Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Am getting hungry and having my monthly visitor makes me crave for something. I miss eating pork barbeque. In my previous office, we used to order pork barbeque from the canteen near our office and it cost only P3. While if you eat in a restaurant it would probably cost you 5 times more. Hmmm... I think I'll have an early dinner now coz I can smell my mom's cooking tocino right now. Come on let's eat! :)

Second Interview

I was surprised that I was called again for another interview by the company I applied a few months ago. I was hesitant to go at first because I thought there might be something wrong because the one they newly hired is leaving after working for them for only about two months. The other applicant who was also recalled also was thinking the same thing when we were able to talk for awhile when we waited for the interviewer. Anyway, I am still hoping they do give me a chance but if not then it's probably not for me. But I really wanna go back to work but at the same time I still wanna spend more time with my hubby especially with our baby CT while he is still a baby.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


If anyone out there likes to bid and possibly be one of the new winner everyday who can win a cash prize said to worth as much $1million can try their luck in this new site which a friend just referred me to. It is like playing the Sweepstake as Bid4Prize is actually easy to play and bid. You don't even have to pay any penny.

As based on their mechanics, the bidder with lowest unique bid wins a cash prize or a car prize or free gifts whichever you bid for. You may also win an Apple iPhone which is my dream phone, or even designer bags.

If ever I'd like to win either a plasma TV, a HDTV, iPod, another laptop, a car or it would be great to win the $1 million cash! Wanna try? Why not and you may probably win.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Photo Hunt - HAPPY

Theme : HAPPY
Here is my entry for the theme - HAPPY! This photo was taken when our angel CT was still 6 days old. This was the photo when we captured his first big happy smile : )

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Am excited coz my sister-in-law, Anne and her friend are arriving tomorrow for my brother-in-law's wedding on Saturday. My hubby, CT and I are going to sleep in their hotel tomorrow night so we can catch up on what we've missed since their last visit last January. I am hoping that Anne will bring some "danggit" from Cebu which is actually my favorite pasalubong from anyone coming in from Cebu. But even if without it am excited to see her again as this is also her first time to see our baby CT, her first ever nephew. Anne was my maid of honor during our wedding. She only visits us once in awhile as she is working and living in the Visayas.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I was tagged by Emmyrose. It's actually the first time I got tagged would you believe that? Anyway, thanks a lot Emmy for the "first time" tag!

Where is your cell phone? In the drawer.

Relationship? Married.
Your hair? Long.
Work? Bantay Bata 163... hehehe... actually a home-bound mom at the moment.
Your sister? I have 4 sisters.
Your favorite thing? Malling & eating! :-)
Your dream last night? I don't think I had a dream last night.
Your favorite drink? Mango juice (used to be milk)
Your dream car? used to be Frontier... now nothing in mind.
The room you’re in? Bedroom.
Your shoes? Marie Nicole, Mario Boro, Rusty Lopez
Your fears? Snakes, dogs, anything bad happening to any of my family members.
What do you want to be in 10 years? A fulfilled, happy and better mom and wife.
Who did you hang out with this weekend? My hubby and baby CT.
What are you not good at? writing by hand
Muffin? Chocolate
One of your wish list items? Happy and healthy family life now and forever.
Where you grew up? Davao City, Philippines
Last thing you did? Had dinner with my hubby.
What are you wearing? light blue sleeveless shirt and pink pajamas
What aren’t you wearing? slippers
Your pet? None
Your computer? Desktop PC and Laptop
Your life? Happy
Your mood? Sleepy but happy
Missing? My sis in UK and friends in college..
What are you thinking about right now? Sleep
Your car? None
Your kitchen? Small
Your summer? Hot
Your favorite color? Pink and blue
Last time you laughed? few minutes ago
Last time you cried? Yesterday
School? Ateneo de Davao University
Love? My hubby, baby CT & my family.

Now I'm tagging Lutchi, Irel, Joyce and Mommy Chi.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Photo Hunt - TWO

Theme : TWO

Here is my entry for the theme - TWO! This photo was taken during our trip with my hubby to Bohol. These two owls ("kuwago") were kept in a spacious cage along with other protected birds and animals in what seem to be a mini zoo in that locality there where some tourists going around the island drop by to visit. : )

Friday, August 17, 2007

Funny Quote of the Day

All women should know how to take care of children. Most of them will have a husband some day.
Franklin P. Jones

I really find this quote funny and somehow I can say it would relate to my hubby hehehe. My daddy babes is somehow childish and he really keep on smiling a lot even when he knows I'm already upset but it's one thing that I like in him. When we just got married and people would ask how old my baby is, I would tell them that it's time to have another baby coz my eldest son (actually referring to my hubby) is already 30 years old! Hehehe!!! I somehow belive that women mature earlier than men. Do you agree???

