down with her at the laundry area. She actually stared at me and she washed faster. I tried to chat with her too to keep my mind off my hubby. It's unusual for me to pray that time would pass by so quickly but since yesterday yeah I did. As far as I can remember it's actually the first since we got married that he will be away this long. It's also the first monthsary that we won't see and be with each other since we go married. Yeah we do celebrate it every month like we celebrating our baby's "birthday" every month too.

Oh how I wish it's already Sunday! For now, I will have to run some errand he asked me to do and keep myself busy.

Monday, July 30, 2007


My sister is now living here for more than 2 years now. She first stayed at Birmingham and has now moved to Loughborough, Leicestershire. Am still looking for the photos she took when she went to London and Downing Street. She had witnessed the exchange of guards and even took a picture nearby.

She is trying to get our youngest sister to live with them by the end of this year and babysit for her son. It was supposed to be my mom but she has lacking documents and papers needed until now which have not been settled.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Nanny 911

I need help. Can I say that? The nanny left this afternoon to go home coz according to her sister who went to our house yesterday that their mother is sick and has to go for a check-up. Oh no what a great timing coz my hubby is leaving tomorrow morning for a training in Manila. They will be both gone for a week long. My sis who helps me care for my baby has got something, I mean she got sick too. My three support system in taking care of my baby are not available next week. So I guess I maybe going for a blogging leave if there is such a thing. I might not even have time to surf the net. Dunno if that's supposed to be good news. I have no more opps too. That's not good news too coz I have to earn something. At least I still have my mom but she is also busy with the house chores. My other sis is working. So I have not much choice do I?

This afternoon I have forgotten how heavy my baby has become. My back really ached from carrying him coz he seems restless this afternoon. Not to mention that I'm not really feeling well somehow coz I easily get tired when my period is coming tonight. My baby maybe somehow missed his nanny who is his constant campanion lately. When the nanny was packing her things this afternoon, my baby kept looking at her and at the same time glancing at the door behind him. If I were to interpret that, he might be thinking that she would be going out of that door anytime. His daddy just left that door for work a few minutes ago. He might be thinking oh no she is leaving too. My hubby and I don't wanna be selfish because its the health concern of the nanny is also at stake. But I was thinking why now? As much as I would like to ask her to postpone going home next week, guess her mother's illness wouldn't wait. I get sentimental and particularly sad probably due to PMS. Do you experience that too when you have PMS? It's must be the hormonal changes in my body and I somehow do not like it. Yeah honestly, I really wanna cry but I have to be strong even if I'm tired. I think everyone feels a little helpless sometimes. So I just psyched myself that a mom would take care of her baby no matter what. Anyway this feeling usually goes away after. This is a chance for more bonding time with my baby.

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Photo Hunt - Creative

Theme : Creative

Here is a photo we took last Christmas. When I was going over our collection of pictures looking for something which is creative, then I saw this. This is simple but I find it creative for the person who made this. It's a Christmas tree made out of used styro cups piled up and topped by a star that was made out of Dunkin Donuts' own triangular boxes formed to make a star. I just joined Photo Hunters. Am no pro at photography but am trying to learn and still has got a lot of learning to do. : )

Preparing to Leave

My hubby has to start packing today for the things he needs to bring for his week long training in Manila. I keep telling him that it's not less than an hour ride from home, it's less than almost 2 hours ride in a plane so he must not forget anything essential. He has to bring his office uniforms which means it's another wash day today. Thanks that I have help to do that.

We were planning to run some errands today coz he will be gone the whole week. For the first time, we will not be together on our monthsary which we still continue to celebrate almost 5 years now. It is same day we entered into our relationship and when we got married but not the same month though. Anyway, we will hopefully have time to have a belated celebration when he comes back next Sunday coz he will have a few days off from work.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Leaving Earlier

My hubby called me and said that he has to leave early Monday morning for Manila so that he can meet the representative from their Cebu office in the Manila airport. They would arrive there on about less than an hour from each other's arrival. They still have to report to the corporate office at 9am.

Just when I was planning for us to attend mass early that morning before his flight, he has to change his flight to the first flight to Manila. Oh no, that means I have to wake up earlier than planned so that we can send him to the airport. He would miss our monthsary. But I guess this is an opportunity for him that may help somehow in his promotion. I do hope so.

