Friday, June 29, 2007

Julio Zymon's Baptismal

Julio Zymon, son of my hubby's officemate who is the godmother of our baby, was baptized today. Today also happens to be the Feast Day of St. Peter and the baptism was held at San Pedro Cathedral. The reception followed at Mandarin Tea Garden. Only family, close friends and officemates were invited. We didn't stay long after lunch and after taking pictures with baby Zymon and the other guests. My hubby still has work in the afternoon so we have to leave early.

Welcome to the Christian world Zymon! : )

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Ate!

Just wanna greet my Ate a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! : )

Today happens to be the Feast Day of St. John the Baptist. She was somehow glad though that our parents did not name her Johnna or Joanna. She doesn't seem to like that name. The celebration will still be on Saturday an all in one birthday celebration also for my other sister who will celebrate her birthday also on the Feast Day of St. Peter, as well as my two nephews who will celebrate their birthdays in the a few coming days.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

My First Notebook

This is my first notebook and I was so happy that my hubby helped me find a good one with specs just good enough for me, who is no expert in PCs. At first I just wanted to sell my Nokia N70 and upgrade to a PDA phone that has wi-fi, 2 megapixel camera, FM radio and Bluetooth. I was eyeing for an O2 XDA Atom pure “white” which really looks cool and clean. But my gosh, it costs so much! But being a compulsive buyer, I really want one right away, even if it would wash out my savings.

Then there was our visit with my hubby to the recent Compdap at DavCon to check if there would be any display of PDA phones. There are only very few stores around Davao that we know of who sell them. Going around there, what actually caught my attention were the laptops I saw in one of the exhibit stalls that cost even lower being brand new compared to the second hand PDA phones being sold on some buy/sell internet sites. So then I got interested instead on acquiring a new “notebook” (I think that’s what they call it). So far this would be my most expensive “notebook” I have ever bought! As much as I want the smaller one that I soon realize cost much more than other bigger models… the smaller, the more expensive it gets. I really liked one that cost about Php90,000. Whaaaaaatttt? With that amount, I could buy around 6 brand new N70 already! With a tight budget, we bought a Neo Endura on the last day of Compdap but we went straight to the supplier’s store in SM.

I was so excited that we rushed home to set it up so I could use it immediately. But then my hubby still had to go to work that night and wasn’t able to install all the programs. Can’t wait then for morning to come and be able to start using it. Now, I have abandoned our other PC with 19” widescreen LG LCD monitor in exchange for my new baby “notebook”. While my sister doesn’t have to wait for me to finish so she can play on our other PC, I can surf the net anytime, for as long as I want now.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Baby's First Time in a Baby Carrier

For the first time we carried our baby with a baby carrier we bought at SM. He was smiling when we put it on him and we were face to face. He seems to be having fun. We liked the feeling too that this way it's way a lot easier to carry him around especially when we go to the mall but I think we have to check on him every once in awhile to see if he is still comfortable.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day at home with a get together with my family and my siblings' family. It was also a belated celebration for the birthdays of my father in law last June 13 and my Daddy yesterday. It is indeed a day for fathers! We attended the 8am mass in the covered court beside the chapel in our neighborhood. My sisters, niece and nephews also came as well. My dad who usually sits with the choir in the other far side of the covered court went to us so that we can greet him. We went home and prepared for lunch. We usually just order food from a nearby food haus where they serve delicious buttered chicken which my nephews and niece consumed so quickly that my sis got quite upset that there was none left for her but a very small chicken wing she wouldn't eat either. It's usually noisy when all the nine grandchildren gather to play and go running around the house shouting most of the time. It's a mess in the house after. But it's still great to see my siblings and their children once in awhile.

My brother in law and nephew who arrived a few days ago from UK also came. My sister was left there coz she has work. My nephew had to go back here because there was no one to watch him when they would go to work. They are still processing the papers of our youngest sis whom they will hopefully leave for UK with my nephew by the end of this year. It was supposed to be my mom but she has a problem with her papers. My mom is quite hesitant too if she can stand the cold weather there.

Friday, June 15, 2007

5th Month Birthday

It's our baby's 5th month birthday! This time we bought our angel 11 chocolate cupcakes to spell out happy b-day and the two initials of his name from Joniel's, our favorite bakery where we love to buy their chocolate moist cake - the best but unfortunately their store attendants doesn't know how to entertain their customers well! Our family gathering will still be on Sunday since we will celebrate in one our baby's 5th month, my father-in-law's birthday 2 days ago, my dad's birthday tomorrow and Father's Day on Sunday. It's a quadruple celebration which is actually a simple get together of our families and my siblings' family too.