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Replacement of Nokia Battery

We saw at the early evening news of TV Patrol today that Nokia will replace Nokia cellphone batteries BL-5C. I looked at my N70 battery and indeed it was BL-5C battery. I have been using and charging it for a little over a year now and so far it has not exploded. Thank you Lord!

So my hubby tried to check if it was one of those defective batteries which Nokia may replace. We immediately tried right after hearing that news. So he logged on to the Nokia website to check and request for a replacement and gosh it took us ages before we were able to connect. Their site even went offline for awhile but since I wanna know if my N70 BL-5C battery was defective, we tried and tried. At last my hubby was able to verify that Nokia can replace my cellphone battery. So we filled their form online and we tried to submit it to them until now to no avail. Their site might have been flooded tonight due to that report by ABS-CBN. We will try again later anyway I think the replacement is free and it our chance to replace it. Most of all better be safe than sorry.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dependent on the Nanny

I realized that it's hard when you become dependent on the nanny to take care of your baby most of the time. Yeah especially when you have a nanny that suddenly goes AWOL : ) My nanny has a tendency to ask permission to go out for awhile promising to come back but for many times now she didn't come back immediately or as promised. Sometimes she does this when the timing is bad or when my hubby and I are planning to do or go somewhere that day. It seems she has a way of testing our tolerance and patience. Its seems too that she just comes back when she wants to without considering that we might have plans that day and we badly need her to come back and watch our baby for us.

I don't wanna get mad at her coz she has been a great help to me and my hubby. We appreciate her help after we have experienced how it is not to have a nanny and do other chores by ourselves while taking care of our baby.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Photo Hunt - Row

Theme : Row

Here is my entry for the theme row - yes this is a row of pine trees lining the road in a local Eden mountain resort taken a few months ago. It's nice to take a walk or hike around this place. It's colder in this place because this is located at high altitude above sea-level. It's nice to to spend your summer vacation here with your family or when the weather becomes so hot in the city. Our only problem is the transportation going to this place unless you have your own ride. : )

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Weather Widget by Blogskinny

I was bloghopping and I saw a new weather widget which I found out as I browsed through it that it was made possible and published by that some online friends have installed on their blogs making it look more personal. It really looks cool and nice not to mention that it is also informative in the sense that you get to know the weather over the place where my online friends are located in the world particularly in the United States. It shows the real time weather conditions wherever my friends are living.

You can also get to choose from two weather badges with one that shows more details and the other one that looks cool and simple just like the one below.

So what are you waiting for just click here to Get your free weather widget and personalize your blog. It's really nice too since it is free for you to use and install on your own blog.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Dengue can now be detected earlier

Dengue can now be detected earlier

Early dengue detection is now possible with the introduction of a new test kit for dengue screening.

This new test, the Platelia Dengue NS1 Antigen, is based on specific detection of dengue virus antigen as early as on the first day of fever. It can also detect all the four serotypes of the virus.

Because of this breakthrough, this new test, help the doctors to diagnose dengue cases several days earlier. The earlier diagnosis enables the doctors to improve patient care, thus, reducing rates of morbidity and mortality.

Existing dengue tests identify the virus indirectly by detecting the antibodies. These tests cannot be used for early diagnosis because these antigens are only detectable five to ten days after the onset of fever in cases of primary infections, and four to five days in cases of secondary infections.

The Department of Health (DOH) is embarking on an intensive dengue awareness campaign this year with the reports of increased dengue incidence in some parts of the country. This added to the fact that the rainy season has already started.

Dengue is an arthropod borne viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes, stygomyia aegypti (formerly aedes aegypti), causing a wide range of symptoms from unapparent or mild disease called dengue fever, to a severe hemorrhagic fever.

Dengue is endemic in more than 100 countries mainly in tropical and subtropical regions including the Philippines. It is recognized as a major public health issue.

Dengue is a viral disease for which no specific treatment or vaccines are currently available, making early diagnosis critical to fighting the disease.

It occurs in all age groups. This disease transmitted by a day-biting mosquito is preventable but is prevalent in urban centers where population density is high, water supply is inadequate (resulting to water storage and a good breeding place for the vector), and solid waste collection and storing are also inadequate. (PIA 8)

(Source: Gov.PH News - Link:

Please do not take for granted if you experience fever with rashes and which does not go away after 2-3 days even after taking over the counter medicine for fever. It might be dengue. Do not self-medicate, please!!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Ashop Commerce's ecommerce software

If you are business minded and is into selling online like my friends Anna and Pam, then you must need Ashop Commerce which is a leading provider of hosted complete shopping cart software online. What's nice about their ecommerce software is that they have a 10-day free trial which does not need a credit card and they have a free demo which you can try their advanced functionality and award winning features and designs. They will help you build your own online store that can compete with other well-known and established sites online for just an affordable and minimal monthly fee. It's easy to set up your online store and you can even do it in just 10 minutes and what's good news for me is that it does not require technical knowledge as long as you know how to browse the web. You can even make a customized or personalized design for your site. They have a free custom store design for 24 months plan.

