Saturday, November 10, 2007

CT's Visit to the Doctor

During this morning's visit to the doctor for his scheduled vaccination, CT was weighed and he is heavier now at 10.1 kgs. But at least he did not gain weight that fast anymore unlike before which is really fast. We have somehow controlled his weight. Also the doctor has advised us that he can now eat table food and we joked that CT can now mess up the dining table. :) I have seen a lot of babies who are now eating and it can't be helped that the table really becomes messy when they eat. It is understandable of course.

Our next schedule of vaccination will be two months from now. That's quite a long gap. That will give us a breathing space from CT's expensive vaccinations but I think it's worth it as it is for CT's protection to his health. We were told that he will still have about 6 vaccines to go through but it won't be that close as in once a month I think. I just hope so that it would not be as expensive as the one we had this morning. Good thing we were given a P500 discount. Hope we can get another discount next time. Hehehe it's like patronage refund hahaha. :)

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