Monday, November 12, 2007

Old Acquaintance

I was at a client this morning to collect their payable as they called early in the office saying I can collect already. When I arrived at their office, someone came from behind me and was obviously in a hurry handing out some papers to some of the staff there. I looked at her and she seems very familiar to me. So okay I recognized her as one of my classmates in college. But I do not know what to do or think the moment she just looked at me as if she knew me and just would not even say hi or hello. Well we were not really close then but a simple hi or hello or even a smile would be nice enough. But she just looked at me as if saying "Do I Know you?". Anyway, sort of saying people do change or is it just that she has no time to talk to me then. Hopefully but anyway, I just wish she would smile or say hi to me when we meet again at that office. :)

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