Sunday, November 18, 2007

Travel Europe

It is one of my dreams to travel Europe. My friend Mercy who is now living in Germany has been convincing me that we try to travel by car. That would indeed be an adventure of my life especially that it would then be my first time in Europe. She said I need not worry as there are many Hotels in Berlin where I could stay. If we decide to go to Paris where she had been before, we can stay in any of the Hotels in Paris. Or if we decide to go to UK instead, she said that we should try to stay in one of the Hotels in London rather than stay with my sister whose place is quite far from the city.

But I was thinking of a different adventure if we travel by car to Spain instead and I would love to stay in one of the nice Hotels in Barcelona where local stars Judy Santos and Ryan Agoncillo have been and they really enjoyed the place because among the places in Europe Ryan has been to, it was not as hot as the other places he had been to in Europe.

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