Free Photo Seminar

I have convinced my hubby to ask for a change shift from his work so that we can attend the free photo seminar at SM City Davao Entertainment Plaza on August 2 to be conducted by master and top travel photographer George Tapan, who is a regular contributor to PAL's Mabuhay Magazine.

There is going to be a "First Philippine Airlines Photo Contest" and he will be sharing practical tips on photography for those who want to join it. Prizes at stake include cash, gifts and PAL package tours to Beijing, Disneyland, El Nido Palawan and a lot more. Am just wishful thinking that I may get a chance at the amateur category if ever we qualify after the said seminar. There are actually 3 categories: professional, amateur and junior for children up to 14 years old.

I have been excited about attending it since I've never had attended this kind of seminar before. I have a growing interest in photography but I am still so much of an amateur and this seminar would somehow be a big help for me. But my excitement died down last night when my hubby called me from work and told me that he will be leaving for Manila to attend a training in Cavite on July 31 to August 4. Oh no! I don't want to go alone to that photo seminar. I guess I have to wait and see maybe I'll gather up enough courage to go there on August 2 alone.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007


I miss playing badminton. I'm no pro we simply play it for fun. We used to play it in our frontyard with my dad and sisters when we were still young. Not strict with the rules just smashing our rackets having fun playing and simply sweating it out.

We usually play in the afternoon especially during summer. Those games with my dad are the most memorable for me. As with the countless shuttle cocks that we shot straight to our roof that just come down from the gutter when it rains. It came to a point that my dad would no longer buy those good shuttle cocks instead those cheap ones with less quality coz he is afraid we would shoot them all to the roof. The last time I played was I think when I would come with my hubby during their practice for a company badminton fest and that was about two years ago.

Yes I miss badminton! Maybe I can start playing again and start getting back in shape after giving birth early this year. : )

Bonding Time

I was watching a local TV show of Boy & Kris this morning. Their topic is about moms and their young kids. One of their guests Christine Jacob said that bonding time even just for thirty minutes is very important between mom and their kids.

I realized that I have been quite busy lately with blogging and surfing the net since we had DSL (digital subscriber's line) connection 3 weeks ago. Since then I have almost always been on my laptop. So about a few days ago, I started to lessen my time surfing and more time bonding with my baby. When my hubby's home too, we try to spend as much time with our baby. I guess the nanny is more happy now since she gets to do other things around the house rather than just looking after our baby.

For me, this stage where my baby is now is crucial since he seems to smile more to his nanny than me. Sometimes I get that look from him that he just stares at me and it takes time to make him smile. I would never want my baby to be estranged to me, looking at me like I'm some stranger in the house. But as I said when I spent more time with him a few days ago, again he smiles immediately to me when I come to him. : )

Craving for Ice Cream

The weather is hot and I am craving for ice cream! I feel hot lately coz my period's coming. Oh my I am also wishing and hoping I would lose weight and get back in shape but I am thinking of eating almost all the time.

I missed the chocolate vanilla sundae (left) and the banana boat (right) at Mercorner where my hubby and I used to eat after having a checkup of my baby at his doctor whose clinic is at the Davao Doctor's medical tower just across the street from Mercorner. They still have a lot of ice cream to choose from but these two are my favorite. Their strawberry sundae is also delicious! Is it obvious that I'm a chocolate lover even in ice cream? lol : )

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Baby Learns to Eat His Toes : )

My hubby and I saw our baby this morning trying to reach both his feet to his mouth and we thought that he won't be able to do just yet like what his cousin Simon does who likes to eat his toes.

