Friday, November 09, 2007

Already Senior Citizens

We are going to get together this weekend to have a belated celebration for my mom's birthday. My mommy is already a senior citizen, as she has turned 60 a few years ago, just like my daddy and she just makes fun about it. I was asking myself what I would be when I reach 60. That is if I do reach that age. But for sure I want to be able to live longer so that I can continue to take care of my own family especially CT and my hubby. I want to see CT grow up, finish school/graduate, have a work and have a family of his own as I also want to reach that stage where I become a grandparent just like my parents and be a senior citizen.

I remember my former boss telling me that she does not want to grow that old and if I remember it right she told me too that in their family where she is the youngest child, there is a tendency that when they reach 69 years old someone passes away. She was kidding me that she might not reach that stage of being a senior citizen when she was admitted to the hospital a few months ago because of high blood and other complications. I think too that loneliness and being alone in the house with only the house helper there with her, it really has a negative effect on her well-being just like most elderly or senior citizens. I think that they must still do some productive work or daily activities which I think will help boost their health and morale as well. I would not like to be at their shoes and somehow be treated like I'm some liability to the family or community. That should never be the case for any senior citizen out there.

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