Sunday, November 18, 2007

Quiet Sunday

It seems to be a rather quiet Sunday in the blogging world. I am not sure though if it has to do with the PR going down where a lot of bloggers were affected or my blogger friends are just busy as it seems to be for the past three weeks.

Well I am the nanny this afternoon as my nanny went out to see her mom. She did not tell me though that she would be meeting her sister as they will be watching the movie of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo - One More Chance. Huh she might be afraid to tell me that coz I might not let her go out. She had been absent for two days in a row this month and I thought she would credit that to her day off but I guess everybody needs a rest away from work. Well for me I still am doing some work at home and with my nanny gone for the afternoon. I will resume that later. I am glad though that my sister covered up for me and she is now the one watching CT after I fed him with Cerelac awhile ago.

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