Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas Vacation

My sister was here last night and I arrived home while she was talking to my mother about her friend's fiance Alfredo, a foreigner actually who is of Spanish descent. They were planning to travel and have a long and relaxing Christmas vacation together. Before they have a hard time trying to book a hotel because he speaks mostly Spanish and not really that fluent yet with English. But it is easier now when booking for Vacaciones Hoteles with online or on the phone especially for Spanish-speaking vacationers like Alfredo and at the same time they will find the best price for a good hotel room accommodation. It is good news indeed for Spanish-speaking travelers who could hardly converse in fluent English. Lucky for those who can but it would still make the booking process easier when travelers can speak in their native tongue. Their site en espanol ( and dedicated customer service center (800-316-4145) can be accessed by Spanish speaking travelers especially those in the United States.

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