Sunday, November 11, 2007

Friendship Award from Yen

It was really a nice surprise that I was given this award by Mommy Yen! Thank you so much too sis for the friendship I found in you. Her home is one of those I love to visit. I come to know her more through some things I learn about her in the memes that we both join. She is actually giving birth in a few days and am so excited for her lil peanut to come out to the world. Take care always mommy Yen and see you around! I will treasure the friendship I found in you. I am inspired to learn digiscrapping for I love the LOs I see in her home when I do visit her. I just hope I find time to do just that.

On my part I want to pass this on also to those who have been a friend to me in the blogging world. If ever someone feels or thinks she was missed out, please let me know. So I say thank you to Yen, Chikai, Angie, Haze, AnaPS, Lutchi, Emmyrose, Irel, Julai, JennyL, Thet, Shabem, Sweetie, Norm, Race, Trinity, Nita, Anne, Joyce, Rose, Annie, Garf, Wilson, Darlene and Charles!

1 comment:

  1. I treasure the friendship too,Tere! hope to meet you someday:) Xo~