Friday, April 27, 2007

Empty Milk Cans Photographed

My hubby and I out of nothing took a photo of all of the empty milk cans of our baby since birth up to now before we dispose them. My mom asked us why we did that and we jokingly replied that we just wanna have a remembrance of all of it. We're not counting how much they cost, we just wanna show our baby one day what he drank when we was still a baby.

My baby started with S26 but our pedia changed it to Nan1HA after we complained that my baby was having rashes.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Me, my hubby, our baby, my nephews, niece and my sister went malling today. After we had our lunch and after eating Selecta Moo ice cream at the food court, we went down to the activity area and saw a display of this 80-kilo "Dugong". My nephews were amazed and remembered one local tv show before with a character named such. While our baby just stared at the creature somehow wondering what it was. :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Baby Rashes

I got worried with the rashes that appeared on our baby's arms. There weren't any on the other parts of his body. My mom and our neighbor said it might just be due to the hot weather. When we consulted with our baby's doctor, he said it is possible that it might be due to his clothes not being washed properly. So when we went home, we told the helper to be more careful and thorough in washing and rinsing his clothes. We were already using a mild laundry soap for our baby's clothes from the start and his clothes are all hand-washed to be properly cleaned.

Sometimes I think that it might be a late reaction after a few days when he has an immunization. But the doctor wouldn't quite agree with that.
I'm really praying it would disappear immediately and my prayers were answered. THANK YOU LORD! :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kasagingan Coffee Shop

I really missed having coffee in a coffee shop to relax, unwind and chat with friends. It's been awhile since I first went to this place we called "Kasagingan" in Torres St. last January with my hubby . I was still pregnant then (actually about to give birth in two weeks) so I was not allowed to have coffee per my ob-gyne's advice. But the ambiance was nice and cozy. There were not a lot of people at that time. The people there actually were busy and focused on their laptops coz the place is a wi-fi free hotspot! Wow but we don't have a laptop. But still enjoyed a relaxing evening with my hubby. : )

Monday, April 16, 2007

Food trip at Kasagingan Coffee Shop

I get to taste Kasagingan's chocolate and caramel "turon" - it's banana with "langka" (jack fruit") wrapped together. I think it cost about seven times more than those that can be bought somewhere else in town. What?!? Yeah that's what should be expected in eating in places like this. But it taste good for me. You just have to eat it while it's still hot because it taste better and the wrapper it still crispy. Yummy! I'm getting hungry now just talking about it. :-)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Welcome to the Christian world our angel!

Our baby, our angel is now a Christian! He was baptized today (which is also his 3rd month birthday) at Saint Jude Parish and the reception followed at Mandarin Tea Garden. Our baby was awake in the church but slept most of the time during the reception.

We pray and hope that our baby will grow up to be a good Christian. My hubby and I are thankful to all those who came and celebrated this special and important day for us and for our baby angel. Am signing off now to rest coz today was a long day but we are definitely happy for our newly baptized baby.

Happy 3rd Month Birthday Baby!!! - The place for myspace comments, glitters, graphics, backgrounds and codes
Happy 3rd Month Birthday Baby!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Day before my baby's baptismal

Today was quite a busy day coz tomorrow is already my baby's baptismal. My hubby and I made final follow-ups for the lechon, cake and cupcakes, went to get the balloons and attended the compulsory pre-baptismal seminar at the church. Thinking we were already late, we still hurriedly ate dinner and rushed to the church. But only to find out that the seminar hadn't started yet, started almost 1 hour later and was quite dragging. The lecturer assigned to discuss the rites started to sermon us based on how things use to turn out wrong during past baptisms which was not quite good, very discouraging and disappointing.

Already had a long day but we still have to go to the reception venue to decorate. My hubby can't stay long coz he still has to go to work tonight. Really was very late when we finished there and I have to rush home to relieve my mommy who was the nanny today. Well I hope every thing's ready for tomorrow. Baby's sleeping when I got home and I have to rest and sleep now. Night! : )

Friday, April 13, 2007

It's my 30th Birthday!!! - The place for myspace comments, glitters, graphics, backgrounds and codes
It's my 30th birthday!!!

My Favorites

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  • Starbucks
  • Figaro
  • Blugre
  • Basti's Brew
  • Coffee Dream
  • Bo's Coffee
  • Karl's Koffee Korner
  • Cups & Lower Case
  • Kasagingan
  • Hazel's Coffee Shop

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thinking about Christmas on Easter Sunday!

It's Easter Sunday and we attended the "Sugat" mass early this morning. It marks the end of fasting which I'm sorry to say sometimes become fast(eat)ing. During the homily, the priest mentioned and talked about Christmas. My still sleepy mind then wandered away from what the priest was saying and reminisced Christmas. It's the best time of any year for me and it's just been a few months since last and still a few more months before the next one. I wish it's Christmas all year coz I like the lights and decors around the city and in the houses in our neighborhood. The people also seem more jolly and giving during Christmas unlike any other time of the year. Oh I wish it's Christmas! Gosh what am I thinking? Maybe I'm wishing for Christmas this time of year coz it's colder during December. But it's not - it's summer and it's hot. Reality check dear. :-)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Morning Prayer

Angel of God
My guardian dear
To whom His love
Commits me here
Everyday be at my side
To light and guide
To rule and guard,

I have been praying this every morning since I learned it in Kindergarten until today. This is sort of my opening prayer for everyday. It may be very simple yet I consider it powerful still. And now I am praying this together every morning with hubby and our baby. I want my baby to learn this prayer too and pray it every morning too just like me. God bless!!! :)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Disclosure Policy

This is a personal blog written and edited by me. There are certain posts that have been written and am being compensated for such posts for opinion or reviews on certain products and services also such post may not always be identified as such; while the others are purely my own opinion and my own thoughts unless there are some parts which may be quoted from a certain source as specified.

My First Blog Post Ever!

I have been wanting to start something like this for a long time but just don't know where and how to start. Just recently, I met someone in the internet who gave me an idea about this and said that I can even earn while doing it. That would really be a GREAT plus! But I think I have to get started first and I am really excited. I think this way, I will be able to share my thoughts not only as a mom but also as a sister, a daughter, a friend, a wife and a normal person enjoying my God given blessings - my baby, hubby and family, and surviving life at the same time. So what can I say? Blog away.....