We just pray for good health always for our baby and our families. Thank you so much Lord for all your blessings and most of all our angel... our baby who is probably one of the best blessing I've ever received! Makes me remember that while I was 5 months pregnant with my baby I got sick. It was really painful and difficult because of my delicate condition. I took a lot of prescribed medicines particularly antibiotics and
despite my doctor's constant reassurance, I feared for my baby's life and what bad side effects it would do to my baby's health. I'm really grateful to the Lord that my baby was spared, now healthy, happy, a smiling and giggling baby, our angel!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Daddy Lolo's Birthday

We celebrated Daddy Lo's birthday with a simple dinner get together at Mandarin SM. My brother-in-law, his soon to be wife and her sister were there too to celebrate. My sister also came along to assist me with our baby since we still have no nanny. After dinner, Daddy Lo also gave each of us a chocolate polvoron which he bought from a friend for dessert. He said it was his additional treat to us and it was indeed a simple yet delicious treat for each of us. : )

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

First Time at Picobello

We have heard a lot of times before about Picobello's "buy-1-take 1" pizza promo and for the first time we tried it. We just came from our baby's doctor for a check-up and we got hungry. My hubby decided to treat me there.

We ordered the Calzone and Pizza Consalciccie recommended by the waitress there as their best sellers according to her. It is actually my first time to taste something like Calzone. It tastes good but I don't like the capers though. I instantly liked the Pizza Consalciccie. It tastes like one of Yellow Cab's pizza. The two of us had a hard time finishing the two whole pizza and we cannot take it home. So we just talked and talked and before we knew it we have finished everything. We were so full that we didn't have any dinner anymore.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Independence Day moved today, June 11

Well the President as usual had Independence Day moved today Monday, June 11 from June 12. Probably still part of her long-weekend program again. Well happy Independence Day to all. I guess regular holidays like this just become another day for the family and probably a day to go to the mall or do the countless unfinished house hold chores. Enjoy and celebrate your independence!!!: )

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dinner with my in-laws@Mandarin

We had dinner at Mandarin in Gaisano Mall after attending a business opportunity seminar at We R Inn with my in-laws, Daddy and Mama. We ordered our usual taosi spareribs which is my hubby's favorite and almost always his order never getting tired eating eat while I ordered my favorite pork asado. Eating dinner out is one of our usual bonding time with my in-laws and their first grandchild/grandson aside from their usual Sunday visit in our home.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Our Baby on His Feet

Our baby was standing on his feet and walking - I mean taking a few steps while his daddy was supporting him. He was all smiles and seem to really be enjoying it. He would sometimes even giggle and simply enjoying it. We noticed that he really starts to smile when we let him stand of course still with us supporting and holding him since he still can't stand on his own. It really makes me and hubby so happy to see our baby improving, learning and enjoying something new that he does every day. I think it's a common feeling and experience for all first time mommies and daddies out there like us. : )

Saturday, June 02, 2007

4th Birthday Party of Ella @McDonald's

We attended Ella's Disney Princess themed party at MacDonald's in Gaisano Mall this afternoon. It's her 4th birthday and her mom said Ella slept late last night out of excitement for this big day for her and kept on asking if it is already her birthday. We were late and the games were ongoing already. I saw that the young parents of the kids who were there enjoyed the games more than the children. I think they just love to reminisce their childhood :)

Towards the end of the party we kept on waiting for the said appearance of the special guest mascot, Kid McDo. I wanted to go home already coz I was already tired but decided to stay longer coz I want our baby to have a photo with the mascot whom I heard and am going to see for the first time. When finally the mascot came out I was really amused because not only were the children the only one wanting to have a photo taken with Kid McDo but also the parents who were there. I am laughing right now coz my hubby and I were among those parents. Well we had a great time until the next birthday party we go to. : )

Friday, June 01, 2007

Bluewaters Resort

My hubby's office had a summer outing at Bluewaters Resort in Samal and I get to come along. I was quite hesitant to come at first but since we never got a chance to go to the beach all summer so I decided to come. They are having this beach outing which we called "Huling Hirit sa Summer". Indeed it is coz it's already June and summer is almost over with classes starting in a few days.

It was fun even if I was just a spectator. They had games on a rather limited space behind the cottages. It was the first time I saw his officemates having this kind of fun outside the office and they really participated in the games. Their prizes were in cash in rather quite a small amount of P20 for each winner. But it was not that important compared to the fun they had. I really enjoyed and laughed so hard until my stomach hurts already when they played "catch the dragon's tail". One guy looked so funny every time he wiggles the balloon tied to his behind which the other team had to burst in order for them to win the game. Too bad we can stay only in the morning coz my hubby still has to report for work that afternoon. There were quite a few who also had to leave after lunch and report to work too for the afternoon shift. But we really had fun.

As with the place, it was quite okay though when we went around we saw that most of the resort is still being developed including the rooms where people can stay overnight. They also have an infinity pool (shown top right). The place is also not too crowded unlike Paradise Beach Resort nearby. Maybe we can come back next time as a family for an outing. Hope that would be soon. : )