But this evening when I woke up after taking quite a long nap, I went down and saw him lying down, holding both of his feet and suddenly I saw him lick and trying to eat his right toe. Seemingly not content he also licked and ate his left toe. I told the nanny to try to divert him whenever he does that coz I know that it might be unclean since he sometimes walks on the floor barefoot with his daddy holding him. It was quite amusing for us especially when my parents found out about his new "feat" this evening. : )


I bought this shirt in Cebu from Island Souvenirs. I am really hoping we can go back to Cebu next year for Sinulog 2008. We missed it this year coz I gave birth to our 1st baby. It's less than 6 months away. I really hope we can save enough for that trip and find time to go there. I hope too that we can again drop by Bohol and with my mom this time.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Baby Started Eating with Cerelac

My baby started eating Cerelac his first solid meal last July 07, 2007 (memorable 07-07-07) when he was 5 months & 22 days old. His doctor told us that we can let him eat when he was 6 months already. But we see that he is already eager to eat coz when he sits beside us every time we eat, he would also munch like he is eating too. We took this picture just when he woke up where he looked so serious and right before having his first solid meal. But when he saw that we were about to feed him, we noticed that his he was really excited to eat. He would swallow it in no time and anticipate every scoop that he would open his mouth before we can get another scoop. He seem to like eating too when his daddy and lolo are around watching. : )

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the 7th and last book in J.K. Rawling's phenomenal series sold 8.3 million copies in its first 24 hours on sale in the U.S. alone. Wow! I have not read any of the book actually but I watched the movie version of these books. It's one that I would really see in the theater rather than just waiting to see it on cable TV. A lot of children worldwide spent their weekend reading it afraid to be left out in their chat with friends about it today. For most who have read the book already they say that it seems that they are losing and saying goodbye to a long and trusted friend. But others look forward to sharing it to their children in the future. : )

Sunday, July 22, 2007

July 22, 2007 Horoscope:

Aries (March 21-April 19): Your emotions can be a powerful motivator for change in your life, so why not follow them? Good or bad, they are a force to be reckoned with. If you want to spill your guts to someone you're seriously crushing on, you should do so today -- share your feelings in a safe way, maybe in an email or over the phone. Right now any face-to-face communication will be too much for you to bear. You might chicken out! This also applies to anyone who has been ticking you off.

Hmmm... who could that be? : )

Saturday, July 21, 2007

"I Love You Babes"

I was browsing through our photos in our PC and I just wanna share a photo which I took of what my hubby wrote on the sand when we had a beach outing last month. : )

Friday, July 20, 2007

Nanny's Off Again?

My nanny again went home to their province to catch up with the last day of registration for new voters especially for the youth. Honestly that's not good news to me since my hubby will be working and I still have some things to do and I know I won't be able to finish them if I have to watch my baby whole afternoon. By evening my mind would be drained by then and how could I have some writing done. I still have to do the draft for the letter my hubby asked me to help him write.

I am just so glad my sis volunteered to watch my baby for me. I just hope my nanny would come back by 4PM as she promised. But I suspect that she won't come back tonight like what she did on her first day-off. Gosh it's sometimes difficult to become dependent on the nanny.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Picobello Restorante Italiano

We had our late lunch at Picobello today. It's at the 5/F of Gaisano South Citimall near the elevator. They have this 2-5PM "buy 1 take 1" pizza promo which we like to avail of. You can only pay around P250. We went there after my baby had his scheduled 6-in-1 immunization shots given by his pedia whose clinic was at the Davao Doctor's medical tower nearby. We were really starving but we had to wait for my hubby who went for awhile to get my sister's laptop which was sent to Digital for repair (but was unrepairable - no parts here since she bought it in UK).

Pizza Hawaii

Pizza Consalciccie
Finally at 2:10PM my hubby was back. We ordered Pizza Consalciccie (which I like better than the Calzone we ordered before) and Pizza Hawaii (I think Greenwich Pizza taste better though :). They serve thin crust pizza and it taste good. They use fire wood in cooking the pizza in their oven which you can see from the dining area. You can also see them twirling the dough in their fingers and letting it fly in the air. We still had to wait for almost 30 minutes before we were able to eat. But I think it was worth it. My hubby ate more than 6 slices while I ate about 5 slices and still craving for more but I have to watch my diet. My nanny ate about 4 slices and looked like she couldn't eat any more of it.

There were a lot of foreigners with their families and friends eating there today. I even caught my nanny constantly staring at the foreigner sitting beside our table (hmmm she seem to have a crush on the guy). I think they were brought there by the Filipina-looking wife of their friend. The last time we were there I saw my college classmate with his family. I think a lot of people eat there but I also heard that there is this other place called La Toscana in Quirino Avenue that serves pizza that they say taste better. Maybe that will be our next food trip!

