Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Driver

The driver of the jeep I was riding going home last night was probably upset over something because probably he only earned so little yesterday. I was really irritated coz he kept picking up a handful of his coins and somehow slamming them back to his metal coin box. He kept doing it a few times and I was seated in the front passenger seat so I could clearly hear that irritating noise he was making with his coins. I was tempted to tell him that it might bring him bad luck or I was about to suggest that if he does not like those coins then he can give them to me coz I would happily take them though I never really get to say that. So I kept looking at him and he just looks lost to me or I was thinking was he just trying to provoke me or what. After a rather busy and tiring day at work, I want some quiet and silence then unfortunately I rode in his jeep. It was stressful enough to endure traffic and the air pollution everyday going to and from work, then you meet a driver like him. If I could only say to him earlier, "What's wrong with you???" Ahhhhh! :-)

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