This ecommerce software allows you full control in managing your online business all in one stop. Their shopping cart is already included with all major banks, credit cards and even PayPal for easy payments online. The Ashop Commerce does have an ecommerce software which is search engine friendly and will help put your online store on top of the search engine. So this will be a complete solution to all those of you out there who are planning to put up their online store like my friends Anna - who has her own clothing line and Pam - who has a boutique and both are planning to go selling online which would not be impossible with the help of Ashop Commerce ecommerce software.


I was able to talk to my hubby last night and was asking him if he can buy any souvenir or "pasalubong" (gift) from Manila for our baby. He said that he will try to find time if he can go back to Manila by tomorrow evening so that he has time to shop around in Manila. But then he has a limited budget as of now as well as limited time. He is still looking for someone to accompany him back to Manila coz he is not sure if he can sleep in the company staff house or dormitory in Manila if his plan pushes through tomorrow. Otherwise, he won't have time to shop on Sunday morning coz he has an early flight going back here and the malls are still closed by then. Oh I just want something as a remembrance of this first trip that he was away from us for a week long. I really miss my hubby and we are counting the remaining days! Oh can't wait for Sunday to come. I really need his moral support since my sister is still in the hospital until now.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Get paid to Blog with Smorty

I discovered another means of having an extra revenue where I can get paid to blog. I saw this another site online while blog hopping a few days ago. Smorty is a service wherein bloggers are being connected to advertisers who advertise on blogs by asking bloggers like me to write a post or article in our blog about our own opinion regarding available campaigns or opportunities with links going back to the advertisers site. These campaigns and opportunities are directly emailed to us which I think is good. It's an easy way to blog for money. I think most companies promote their products, services and websites through blog advertising nowadays. Blogging has also come to a higher level and is the in-thing right now though it is not new in the internet.

I think this is one of the best way to get paid for blogging and so far I think it is also the fastest way where you get paid weekly for approved posts. I am glad that my blog was immediately approved the same day I registered and opened an account for free! The minimum payment for ad campaign if $6 per post on our blog. This will be a great additional help for me to save for my baby's immunization. So why don't you try and start earning additional income from your own blog. Visit and register for free!

The Purpose Driven Life

Starting today I want to share quotes from the book The Purpose Drive Life, written by Rick Warren, which my sister gave me sometime ago as a birthday gift and which until now I have not finished reading it yet. Many people who have read it already said that it is a really good book. The author says and I quote that "This is more than a book; it is a guide to a 40-day spiritual journey that will enable you to discover the answer to life's most important question: What on earth am I here for?"

Yeah I have started until Chapter 1 only and that was sometime ago. I found the book today underneath a pile of books and papers that I've set aside in my old room. I hope I will be able to finish this book before the year ends : )

"When you feel abandoned by God yet continue to trust him, you worship him in the deepest way."

Praying Hard

Good morning! I am still praying hard for the fast recovery of my sister and my 3 nephews. I am asking for your prayers too please help me pray for my family's health concern at this time. I am praying too that the rest of us would never get sick too. I have already lifted up to the Lord God all these concerns and am asking for my prayers to be granted. I have always believed in the power of sincere prayers.

I am still worried about our baby. I hope that he won't get sick like them coz as a mother I can't bear to think of my baby having it too. My heart breaks for very young children getting sick. I've seen before my niece got sick when she was newly born and I saw what she has to go through with all the tests, needles, pain and everything. I can't bear to see young children crying out of pain. Somehow I got traumatized with that even if that happened about eleven years ago. I would like to sincerely thank you for all those who prayed for us. God bless you and your family always!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

In need of your prayers

My sister was rushed to the hospital tonight because she complained of feeling some pain in her chest and difficulty in breathing. I was really worried about her earlier this afternoon that I really insisted that my dad bring her to the doctor coz she is not feeling well again. I am more worried that one of us here in the house will get sick too. Three of my nephews are sick too. I'm praying hard to the Lord to spare the rest of us especially my baby. I really broke down after my hubby called me awhile ago. I hope my sister is stable and that she and my nephews will get well soon. Please pray for her and the rest of us. Thank you and God bless.