Monday, November 12, 2007

Star Blogger Award from Chikai

I am so happy from this Star Blogger award I received from Chikai. Thank you so much for this award and I feel like a star! :) This is the first time I received such award and it means a lot to me. I want to pass this award back to Chikai, who was so kind to share her blessings to me.

I also want to share this award to the following:
* Charles - for the support and help he has given me. I wish could maintain a blog like what he has. Mine are all personal and just about anything in my life while he tackles more serious and informative matters.
* Emmyrose - I am inspired by the things she shares on her blog and her strength in dealing with her sickness which she continues battle and her will to survive and make the most out of life.
* Angie, Haze & AnaPS - for their help in one way or another along the way in my blogging world.

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