Monday, July 16, 2007


While waiting for my hubby to come home tonight and our baby was already asleep on his crib, I watched Speed at Star Movies. Hahaha this was one of my favorite movies before where I fell in love with Keanu Reeves, who plays the role of an LA bomb squad specialist. He really looked cute in the movie. Sandra Bullock played the role of a passenger who drove the bus at a fast speed and is the love interest of Keanu in this movie. I also learned to like Sandra in this movie and somehow made a following of her movies after this one. But watching the movie right now seemed kind of corny already.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Our Angel's 6th Month Birthday ( :-: )

It's our baby's 6th month birthday today! As our tradition of my hubby and me since his first month, we bought him a cake. We again had a choco moist cake to celebrate this special occasion.

Our Baby... Our Angel (:-:)

We celebrate the things our baby, our angel can do now that he is already six (6) amonths old and halfway to his first birthday. For others they maybe just ordinary but for me and my hubby these are milestones for us as proud first time parents. Our baby has started eating Cerelac wheat and milk when he was 5 months and 22 days. We have tried letting him hold his spoon on his won. It was quite a mess but he did great for a first time. He can now roll over on his back about 3 to 4 times. He is also learning to go to a crawl position.

What he likes to do and seems to enjoy best is when we let him stand up on his own but we put our arms around him and ready to catch him in case he falls. He would really smile and sometimes giggle. He would really giggle when we say "peek-a-boo" or " esmyuskee" or "bulaga" or "bulage". What we love most about our angel is that he smiles a lot and giggles and laughs with us. We would be really forever thankful to God for this great gift and blessing He gave me and my hubby... our baby, our angel!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


My hubby and I after running some errands decided to hear the anticipated mass held every Saturday afternoon @5:00PM at the university chapel of my alma mater. We missed it last Saturday so we made it a point to go there today. I was surprised to see that the priest (if I'm not mistaken) was our Dean during my college days. He is older and looks more fragile now than when I last saw him. Anyway, you can imagine that was almost a decade ago. Makes me think I am also old but I'd rather take it that I have matured (hopefully!!!) and grown up more (only sideways I think) lol :-)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

My hubby and I watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on its first day of showing at NCCC Mall Cinema 2 this afternoon after attending the noon mass at St. Paul Parish.

It's about Harry Potter (
Daniel Radcliffe), Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint), and Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) on their way to their fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry was accused of telling a lie with his recent encounter with and the return of the evil Lord Valdemort. To make matters worse Fudge, the Minister of Magic, appointed Professor Dolores Umbridge as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts who refuses to teach them defensive spells. So Harry and the other students had to take matters into their own hands by forming a group which they called "Dumbledore's Army". They would practice secretly in order to prepare in defending themselves from the dark forces. Cho Chang (Katie Leung) who was Harry's love interest in the movie was the one who broke the silence regarding Dumbledore's Army. I was really disappointed by what her character did just when I thought I was going to be proud of her as an Asian in the movie.

The movie was not quite exciting for me that in the middle part of it I got really sleepy. I enjoyed the part when the twins, Fred and George played a trick with fireworks at Prof. Umbridge to disrupt the students' exam. I think I would rate the movie 7 out of 10 :)

Desperate to work again

Today, I suddenly felt desperate to work again. I want to be productive and financially independent again. I have worked continuously for the past 7 years and more of my life so the last 6 months is the longest since that I was home-bound and the last 3 months was the longest that I was unemployed. I am somehow bored staying home and not earning my own money. I’ve always wanted to be financially independent from my husband though it was my dream before to be a housewife. Is there some way that one gets to stay home yet stay financially self-sufficient? So I am now trying to explore the possibilities of working online. I’ve recently been introduced to some money earning opportunities in the internet and have actually tried and started on some of them.But I realized that this doesn’t earn me as much as before so I really need to find a real work and I could still do that part-time. I really hope I can find work soon. Pray for me!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Glad to have a nanny :)

After months of searching for a nanny, my hubby and I finally found one that I think I can trust to carry and take care of my now 5 ½ months old baby. Three months ago, we hired a nanny through a local agency. But I was dismayed by how she handled my baby for the first time coz when she picked up my baby from the bed, my baby’s face when straight to her dirty tangled hair. Upon seeing that, gosh I made up my mind that she can never ever carry my baby again. Before that too, I saw her shook my baby quite violently while carrying and putting my baby to sleep. Had we not have any problems finding a nanny or house helper to help us around the house chores then I would have on that instant asked her to leave immediately. So we talked to her and told the nanny that since I was still not working then, I guess I can handle taking care of my baby on my own but that we are willing to retain her as a house help. We thought she was going back to the agency but she accepted our offer and we were glad that we still have someone to help us. But that arrangement did not work out long. We have decided to return her to the agency and had to deal with it coz they could not find us a replacement.

