Monday, November 12, 2007

Mexico Vacation

My sister and I were looking at the Friendster photos of one of her schoolmate who is now based in the U.S. and went to Mexico. I just wish someday I can go to a Mexico Vacation with my hubby as we both love to travel if we have the chance and opportunity. It would be nice to have a second honeymoon.

There are Karisma Hotels which are nice beach resort in Riviera Maya in Mexico. Most of their guests in their resort are lovebirds and honeymooners. They are known for their destination weddings and they offer special packages for those who are going there to celebrate their wedding anniversaries. Some of their resorts are said to be for adults only so that they can make sure to their guests that they can really have a peaceful yet blissful and romantic vacation. I am already imagining in my mind staying there in their secluded nooks, hammocks where you can stay all afternoon while you enjoy watching the sunset together. I would love to have a very relaxing massage and try out this service from them.

For foodies like us, they serve Mexican, Seafoods, Asian and Italian food which they guarantee to give guests a very unique and high quality dining experience that would make you so impressed with their "Gourmet-Inclusive" cuisine from their expert chefs which they offer at their three restaurants namely: Arrecifes, La Carreta and Klay Taray. Also for those wanting to have a stress-free vacation visit Azul Blue in Riviera Maya which is said to be a vacation sanctuary for the guests coming there. Oh my I want to go there and have a new and romantic vacation and take time away from a stressful life.

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