It is true that it is so hard to find a good nanny these days. We had tried finding an agency but they couldn’t find another one more suitable for us. Other people suggested that we find one through referral by someone we trust but that didn’t work. We tried before finding through one of the local radio stations and that didn’t work out too. Then I met someone online who shared to me that she found her nanny through a community service program of one of the local radio station here. It was frustrating at first coz I didn’t like those who wanted to apply who texted me and were the one asking questions instead of me asking them of their experience and qualifications. These days it seems that it is the other way around – the nannies are the ones selecting and screening their employers. One funny text I received was a nanny asking if the soap was free? I somehow got confused what she meant by that question. Some keep asking the age of the baby and one kept assuring us that she really wants to work for us but that we have to wait for her to come to us. Until now she has not come to us.

As for now I have to be content with my baby’s nanny who seems kind and playful to my baby. It is important that we have a nanny that we can trust. At least now, my hubby and I can go out more often unlike before when we really have to schedule everything and can’t go out when we need to. What I did during the first few days when I was already quite sure my new nanny can take care of my baby without me… catch up on my sleep coz I was didn’t get to rest and sleep much before we had her since my baby would easily wake up almost every time I was about to rest too.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

To work... or not to work...

I have been free from my 9am to 6pm working-hour life for almost 7 months now. I was on maternity leave for the first 3 months after having C-section then just when I was about to return to work, our company where I worked for the last 7 years or so of my life, suddenly decided to close most of its branches nationwide. When I first heard that we were closing down, I thought of it as a blessing in disguise since I am somehow really tired of the stressful routine every single day.

We are sometimes enslaved by our work. We “work in order to live, instead of live in order to work”. We would sometimes be on call even on a Sunday which is supposed to be a rest day and a family day after working for the past six days of the week. But when work calls for us, we have no choice but to report and earn an extra living for our family.

But it comes to a point when we ask ourselves if it is really worth it? Is it really worth working and risking our health sometimes not being able to eat and rest right because of the demands of our work? Some works are so stressful and the pay sometimes is not worth it. You may be able to buy the things you want other than those you really need right now but then before you reach the retiring age, you might not be able to enjoy what you have worked hard for because of health reasons like suffering a stroke or worse mental or emotional breakdown due to stress and abuse of one’s body because of our work.

But then we have a choice. We can find the kind of work that is less stressful yet still productive and earn as much. Or start our own business where we can manage our own time. However, it can pose more stress on us since the responsibility of the business success lies on our own hands. But then no boss will reprimand or blame you, you reprimand and blame your own self. So it’s really up to you to decide whether to work or not to work.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Blugre's Wifi Zone @Matina Town Square

My hubby and I wanna spend time together like a date on our own so we decided to try out Blugre at Matina Town Square which we heard is a free wi-fi zone. Yup it's indeed free of charge in Blugre and you can just order food or coffee. But they charge P30/hour when you want to charge your laptop battery. The nearby Kanto Bar is their wi-fi source my hubby told me. The signal was strong and the speed was way faster than what we had at home. Of course we only have dial up and that spells a lot of difference.

We surfed the net for more than a hour while finishing up the Durian Larcepuccino and my all time favorite oatmeal fudge bar we
ordered. I love to eat it especially when it's still hot and the chocolate on top melts. Yummy and I'm craving for it again. I just can't seem to get enough of it. I just stop eating when I feel dizzy from eating too much sweet and can't take another bite. It was already late when we decided to call it a night. Maybe we will try to use our laptop next time if possible in the open space near the playground at the back just to try if we can still get a signal and surf the net for free. Yeah but what if it suddenly rains? No way I don't wanna go home crying coz my notebook got wet. : )